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WMGs about any possible sequels or spin-offs go here.

The sequel will involve the Zootopians figuring out how to cross universes into our world and we will be the ones being discriminated against. It will push the idea of not discriminating against others to its logical extreme by depicting a human falling in love with a Zootopian animal and the sequel will be called Zoophilia

A second film will have heavy shades of Bones, or other similar cop/procedural stories where they revolve around two characters with explicit romantic implications.
Right at the tail end of the film, a relationship between Nick and Judy, even if it is just beginning, is revealed. This could be a subject of a possible future sequel.
  • If they opt for the TV series format instead of a feature film, there may be a constant Unresolved Sexual Tension between them - which may be resolved by the series finale, or a second film that takes place after the TV series. UST is a staple of Female Flatfoot and Snarky Guy type cop shows, after all.

A sequel will touch on the question of the Conflicting Loyalty Judy might have in the future
When Judy came to Zootopia, all she cared about was the police officer job. Living the dream, making the world a better place and so forth. But then the movie happened, and there were other priorities that began cropping up. Priorities to make things right with Nick, looking beyond herself, making a personal connection with Mr. Big's family. A sequel could start addressing the question of what to do when one thing you value might come into conflict with another thing. Maybe Nick's tax evasion problems crop up on him. Or perhaps Mr. Big gets into a Mafia war with other Zootopia empires, meaning Judy might have to deal with her godchild's grandfather some day. It will be a movie about understanding the reasons you value something, and how to harmonize between them all.

Finnick will be the villain of a sequel
He sees Nick joining the police as a betrayal, and he loses his income from Nick's scams. That results in a blend of bitterness and desperation that brings him into outright crime. My personal guess is he starts dealing in Night Howler extract. Maybe he alerts the IRS to Nick's unfiled income.
  • Unlikely.

The inevitable sequel will address Interspecies Romance
Given Nick and Judy's Fan-Preferred Couple status, the writers will both take the opportunity to take some really good chemistry to the next level AND deliver another Aesop about non-traditional love as everyone accepts Nick and Judy as a couple among others.
  • From what this troper knows, interspecies relationships already exist in-universe (as confirmed by the directors), but they're not really shown in the film itself; it could be said that in-universe, said relationships are frowned upon and therefore kept hidden. How about something for that? Plot or subplot, it could work.

The sequel will be about mayoral elections
One of the candidates will be a raging bigot who wants predators to wear shock collars, and probably will try to stage more "incidents" to provoke more hatred towards preds.
  • They might want to ban interspecies marriage too (and would ultimately fail).
  • If Shakira is available again, Gazelle might be the opposing candidate (and future mayor of Zootopia).
  • Mayor Swinton, a deleted character from the original, Nick-centered version of the movie, could be used as one of the candidates.

There will be a prequel
  • Following the WMG how 'Zootopia is relatively new', the prequel would be about the creation of Zootopia itself.
  • Zootopia is kind of similar to Republic City from The Legend of Korra, in a sense it was the first place where every culture (animals?) mixed up while each of them used to live separated.
  • At one point in the past, there was a war (or cold war) between various kinds of animals. Then the heroes managed to end the war. They attempted to create peace, to create a town where many kinds of animals lived together in harmony. Basically, this is Zootopia's creation. The discrimination we see in the film is actually a step up since it's just discrimination and not outright war.
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  • We might see a relative of Lionheart involved in the town's creation.

There will be an interquel
An interquel that took place in between the apprehending of Bellweather, and Nick's graduation as a ZPD officer. It'll be Police Academy with animals! And we could have more building on the relationship between Nick and Judy.
  • Well, it is implied that there was a pretty significant timeskip between Bellwether's apprehension and Nick's graduation, so I guess you could fit a whole movie into the gap. I'm not sure exactly how long the police academy lasts though. (Weeks? Months?) And on the other hand, it seems odd to give a whole movie to something that when Judy went through it in the first movie, it skipped through it in a short montage. For what it's worth, there is at least one fanfic that explores this angle, though it uses the odd framing device of being an email correspondence between Nick and Judy, and doesn't bear much resemblance to Police Academy.

If this movie ever gets a sequel, Interracial/Interspecies Marriage will be a major theme in it
And it will revolve around Nick and Judy.
  • Admit it, you might have rejected the Nick/Judy ship at first for this reason, and that carries heavy implications in-universe. Mammals might not take Nick/Judy's relationship seriously, or even be openly hostile.

When (let's not kid ourselves) this sequel gets a sequel, it will be a Fast Five send-up
Seriously, did nobody else get that feeling from the whole final gag?

In an interspecies relationship-driven sequel, Gazelle will also be in an interspecies relationship
And her partner will be played by Shakira's real-life partner, Spanish footballer Gerard Pique.
  • Maybe a wild boar named Gerard Pige?
    • Wouldn't fit with Shakira's theme of felines. Perhaps one of her backup dancers, like Madonna? The name "Gazelle" has already been used in an Adele pastiche. Why not another allusion?
      • Well, if you look closely at the poster that's the main page image you can see Gazelle walking with a tiger that looks like he could be one of her backup dancers in plain street cloths.
      • During the peace protest Gazelle was attending, you see her holding hands with one of her tiger dancers.
      • Also note when the dancers surround her at the end of the concert, one is gazing at her with clear adoration.
    • How about a cheetah athlete named Guepard? It would keep both the pun on Gerard and the feline theme, while also being a Bilingual Bonus, as Guepard is French for Cheetah. Plus, an athlete is an obvious job for a cheetah in a world where animals get jobs based on the stereotypes associated with them.

Nick and Judy will go undercover as a married couple in the sequel, with Finnick playing their baby/child
Worked for Nick before; why stop later? They could have Finnick go straight and become an undercover specialist.
  • And of course, this could help drive Nick and Judy's possible relationship.
  • In a bit of Fridge Brilliance, a fennec fox, with its long ears, small stature, and cute features, could pass as a fox-rabbit hybrid.

The sequel will involve Nick and Judy visiting the bird and reptile cities.
I'm still trying to think of a good plot, though. It can't be a repeat of the anti-racism moral in the first film, neither can it be a contradiction of it ("Birds and reptiles are bad! Let's never visit their cities again, and we won't let them in ours!"). If anyone has any suggestions, that would be nice.
  • Maybe a storyline focused more on international armed conflicts, their consequences to both the involved parties (in this case, reptiles vs birds) and other nations, as well as the subsequent political and moral dilemmas. Perhaps Zootopia has to suddenly receive a massive influx of refugees from one of the warring nations or help mediate the conflict, but a mysterious individual tries to sabotage their efforts.
    • A bit TOO topical, even for the Zootopia team.
  • OP here, I finally came up with an plot. Maybe it could reveal that the birds and reptiles were segregated from the mammals long ago to live in their own city, where the birds discriminate against the reptiles like how predators are discriminated in the first film. Anyways, two new protagonists (one bird and one reptile) find out that their city is planning to bomb Zootopia as revenge for the segregation. So they go over to Zootopia to warn the mammals and encounter Nick and Judy (who play the role of Decoy Protagonists), resulting in a lot of confusion and explaining.

There will be a spin-off cartoon series.
Think about it. The very nature of the Buddy Cop genre makes it ideal for a series. Several other films with this formula were indeed made into cartoon series, and they didn't do too badly. Therefore, if Disney really wants to cash in on Zootopia's success...well, you get the idea.
  • Hopps and Wilde: Z.P.D. - coming to Disney XD this fall. Makes sense, assuming they don't want to tie up the design team on a full sequel.
    • It could also be named after that iOS game, Zootopia: Case Files.
  • It'll be traditional animation, or retro-animation (like Kim Possible, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, and/or Star vs. the Forces of Evil). The opening might parody 70s buddy cop movies and shows.
  • More of a kid-friendly version of Futurama.

