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    Journalist's Daughter Theories 

In the event that the Journalist makes it back to Japan and is killed, his daughter will be apathetic to his death.
She will be afflicted with Antisocial Personality Disorder/Psychopathy. That, combined with his neglect of her, will ultimately lead to her being unaffected emotionally by her father's death. No tears will be shed.

The journalist's daughter is for sure at school.
In one of the final tapes, he says that he'll hide the tapes where he knows she'll find them. All the tapes are at school. Think about it.

The journalist's daughter (whoever she is) is Yandere-chan's second cousin.
We know from Basement Tape 1 that it's Aishi family tradition to capture the object of your obsession when the time is right. We also know from Word of God (forgot the exact source though, sorry) that Aishi women's husbands take the Aishi name. But what of the Aishi men? Perhaps some of them keep the name (to follow societal tradition) and some of them don't (to follow family tradition).

Perhaps Yandere-chan's grandmother has a brother who decided to follow family tradition name-wise. Given YandereDev's preferences, any boys born into the Aishi family are unlikely to be yanderes themselves. However, they might be "carriers" of the traits, so to speak. So Yan-chan's great uncle grows up and marries a non-yandere woman. Then they have a daughter. Since she's the daughter of an Aishi man and a normal woman, she is not a full-blown yandere. However, since her father is a "carrier," she has a few yandere traits: clinginess, attraction to anyone who is extremely dependent. This is the woman who married the journalist. The journalist likely would not want to marry anyone with the surname Aishi, because merely hearing that name probably would make him sick. That's why it's good that her father, an Aishi by birth, took his wife's name. So the journalist's wife is Ryoba Aishi's first cousin.

Now when you and your first cousin each have a child, your child and your first cousin's child are second cousins. Ryoba had Yandere-chan. The journalist's wife had... someone. Therefore, the journalist's daughter is Yandere-chan's second cousin.

The journalist's daughter is the female version of Senpai
.He did say she was attending Akademi...
  • Then who would she be in a universe when Senpai is male?
    • Senpai's little sister? The journalist never explicitly said he didn't have a son too.
      • The Journalist made it very clear that he never remarried after his wife died giving birth to their daughter, which he explicitly says was their first (and only) child.
      • It could be possible that senpai when he is male, is a child had out of wedlock before he met his wife. Probably at a one night stand or something similar the women he slept with probably got full custody of him and he just had to pay child support. This would explain why Hanako suddenly moves to senpai's school and why she's so clingy about senpai as her father who raised her was neglectful.
Info-chan is the Journalist's daughter.
Okay, Info-chan is no longer the 2nd Yandere, but she's probably related to the journalist in the tapes. According to the tapes that can be found around the school, the father of one of the girls in the school was a journalist until he was publicly disgraced by a Yandere he was following. The tapes in the basement reveal that Yandere was Ayano's mother. Because of the disgrace, the Journalist couldn't hold a job and he became an alcoholic. He mentions his daughter is mysterious, spends a lot of time on the computer, and that she somehow gets a lot of money.

(from the wiki-page) "The Journalist's wife died while giving birth to an only daughter. At this point, it was practically impossible for the Journalist to take care of himself. He neglected his child, who raised herself into an independent teenage girl who could possibly attend Akademi High School."

Info-chan certainly fits the mysterious and computer-obsessed description. Her income is probably from the panty shots she sells to the boys at her school. The source of the blood is still up to speculation, since the idea that she's also a Yandere was scrapped.

Furthermore, Info-chan is seeking vengeance on Ryoba via proxy by using Ayano.
Just like the above and below WMGs, Info-chan is the daughter of the Journalist, and knows that Yandere-chan is the daughter of Ryoba. Ultimately, the Journalist was forced to leave the country due to Ayano's mother, leaving the tapes for his daughter to find. When Info-chan came to Akademi, she discovered her father's tapes and learned the truth behind her father's fall from grace. Since Info-chan is an intelligent girl, she eventually figured out that Yandere-chan is the daughter of Ryoba (which is why Info-chan was stalking Ayano in the first place), and she came up with her plan to get revenge on Ryoba by harming Ayano.

Ryoba destroyed her father's life, and because of that, her father became too depressed to raise his own daughter, neglecting her terribly. And now, Ryoba is back, having chased Info's father out of the country to destroy him yet again.

But Info-chan is going to get back at her, by going after her daughter. Killing Yandere-Chan isn't good enough; no, Info-chan's going to break her. She'll push Yandere-chan into pursuing Senpai, killing and bullying her way through all of the potential rivals. And when Yandere-chan almost has him, Info will take it all away by exposing Yandere-chan as the monster that she is.

Exposing Yandere-chan as a violent sociopath will certainly hurt Ryoba — if not emotionally, then at least it will hurt her reputation — and possibly clear the journalist's name if Yandere's misdeeds eventually lead to Ryoba's misdeeds being exposed. A fitting retribution for the woman who destroyed her life by ruining Info-chan's father all those years ago.

While there isn't a Newspaper Club anymore, Info-chan still wants to be a reporter and still wants that big scoop. She's just going about it differently.
Word of God says she was originally intended to be the final rival, but this was scrapped. However, he's hinted that he's setting up her motivation as a Plot Twist. Some speculate she might be the Journalist's daughter. It's entirely possible that she still has set up her Knowledge Broker tendencies as practice for being a reporter, and that's how she has knowledge of Yandere-chan's mother in the outdated intro. However, she also wants to be a reporter because her father was one prior to turning Ryoba in.

