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Zack wasn't originally supposed to win the IC Title at Wrestlemania 32

OK, Zack's win in the TLC match was the single biggest shock in the entire show, but then he dropped the title to the Miz the very next night on Raw, so why did the WWE even bother? Considering he was actually substituting for Neville in the match, the most likely explanation is that the writers or Vince McMahon got wind of the fact that Zack as a little kid had been at Wrestlemania X and had his photo taken with Scott Hall and his own IC Title (which he'd retained in a TLC match against Shawn Michaels) and the symmetry was just too perfect to pass up, so they said to Zack "Alright kid, this wasn't the plan, but we're going to hang the IC Title on you for just one night so you can have yourself a Wrestlemania Moment (TM) and get to take another photo with Razor and the belt". Isn't that a nice thought?
  • Not quite; it wasn't the writers or Vince who were behind the decision. It was apparently the other six guys who were in the match who made the decision for WWE.

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