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Acknowledgement or appearance of Supergirl

Instead of Superman, Steppenwolf's phrase "no Lanterns, no Kryptonian" might refer to Kara Zor-El's presence during Darkseid's invasion, as she crashed on Earth a few thousands of years before modern day in her tie-in comics. The full extent of deleted roles from the 2017 film might not have been revealed yet.

This film will make the theatrical cut Canon Discontinuity

Considering how this version is there to Win Back the Crowd, it’s pretty likely that it will replace that film in the timeline.

  • When the "Flashpoint" movie happens, maybe this will provide an in-universe explanation for it.
  • The Flash turns the theatrical version into an Alternate Timeline he creates when time-traveling to prevent the Knightmare future from happening.

The question of which version is canon will be revealed in an after-credits scene starring Mr. Mxyzptlk or Bat-Mite.

Ideally voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and/or Paul Reubens.

  • It could be animated. If the animation is cheap enough, the sarcastic Mr. Mxyzptlk will make a dig at such as, “Look at me! I’m a page right outta history here!”
  • Knowing how Snyder's movies work, this is as unlikely as it gets.

The events of this movie exists because of the Crisis.
Set in the post-crisis multiverse, like how
Earth-96's Superman went from black emblem, back to yellow, or how Earth-Prime shares slightly altered versions of the histories of Earths 1, 38 and Black Lightning's.

It'll be as if the original cut never happened.

Steppenwolf will play the role of The Starscream.
He wants to rule Apokolips himself. And he propably have quite ambitious plans to utilize element of suprise and use the Mother Boxes against his nephew once he's done with Earth.

Superman will be revived on his own.
Either he will just regenerate without any help at all, like it was suggested in BVS, or he will somehow absorb the power from The Mother Boxes once they will be used by Steppenwolf to complete the process.

Lois Lane will survive this movie.
Her death (killed by Darkseid) isn't this part of this movie arc at all.
  • We do know that Snyder had to scrap that part of the story before principal photography began. The big question mark is whether or not he could film it as part of the planned pickups, considering the budget is higher than just what would be needed for a few new CGI. That also would run into whether or not the film will be retooled into a Grand Finale or if Snyder is confident enough to let plenty of Sequel Hooks in.
  • Lois's death (sparking into the Knightmare future) would've actually happened in Justice League Part Two, not One (what this cut of the film will essentially be, especially if the story continues). This JL movie is meant to have an happy ending. For now at least.

Martian Manhunter will join the League.
In all likelihood he's going to be Serkis Folk like Cyborg and the New Gods. Plus, his big reveal has him switching between the forms of Martha Kent, his "green Superman" form and his General Swanwick form, so it wouldn't be too difficult to slip him into more scenes.

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