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Sailor Moon

  • While the Viz Media dub is generally excellent, one of the exceptions is Nicolas Roye's voice for Shingo, Usagi's younger brother, as some fans generally feel the voice is a little too mature for him.
  • The casting choice for Galaxia in the Viz Media dub was also criticized, as she sounded wholly unintimidating.
  • The original dub from DiC and Cloverway has many:
    • Kevin Lund's Neflyte was considered by many to be WAY too overdramatic and laughable.
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    • Linda Ballantyne as Serena's third voice in the original dub. The consensus seems to be that she's not a bad actress, but was severely miscast as Serena, with her voice ultimately sounding way too mature. She was apparently told to imitate Terri Hawkes far more so than the former had when she replaced Tracey Moore back in Season 1.
    • Jill Frappier got this some as Luna, with her more older and mature "Mary Poppins"-esque take on the character having a polarized response. Ironically, this is the only English performance that Naoko Takeuchi specifically mentioned enjoying. According to the lady herself, she was initially rejected for being "too old" only to be brought back when they were asking for "Queen Victoria meets C-3PO."
    • Tracey Hoyt is usually blamed as one of the reasons why western fans don't like Chibi-Usa, turning in a very snotty and bratty performance that made the character less likable.
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    • Whoever the hell voiced Zirconia (the identity of the actor is unknown). It was one thing to change the character's gender, but it was another to give him a voice that sounded just like Yoda.
    • Sabrina Grdevich as the original Sailor Pluto. Many feel that her voice sounded too much like an air-headed valley girl, and the pitch of her screams in the movies was enough to break glass. In the original, Pluto had a much more soft and subdued voice.
    • Liza Balkan as the second Sailor Mercury turned in a very awkward and robotic performance that only got more grating as the dub went on. Ironically, her first voice actress, Karen Bernstein, was the one who suggested she audition. Mercury was Balkan's only animation voice acting role (she's an accomplished stage actress), and it was obvious that she was out of her comfort zone here.
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    • Mary Long as Molly could have avoided her notoriety if she wasn't directed to use the infamously stereotyped and exaggerated Brooklyn accent. She was also seen as a weird choice to take over the voice of Katzy (Koan), given that her husky voice sounded nothing like Alice Poon's lighter and more youthful take on the character.
    • Barbara Redecki as Michiru/Sailor Neptune in the Cloverway dub. For an elegant, feminine character like Michiru, why anyone would cast a voice that sounds even deeper than the voice given to Haruka is anyone's guess (although her acting gets a bit less criticism than Sarah LaFleur's stiff and robotic take on Haruka). What's more is that she previously voiced Ikuko and did very little to distinguish between the two.
  • The Viz dub has received a fair amount of criticism for normally talented voice-actors like Veronica Taylor at times sounding like they are reading off cue cards due to poor voice direction which has a tendency to ruin scenes that are supposed to be emotional(with Nephrite's final episode being particularly egregious as Naru sounded utterly robotic in the Viz version to the point where many agreed that Dic did a better job).

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