There will be a spin-off based on the lives of the rodent populace.
Imagine how different a perspective the mice, rats and other tiny animals have to Zootopia compared to the larger animals, how much of their society must exist literally underground, hidden from the eyes of the larger species, and how it connects to Zootopia as a whole. Imagine a neo-noir about a rat private detective bent on solving a small time crime that ends up having repercussions on the entire city.

The Reptile population is similar to First Nations and Pre-Columbian Civilizations
It might be that they had tribal societies and later Egyptian/Mayan/Aztec-like societies after the equivalent of the K-T Mass Extinction, and had a major decline during the equivalent of the Ice Age, with rivalries with bird-based societies (this might be a good prequel, with birds and reptiles each seeing themselves as the rightful successors to the dinosaurs, whilst the early mammals watch and wait for their turn). We don't see any of these civilizations so far because their heyday has come and gone. A sequel might therefore involve archaeological findings of ruins or artifacts that proves these civilizations existed — perhaps ruins just under Zootopia's foundations itself; but there are those in Zootopia's government who want to bury these findings because it would mean having to include reptiles in society and acknowledge their worth.
  • On the other hand, this would be hamfisted for a franchise that appears to be going Dog Named "Dog" with the names but treating the social aspect with some depth.

The sequel will center on a community of marine mammals.
Dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, etc.

Just as this movie took cues from Kung Fu Panda, the sequel will take cues from Kung Fu Panda 2.
For example, as suggested above, interspecies adoption can be a major theme in it (just like Po being adopted by Mr. Ping was a major plot point in KFP2).

Judy and Nick will have made detective at some point.
Because the police procedural genre tells us there's only so many cop stories that can be told about officers on the beat. Judy's so good that she can get anywhere in the force and Nick's too clever (okay, they both are) to be wasted in traffic. And being plain clothes officers gives a good excuse to change up their clothes for the sequel.

Nick and Judy will not become an Official Couple in the sequel.
Simply because romance between male and female leads is becoming cliche. When was the last time you saw a platonic male/female relationship as the main relationship in an animated film? The last I can remember is Finding Nemo. (And no, Wreck-It Ralph doesn't qualify, since Ralph and Vanellope are of different ages.) At best, there will be a bunch of teasing between the two.

If Nick and Judy do have an Interspecies Romance...
Nick will be reluctant to take it further (going public with it, proposing, etc.). He's probably still traumatized by his childhood experience, and believes that an Interspecies Romance (especially between a predator and a prey animal) would cause outrage and hostility, which he is desperate to protect Judy from. Refreshingly, there will be no "are you embarrassed of me?" line and Nick will be upfront with Judy about his feelings.

Hot Fur
Hot Fuzz, literally! Nuff said!
  • And Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be involved.

Primates will show up in the sequel.
They aren't found in Zootopia because they live in their own city — a totalitarian city-state where they aim to become a "master race" (i.e. humans) to rule over the "inferior mammals".
  • And the name of their leader? Andross.
    • It will be revealed that primates were involved with the creation of Zootopia and the technology in this city. However, they eventually came to see themselves as superior to the 'lesser' mammals, so they left and their involvement in Zootopia was kept a government secret. They could be viewed as aliens due to their advanced minds and because they're the closest things to humans.
    • Primates are implied to exist in Zootopia, as the name "S. Gorillio" is written on a whiteboard in this screenshot.
      • Unless Gorillio has a Non-Indicative Name and is not an example of A Lizard Named "Liz" at all. After all, Bobby Catmull is a cougar, not a bobcat, when Grizzoli's name is called, we don't see any bears standing up, so it wouldn't be without precedent.

The sequel will focus more on the police force and prejudice against "unpopular animals"
Both of these subjects were introduced in the first film, but never got much focus. Judy barely interacts with her peers in the police department, and the discrimination against foxes gets swept away under a more general prejudice against predators as a whole. As such, it would be logical ground to build upon for the sequel, portraying the wicked circle of "bad" animals like foxes, hyenas, rats, or weasels constantly facing negative expectations, and ending up living up to them, and even taking twisted pride from their "rough" status, much like some minorities in real life. Nick, in the face of this all, would be shunted into the tokenist position more than Judy before, being used as "proof" that there is no such prejudice in the police force, all the while he has to witness firsthand how what happened to him is repeated on every step of the society.

Heavy stuff to be sure, but if any franchise can make such a subject kid-friendly, it's Zootopia.

There will be spin-offs taking place in the same universe
  • However it'll take place in different towns instead of Zootopia. Maybe a bird town, reptile town, or water-themed town for mammals like whale or dolphins?
    • Or it could even take place in the city of Zootopia itself, but not focus on the police.

The sequel will not have Nick and Judy as its protagonists.
If a sequel movie does get made, because we won't know for sure just yet, then it will focus on entirely new characters. Considering the name of the movie by itself, this could make perfect use of world-building in the setting we're only partially familiar with; after all, we haven't seen everything in Zootopia.
  • But some characters from the previous film can still play parts, just not as main characters. Just a thought.
  • I think it's actually pretty likely that they'll do this if they make a sequel at all, since they'd probably like to avoid the Broken Base that would result if they gave a definitive answer to the divisive question of whether Nick and Judy are a romantic couple or Platonic Life-Partners, and keeping it ambiguous would be very difficult if they were the main protagonists of the sequel. This way would allow them to preserve the first film's Maybe Ever After, and not tarnish the original film for anyone by Jossing their preferred interpretations of its main characters.note 

Jack Savage would be the main villain in the sequel.
Maybe set up as a potential Love Interest to Judy (and a romantic rival to Nick, if the Nick-Judy shippers are right), and then revealed to be a villain?

The sequel will be about racism against non-mammals.
In a world where all animals are supposedly living in peace and harmony, reptiles and other non-mammals are notably absent. Also, missing person cases are instead called "missing mammal" cases in this world, carrying the implication that non-mammals are not considered people. In the less dark interpretation of this, you could just assume that non-mammals never evolved sapience, in which case it would be a good, relatively-non-disturbing explanation for what the predator species use for food. However... the other interpretation, which is so incredibly dark (especially if the food supply for predators thing still holds true) that the possibility that a sequel would explore it seems unlikely (if interesting), is that reptiles, etc. are just as sapient as everyone else but are not given citizenship rights or any respect whatsoever, and are held in some sort of slavery-like conditions.

The sequel will be about a bunny overpopulation crisis
Because the uncontrolled population explosion in Bunnyborough is bound to cause problems sooner or later.

Racial double standards will be mentioned at some point.
For example, a bird or reptile could make a mammal joke, and everyone laughs. But when Nick or Judy makes an equally offensive joke about birds or reptiles, then everyone will complain.
  • Nick made a camel joke and no one got offended.
    • That could be part of him being a Politically Incorrect Hero. Judy might be sensitive to speciesist jokes, but her mind was set on getting the plate number at the moment and had no time to get offended.
  • She was sensitive to Nick's lamb wool touching, not a camel's pregnancy.

The sequel will contain a Star Fox reference somewhere
Specifically in the form of Judy saying something to Nick which is verbatim the same as one of Peppy's lines to Fox. The more famous ones like "Use bombs wisely!" or "Do a barrel roll!" would be hard to fit in and too unsubtle, but I could easily see something along the lines of "It's quiet. Too quiet... be careful, it's a trap!" Alternatively, she could get one of Peppy's other lines (not to Fox) like "I won't let you get away from me!"
  • Zootopia IN SPACE
    • Case in point, the sheep child in the opening scene said she'd like to be an astronaut, so it is already established that space travel exists in the Zootopia universe.

Nick and Judy's children will be an orange bunny and a silver fox.
Works perfectly, really.
  • That's physically impossible. Do you mean they'll adopt kids?
    • We haven't heard anything yet about whether it's possible in the Zootopia universe.

Nick will have an emotional breakdown in the sequel.
Like something bad happens to Nick that make him upset in the sequel, it could be anything. Nick is a character who holds in his emotions. In a weird way, I think that Nick sort of blames himself for being bullied. Logically, he knows it isn't his fault, but emotionally, he feels like it is his fault. Judy is probably one of the few mammals that Nick truly does trust in Zootopia. I feel that Judy should break down those doors to let Nick out.

The sequel will be set about 15-20 years after the original, and will involve Judy returning home to Bunnyburrow to run for sheriff.
  • Alternatively, Judy will be surprised by her family organizing a write-in campaign to get her elected sheriff of Bunnyburrow, forcing her to leave Zootopia. Fortunately Nick comes with her.

It will be a prequel focusing on Bellwether.
It will start with her as a child, as we learn where her prejudice against predators came from. (Maybe some of her family was killed by wolves or something.) Then we'll learn how she came to work for Lionheart, how she found out about the night howlers and what they can do, and how she hired Doug and the other rams. Then it'll end with Judy and Nick coming to visit her in prison, Judy explaining that what she did was no better than what the wolves did to her family, and a hint at her possible redemption.

The sequel will contain a flashback that shows Clawhauser's sad past.
He was a thin, fast cheetah when he joined the force, but a leg injury left him unable to run. Rather than have him leave the force, they made him the receptionist. His constant happy demeanor is actually to cover-up the fact that he's sad about his fate.

The planet Zootopia takes place on is a recreation of Earth, and some discoveries are going to shake what the Animals knew to their very core.
I was thinking that perhaps after a few assignments with Judy and Nick, an archaeologist requests some police assistance to protect their archaeological site they are digging out of from grave robbers and looters. As they dig through, perhaps Nick and Judy accidentally touch one of the artifacts and they see more images. A history of strange bipedal, hairless creatures walking a large savannah hunting prey — simply by chasing it down until the prey collapses from exhaustion. These same creatures then settling down and forming huge civilizations, seeing many cities rise and fall through each conflict, with their technology advancing more and more. However, the artifact gets overpowered and destroys itself, knocking Judy and Nick out cold. Nick and Judy have to figure out what those images in their heads even meant. It's revealed that the creatures were in fact humans, and they had advanced to such a degree through genetic or cybernetic/nanotech augmentation that they have essentially become Gods. They soon return to Zootopia to welcome their "children" to the stars.

The bullies from Nick's childhood will reappear.
They're still hostile towards him for being a predator. They even act like jerks towards Judy for being his partner. But by the end, they realize their ignorance and apologize to him. As a heartwarming token, they made him an "honorary scout". Or on the other hand, they would do everything in their power to kill Nick. But they could be defeated and ether get arrested, or deported from Zootopia for good.
  • They might be double crossing spies from a hostile country (similar to the Soviet Union and North Korea). They would capture Nick and drag him to their Communist country. Nick would be put on trial for his so called crimes and he would plead himself not guilty, but then he would be sentenced to death by slaughter. But Judy would start a rescuing program to save him from execution and then, there would be a war going on (similar to the Cold War).

The villains will be a bunch of predator extremists
Because of the predator discrimination in the first movie, a real extremist group will emerge, promoting the dominance of predators. They may target Judy, thinking her a little rabbit with no legitimacy, prompting Nick to risk to the occasion and save the day.
  • No Black Panthers joke, please!
    • Let the predators have white fur and be some kinda KKK knock-off.
    • Like what Blacksad did?

