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If Leopard enters the city, she will trigger Third Impact or something comparably destructive.
And it's likely to be set up by the original Doronbo gang as some evil twisted Thanatos Gambit. The twist is that the Yattermans are really the good guys all along and the original Doronbo gang is more evil than Leopard could ever imagine.
The Yattermen are actually Missing.

The Kingdom is being protected by robots modeled after the original.

  • Confirmed. The Yattermen we've seen up to this point are all Mecha-Mooks.

Time Travel will be involved in this series

Well IT IS part of the "Time Bokan" series and chances are the new Doronbo gang would end up traveling to the 1970's to see how the Yattermen became corrupt and eventually encounter their ancestors the ORIGINAL Doronbo gang.

  • Given that the voice actors of the original Doronbo's reprised their roles in nearly every version of Yatterman, it would be a crime if this didn't happen.
    • Half-Jossed. While nobody traveled in time during the series, Noriko Ohara did voice a cameo at the very end of the series.

Dokorobe will be the Big Bad of the series

Well this villain is not to be trusted, for all we know what if he is responsible for the corruption of the Yattermen?

  • Confirmed. He's the real ruller of the Yatter Kingdom.

Oda-sama is actually Dokurobe, and will be the Big Bad of the series

He led Leopard to the Doronbo storeroom. He led the gang to Yatter Kingdom. He's quick to commit crime, such as stealing food. Leopard's mom taught her daughter to respect pigs. He even frigging talk! The signs are everywhere.Voltkatze and Elephantus know it all along. They don't even want Leopard to oppose the Yattermans, but cannot go against it under Oda-sama's watchful gaze.

  • Jossed

Yatter King is the ruler of the Yatter Kingdom.

It just fits, doesn't it?

The real descendants of the Yattermen were exiled, and someone else is the ruler of the Kingdom.

Considering Dokorobe's more sinister yet still hammy presence in the Cold Opening, perhaps its one of his followers that controls the kingdom and is much more manipulative and dangerous that the original Doronbo gang could ever be. Going so far as to either exile or kill the original Yattermen and use their image to take complete control over the land and its people.

  • Well, we know that the two that most resemble the original Yattermen (Galina and Allouette) live on the outskirts of the city and were thrown into a camp long ago. It might have something to do with what you said, but I can't be too sure right now.
  • Confirmed. Dokurobei's ruling Yatter Kingdom.

There are other Time Bokan Kingdoms...

But most of them have been conquered by the Yatter Kingdom or are in the process of being conquered.

Galina and Alouette will die.

The series is trying to fake us out by promoting Galina and Alouette as main characters, but they will be little more than Advertised Extras. Anime nowadays has a nasty habit of killing off characters the Audience believes will have enough Plot Armor to survive the series, and shocking twists are starting to show up earlier and earlier. Galina and Alouette will probably last long enough to give the team some encouraging words and make them new outfits (As Galina's adept at sewing), then the Yattermen will kill them off, giving Leopard another reason to fight against the injustices of the world.

  • Alternatively, Elephantus and Voltkaze kick the bucket.
    • Both Jossed. Galina and Alouette live to the end of the series, and Voltkatze and Elephantus stick it out to the end as well.

Galina and Alouette will become the new Yatterman by the series end.

It just fits, and will result in everyone teaming up.

The Tatsunoko remakes are all within a shared universe.
Its quite possible that Yatterman Night is a stealth prequel to Casshern Sins, since its tone is in between the depressing yet thought provoking Casshern and the much more idealistic and upbeat Gatchaman Crowds. Its quite possible that near the end, there is mention towards the construction of a robot called 'Braiking Boss' or 'Luna'.
  • In essence, Gatchaman Crowds takes place before Dokorobe's arrival, with the 2008 Yatterman happening afterwards and Yatterman Night happening much later. Unfortunately as a result, Casshern Sins takes place much farther into the future.
  • Would Tekkaman Blade and Shin Hurricane Polymar be included in this?
    • The second Time Bokan: Royal Revival OVA had a similar idea to this WMG, actually. According to the OVA, all of the original Tatsunoko series happened within the same world, or at the very least the characters can coexist in a single area. We have seen a character referencing another Tatsunoko property (Takeshi), so it's quite possible that the remake series might actually be in a shared world.

Ally and Ga-chan will become the new Yatterman-1 and Yatterman-2

Mainly because the skull moon has to be Dokurobe, and the Yattermen need to fight against them. And in doing so they will bring back the orginal 1970's theme and the 2008 theme.

  • Confirmed.

At some point there will be a plot element linked to Italy
Given how popular the original series is there, it would be a nice homage to that country.

The one who wrecked the moon and destroyed earth wasn't Dokurobei...
It was Dokurobei's grandson from the 2008 series, using his face.

Seeing as the series is mainly about Legacy Characters and trying to be better than what they were, Dokurobei's grandson could factor into the series here, now as an adult. Dokurobei died some time ago, but his grandson decides to use his face and acts as if he never died in the first place. He would try to improve upon his grandfather's schemes and find ways to truly be intimidating to the people, so the first thing he does is straight up destroy the town of its reigning heroes, the Yattermen. This also serves as a nice way to get around not being able to get Dokurobei's long-reigning voice actor due to his death.

  • Jossed. Dokurobei outright said that he's been around for many years and it implies that this Dokurobei and the short fat man we've seen him as in the 1977 and 2008 series are one and the same!

The Reason for the dip in Quality during the Final Battle is....

They ran out of money


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