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Whether on accident or on purpose, Youtube Poop videos are similar to dreams.

So, let's look at the average Youtube Poop. It takes something you know and twists it all up with other stuff you know, usually with no apparent rhyme or reason. Sometimes they are particularly memorable, because the combination of stuff and the manner in which it is combined can end up being awesome or terrifying, but usually because it is so stupid that it ends up being funny. Are we talking about Youtube Poop, or dreams?


Youtube Poops are real and the so called "videos" are our windows into other universes

There is a theory known as the 'many worlds' theory, which states that whenever it is possible for two different outcomes to occur the universe splits into two separate universes in which both events occur simultaneously. A certain number of "splits" away we will find worlds vastly different to our own, with a near infinite number of different situations taking place concurrently. Eventually, we must arrive at universes in which Doctor Ivo Robotnik is attempting to terrorise Mobius with his Pingas, or in which The King attempts to install Sony Vegas.

Imagine the implications!

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Every YouTube Poop is just part of a series of educational videos on how Drugs Are Bad being shown by the Mario brothers to a elementary school class
The Mario brothers go to schools and show the Poops to kids to teach them about how experiencing artificial highs is bad.


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