A more comedic sequel about a ant named Dr. Strangeant alongside "evil" swarm army lead by a queen bee named Queen Bee wanting to end prejudices in Zootopia by declaring war on all mammals after being fed up with food featuring insects
Voiced by Rob Paulsen no less (Maurice LaMarche played Mr. Big in the first film). Nick and Judy stopped Strangeant in the "nick" of time and once again saved the day. QB, voiced by Tress MacNeille, mispronouncing Judy last name as "Ms. Hopes" and Strangeant getting squashed by Clawhauser's rear end are recurring gags in the film.

Mechas come to Zootopia
Ala The Iron Giant as commentary on discriminating disabled people as some are scrap metal living in Blade Runner conditions owned by an abandoned factory and learn that they aren't Rain Man stereotypes and are just as good as normal machines and animals of all sorts.
  • High and low malfunctioning robots calling Nick "Fire Fox" and Judy "RAM" (after defeating Bellwether) alongside an "industrial" robot selling recently deceased mammal parts to "replicants" (robots who want to feel) are recurring themes of sequel.
    • Also, an higher-functioning 20-something "botistic" named Dean Hughes from Botainnia (voiced by Jim Parsons) calling Nick, Judy and other Zootopians "programs" and "users". Please don't call them "scrappy" (robot equivalent of "retarded") or "special" and mimic the stereotypical monotone voice while doing "the robot" dance (even to average functioning robots like Dean's parents played by Michael Mc Kean and Katey Sagal or the chief officer of RPD voiced by Christopher McDonald).

Final sequel, not second, but third or fourth or spin-off...
Nick and Judy got married, lived a good life alongside other Zootopians big and small, crime drops, peace is restored to all, both retired and lived happily ever after.
  • Even if not married, Nick will still be part of Judy's life with open arms (accepted by Judy's family, BFF'S, etc.) alongside humans, machines, reptiles, marine creatures, birds, trees and so on. The End ala Futurama.

Judy and Nick are forced to take care of Fru Fru's daughter
Judy is the godmother, after all. Fru Fru and Mr Big will have to go on the lam (by literally hiding in the wool of a lamb), and Judy and Nick will have to fight crime while taking care of / protecting a small (shrew-sized) child.
  • This, of course, puts Judy and Nick in situations where they have to act like parents — making them look even more like a couple. And Little Judy, the shrew child, will of course be a Ridiculously Cute Critter, as per Disney traditions.

The sequel will be about the discovery of an Ancient Conspiracy pretending that animal civilization was created by a mouse, when it was actually started by a cat.
And while investigating it, Judy will discover that said mouse also murdered and stole everything that belonged to an ancient ancestor of hers.

Or surprise, no sequel or spinoff!
The concert was it and Flash at the end was a Brick Joke. Or maybe a short film.

A sequel about discriminating "domesticated" mammals
Small-town hound dog (Tommy Lee Jones) and feline (Frances McDormand) officers befriending Nick and Judy after relocating to Zootopia and solving the case of the "rabies".

There will be an alien invasion
Aliens will invade their planet and ether enslave both predator and prey on the planet. But They will find a way to defeat the aliens and end the invasion.
  • A possible plot twist: the aliens are actually humans!

Evil robots will enslave the Zootopians
They would be built to severe and protect the Zootopians. But something would go wrong and the robots would start a revolution and enslave both Predator and prey alike. They would force them to wear tame collars in case of aggression or any attempts to escape. But Nick and Judy would form a resistance organization (alongside friendly robots), destroy the evil rulers and free all predators and prey.

Tails Of Interest
Zootopia's Slice of Life series featuring Nick, Judy, and the gang from the writers of Futurama.