So one day, her father disappears. At the same time, Ryoba's daughter starts stalking someone in a similar way. Info-chan, being the crafty yet morally corrupt girl that she is, starts nudging her towards repeating history. Then, when she has killed enough people, she turns her in. Because she is good at finding out information about people, she has plenty of evidence beforehand that won't incriminate her personally. This will have tons of benefits for her: she'll be seen as a brave girl who found and took down a Yandere, she'll exact karmic justice on Ryoba and her family, she'll receive acclaim as a young journalist, she will get her father's approval, and she'll get Panty Shot photos to sell. It will be a task towards the end of the game to stop her in some way. One way this might happen would be to also repeat history by discrediting her. Info-chan is already established to be a sleazy, corrupt girl who sells upskirt shots. Yandere-chan will have the ability to provide evidence that Info-chan has a history of criminal behavior. If done successfully, she will get arrested for sexual harassment, blackmail, and incitement to murder, as well being a suspect in the killings. In the end, she does become like her father, just not in the way she intended.

Word of God also says that what will happen if you don't help her by killing people or taking panty shots will be a spoiler. It might be because it'll ruin her plan, and she'll attempt other means at getting Yandere-chan arrested.

The journalist is the father of one of the Gaming Club members.
Either Midori Gurin or Pippi Osu. And one of them is involved in criminal activity, according to the blood on their clothes.

The Journalist's daughter is the Rival Yandere
.I put this forward for no reason other than it would be a very bitter case of Irony. I guess the Parental Neglect would be a good reason why said daughter would be violently desperate for Senpai's love.
  • YandereDev says there is no more Rival Yandere, so this is likely jossed.
  • If the theory that there will be another Yandere who's NOT a rival comes true, then maybe the Journalist's daughter will be that Yandere.

The Journalist's daughter is not Info-chan or anyone else commonly speculated to be her, but a member of the Photography Club.
Let's examine the details. YandereDev has said that the entire club has the dream of becoming investigative journalists. It's not too far out there that a teenage girl would want to be one because her father used to have that occupation. Where would the blood and money come from? It could still be innocuous; the extra money comes from her entering photography competitions in the area or doing amateur sleuth work for people. The blood shows that she already has a history of investigating crimes, and got covered in it because of something like attempting to pin a criminal to the ground (and getting hurt in the process). The idea to track down the killer might even be hers.

The Journalist's daughter is a major character who will not be revealed until the game is finished and released.

The Journalist's daughter is Megami Saikou.
For reasons that he has decided to not reveal yet, Yandere-Dev has stated that Megami is aware that there is a dangerous person on the school grounds, that she is suspicious of Yandere-chan, and that she is forbidden from speaking to anyone about it or taking action against Yandere-chan. Additionally, she is absent the first nine weeks due to 'family business', much like how Ryoba is off in America with her husband in tow to handle some business of her own.
  • Megami Saikou is the daughter of the CEO of the Saikou Corp. The journalist is disgraced. Also: #3 "They probably know of him, but don't know him personally." Wouldn't make sense if he was their wayward son.
    • Then maybe the Journalist is her uncle! But That's another WMG all together.
      • I take it uncle from the non-Saikou side of the family?

    Kokona Theories 

Kokona Haruka's status as the Butt-Monkey in the debug builds will be referenced in the game in some way.
Let's face it, it would be a fun Mythology Gag if there was a reference to it. Perhaps she refuses to go off alone if you've been killing people outright, which can make things trickier if she happens to be friends with one of the rivals.
  • Alternatively, her status as Butt-Monkey will be inverted. As much as life beats her down, she'll find ways to try and gain control over her life, and that may include self-defence. Trying to face her in a direct conflict will be slightly less difficult than taking on a teacher.
    • Or any adult, really. Or the swim team captain or the delinquents' leader.

Kokona Haruka will become an Ascended Extra in the full game.
She's the one whom all the current updates to the game have been focusing on, mostly due to the fact that the game has no official rival programmed in yet and thus YandereDev had to pick someone. All this focus on her could lead to her having a bigger role in the full game, possibly actually becoming one of the official rivals.
  • Maybe she is going to become the final rival of the game?
    • Signs are pointing to Drama Club President. That rival's image got leaked a while back and looks a lot like Kokona, plus the dev admitted it would be an easy choice.
      • The Dev has all but confirmed that Kokona and Kizana will not be the same character. Most likely, Kokona will be demoted to regular NPC. This is arguably for the best, as Kokona has over a year's worth of characterization that gives her a much different personality from any of the rivals, and fans like her the way she is. The big questions at this point are whether Kokona retains her character arc as a side quest or if it'll be split up and redistributed to proper rivals – it seems Osana is gaining the bulk of it.
    • The final rival of the game will be the Student Council President, who has already appeared (via live-stream on a laptop). Fun Fact 

The matchmaker update will be a huge moment of reprieve for Kokona.
Perhaps we will have to pair her up with another student, rather than putting her through more trauma. YandereDev might lampshade her Chew Toy status again, this time saying that as much as he likes to put her through hell, she deserves some kind of happy ending... for now. Heck, it may even be funny if Midori Gurin called him out on the amount of abuse he piles on Kokona, only for him to go "Okay, if you like her so much..."
  • Confirmed! Except for that Midori never appeared in that video.

The matchmaker update will alternatively be a huge moment of horror for Kokona.
Sure, she'll be matched up, but since YandereDev can't keep himself from piling horrors on her, right after being matched up, Yandere-chan will whip out a knife and stab her. Or will be Driven to Suicide when her new beloved receives the blackmail Yandere-chan has accumulated on her.
  • But why would Yandere-chan kill her after Kokona gets paired up? There would be no point. If she would do that, why pair Kokona up in the first place?
    • