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Izuku's Quirk is a cat mutation-type.

  • Like Tsuyu is a frog, Izuku's Ghost Sight Quirk is actually that he is a cat.
    • While he doesn't look like Officer Tamakawa, the only cat-type Quirk-user, we have seen through Tsuyu that people with animal mutation Quirks don't have to look wholly like the animal, as long as their traits reflect them.
    • Cats can see ghosts in the YUTS story and, while Tamakawa cannot, Izuku and Mika can. Tsuyu's family, though they all have frog-type mutation Quirks, do not all look the same, and it is likely that their Quirks do not all reflect in the same way.
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    • A lot of parallels are drawn between Izuku and cats, especially regarding his eyes. Izuku's tapeta lucida was even edited into previous chapters.
  • At the very least, Izuku's Quirk is not solely that he sees ghosts, but he also has the eyes of a cat.

The fic will end with Izuku's ghost-seeing quirk erased.

  • Since the internship arc has already gone so differently, Mirio's quirk may survive the course of the fic, but Izuku's will be erased. What would be a more complete ending to something that follows an incomplete story than to take away the thing that makes the fic unique?
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