The sequel will pick up various plot bits that were dropped from the shock-collar version of the original.
Obviously not the shock-collar bit itself - the optimal time for using that came and went with the scrapped versions of the film that used it - but some of the other beats around it that were used in that version but not the final film could still work, with a little retooling:

  • The film will focus more on Nick's point of view. This was the original plan, but Nick's cynical perspective made it hard for test audiences to care for Zootopia as a whole, necessitating a rewrite to focus on the more optimistic Judy instead. Since we've had an entire film to let the city grow on audiences, and Nick's lot in life has presumably improved as a result of his new career, switching back won't be as problematic (though he'll still not hesitate to let some snark slip when appropriate).
  • Nick will get framed and arrested for a crime he didn't commit. It's unlikely it'll be "predator going crazy" like it was originally — the first film covered that beat pretty thoroughly already - but there's no shortage of other crimes to use instead.
  • Judy will be responsible for bringing Nick in.
    • She might be the one who has to arrest Nick in the first place, driving a painful wedge between the two that it takes a decent chunk of the film to overcome — though she'll insist to a betrayed Nick in his cell that she's doing everything she can to find evidence that exonerates him, even though the outlook doesn't look good.
    • Even if she's not the one to initially arrest him, however, when Nick makes a prison break (again, like in the original), she's the one charged with recapturing him — which makes her further question if he's not actually guilty of the crime he's accused of, and inevitably gets her dragged into unraveling the conspiracy Nick has become the fall guy for.
    • She might even get hit with a tranquilizer dart intended for Nick, forcing the fox to care for the drugged rabbit while running from his other pursuers, further raising the tension. This also happened in the original plot, except now the relationship between the two formed in the previous film gives Nick more-obvious motivation for caring about Judy's well-being.
  • The climax will take place at a major event housed in a stadium — either another Gazelle concert (the one at the end of the first film being all that remained of this plot beat), or the "founding of Zootopia" celebration described on one of the concept artists' webpage. Nick and Judy will have to stop whatever further crime the conspirators intend to perpetrate here, behind the scenes, to ensure the event goes on without interruption and the safety of thousands of citizens isn't jeopardized. (This can possibly fail spectacularly, resulting in the final confrontation being extremely visible to the public, if it makes the climax more interesting.)

Those concepts don't particularly contradict any of the characterization or development from the first film, and thus might remain a good starting point for the sequel. While it's hard to say what deeper message could be made out of them, as with the first film's overarching anti-prejudice message, it'd still make for a pretty interesting film noir follow-up.

New character is Nick's ex-friend Leo (played by Robert Downey Jr.) who is far more cynical than Nick
  • And does more than hustle (sells night howlers as cigarettes and alcohol legally) alongside Judy's ex-friend Jane (played by Kristen Wiig) who is an annoyingly "positive thinker".
  • Maybe not this character specifically, but RDJ would make an awesome addition to this universe.

Reptiles and Birds will appear in the sequel but...
  • There will be obvious good reptiles (read: cute) and bad reptiles (read: scary). Disney's track record with reptiles is not particularly warm and friendly. At the very least there will be some Beauty = Goodness at play.
    • Possibly the reptiles will be some sort of stand in for the Communists during the Cold War.
    • They may also decide to subvert the usual Disney attitude of Reptiles Are Abhorrent.
      • This choice seems to be the most likely, since the first film was dedicated to subverting Animal Stereotypes, and the sequel may carry on the tradition.
    • The Cameo: Pascal from Tangled as the first reptile officer.

The unused bat character design for the first film gets used for a minor character in the sequel.

And he's voiced by Nick VA Jason Bateman's good friend, Will Arnett. After all, he's got experience voicing bats.

Gazelle is being stalked.
An extensive homage to Perfect Blue? Nah, better not go there. The tiger backup dancers and Clawhauser could be initial suspects, but they'll turn out to be red herrings.

Judy and Nick must prevent assassination attempts against a visiting foreign leader.
The leader could be reptilian, avian, or cetacean... I imagine a blue whale rolling forward in a glass tank like the Guild Navigator in Dune.

