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Feather is actually Kaoru from the future with amnesia.

This troper is pretty sure after chapter 200, the only question is: How? And why can she use the abilities of Shiho and Aoi?

  • For the first question, it's not known at this time, as so far there's no Esper shown that can travel through Time. As for the second question, no she doesn't really; Minamoto mentions in Chapter 200 that Feather is still using Psychokinesis, but at such a high level that it mimics a Teleporter's abilities. Masara also mentions in Chapter 195 that Feather is just so powerful an Esper that calling her a level 7 isn't an accurate measure of her abilities.
  • Feather does have a teleport power and psychometric abilities similar to Hyobu's healing powers. When they use the Boost against Barret, it's stated that Kaoru's Force of Absolution isn't draining and using Shiho's power, but actually synthesizing a new power all together. So it's possible that, as the Queen of Catastrophe she developed new, more powerful abilities. More evidence to support this theory is in chapter 220, where Feather comments that "We've all loved him... ever since then, right?". It is also possible that, in a similar way to how precog works, she sent part of her consciousness back in time and embedded it into some Raremetal quartz rather than physically traveling through time.
    • Feather is Kaoru being the focus of a massive n-way boost in the future, such that even a small fragment of their power sent through time is beyond level 7. Minamoto's harem just gets that big...
  • Even Minamoto himself has come to this conclusion, though it's not confirmed.
    • Pretty much confirmed as of 278. That chapter contains a number of other mind-blowing revelations as well, such as what precipitated the conflict in the first place, and what Black Phantom's final solution consists of. Poor Fujiko. Didn't even have a chance.
    • But it's not just Kaoru in there, as chapter 280 shows.

Black Phantom is actually Evil Minamoto from the future.

Probably a Poison oak Epileptic tree, but hey.

That's not Minamoto in the prophecy, that's Kyosuke disguised as Minamoto
  • Can we say that the Major faked his own death to do it?

Kidnapping Yurri will turn the younger PANDRA members away from the Major.
  • Capturing one of their friends? Trying to kill them? Someone as black-and-white as Mio isn't going to like it.

Minamoto isn't trying to kill Kaoru in the prophecy, he's trying to replicate what happened to Kyosuke.
  • This would probably go some way to explain the Feather is Future!Kaoru guess above.

Kyosuke is a case similar to Phineas Gage
  • A blaster bullet directly to the frontal lobe? Dude's messed up in more ways than one.

Yuuri was seriously injured because of an ESPer.
  • Her father, Black Phantom, angered by this attack on his daughter, devoted his life to finding a way for other ESPers to be destroyed once and for all. So he created the organization to kidnap and brainwash ESPers to make them pay. Yuuri, meanwhile, developed a sort of split-personality because of the trauma endured.
    • Jossed. It turns out her dad was evil even before she was born.

Kaoru is nothing more than a symbol to Kyosuke.
  • It's not her he cares about, it's her symbol to ES Pers as their "messiah". Before Kaoru even knows what's happening, she'll find herself the poster child of PANDRA's movement, and by the time she realizes what's happened, Minamoto will already have killed her.

One of younger members of PANDORA will have Heel–Face Turn in near future.
  • Children from both organizations are now practically firends. They are a group (not tight one, but they may become closer with a time), with consists also two normal humans from the same school. Spending so much time in "normal world" outside of PANDORA, having human friends, who accept them for what they are and Kaoru performing her "peace and love" speeches, Kyosuke's younger members will slowly realise that there is a chance for espers and normals to live together. This situation will lead to at least one of them having Heel–Face Turn. Showing one of esper, who was hurt by normal people in a past, that there is still a hope will be major step to stop war and may trigger Chain Reaction with a few other members of PANDORA.

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