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The announcements for changes on YouTube are actually steath-warnings.
  • Notice how updates that replace one thing at YouTube with another or remove something outright get announcements beforehand, whereas fixes and updates where something is added without removing something else (such as custom thumbnails for everybody who signs up from that point onward) are put in quietly. I think this is because the staff at YouTube are just as unhappy as the users when certain changes are made, and the announcements are actually warnings ahead of time, when they hope that user outcry will cause the upper management at Google to change their minds.
    • It makes so much sense.

The final video on Youtube will be of someone leaving a zoo.
This a joke WMG parodying the Book-Ends trope.
  • You say it's a joke, but really, this is the best possible last video on You Tube.
The "mark your videos as being "for kids" or "not for kids" or else you will get FINED!" policy was created so YouTube could get people such as YouTube Poop makers, the Barney Bunch, people who upload copyrighted material, and "sweary reviewers" like The Angry Video Game Nerd to jump ship
That, and the Federal Trade Commission wouldn't stop bugging them about COPPA, and because Google forgot YouTube Kids exists.

Youtube will eventually have a TV channel in addition to being a website.

They'll be a Series where all Youtubers assemble
[YouTube] will Make a new series to assemble the popular YouTubers for a tv series

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