Finnick will have a brother in the sequel.
And he'll be voiced by none other than....Tone Loc.

Nick will have to confront Bellwether.
Yeah, Judy's more common, but there would be a lot more tension with Nick, who has to confront someone who is actively and unapologetically bigoted towards him. Also, both Nick and Bellwether are mammals who're pushed around by people over them and who took out their frustrations on other mammals. While Nick has a conscience that keeps him from going into Bellwether levels of crazy, it might be interesting to see the two coming from a similar background.

No-one knows who Nick is after the film.
While Judy got the lion's share of attention after the film, Nick's role was just sidelined by the media. As a result, he has to deal with a lack of respect after he helped save the city.

Nick gets blackmailed.
Someone else finds out that Nick has been skimping on his taxes and tries to hold it over his head. This could be a good source of tension: after finally finding a respectable job and feeling good about being something other than the shifty fox, now he has the prospect of all that being taken away from him.

We find out about Judy's first partner.
While Nick was at the academy, Judy was assigned a partner in the interim, probably someone who can reign her in. Alternatively, she could be assigned to help pull someone out of their shell.

The second film will open with a Minor Kidroduction that focuses on Nick, rather than Judy.
The opening could showcase to the audience what Nick's life was like before he met Judy, such as how he met Finnick and Mr. Big, and how he became a Con Artist, as well as him experiencing more prejudice towards him for being a fox.

Post your villain predictions here.
  • A predator who seeks revenge on prey for their discrimination of him, and will end up being Not So Different to Nick, as Bellwether was to Judy.
  • An ex-lover of Nick who will try to kill him and/or Judy, once she's rejected by him.
    • And part of her motivation to kill them is her racism against interspecies couples.
  • Bellwether, again.
  • The leader of the reptile / bird / aquatic / primate city.
  • A corrupt businessmammal running for political office, who stokes racial tensions by openly decrying animals getting into new career fields as being "too politically correct".
    • Perhaps an inversion of the Honorable Elephant trope, Donald Trunk?
    • Bonus point if his political opponent is a donkey.
    • When the Rainforest District sends us their jaguars, they are not sending their best.

Bellwether will help Judy and Nick solve a crime.
She is still in jail, but Judy and Nick have to consult her during their investigation. As a Corrupt Politician with contacts in the criminal world, she might know some vital information. She will not get a complete Heel–Face Turn, but will be slightly redeemed because of this.

While not a direct sequel, there will either be a movie, show, arc, or even spin-off that is a Whole Plot Reference towards Face/Off.
Nick and a dangerous criminal fox will have to exchange fur color or even faces... Well if you've already seen Face/Off, then you pretty much have a general idea of what this WMG is.
  • Although there probably be less John Woo Influences due to the fact that seeing Nick Wilde dual-wielding Berettas and jump around in slow-motion might be ridiculous.
    • And also there being a lack of doves.

Seldom-Seen Species that could appear in the film or spin-off media
  • Bat-eared fox
  • Greater mouse-deer
  • Brown hairy dwarf porcupine
  • Binturong
  • Numbat
  • Spotted linsang
  • Southern tamandua
  • Muntjac
  • Red Serow
  • Sri Lankan sambar deer
  • Ponui donkey
  • Yellow-throated marten
  • Dhole
  • Vicuna
  • Tapir
  • Pangolin
  • Striped hyena
  • Aardwolf
  • Wolverine
  • Wombat
  • Tree-kangaroo
  • Striped possum
  • Tamandua
  • Kodkod
  • Marbled polecat
  • Malayan sun bear
  • Silky anteater
  • Jerboa
  • Loris
  • Red-rumped agouti
  • Molina's hog-nosed skunk
  • Duiker
  • Egyptian mongoose
  • Springhare
  • Mount Kenya mole shrew

If Mayor Swinton finally makes it into a sequel or any other official media, it will be revealed that her first name is Margaret.
... really, dude?

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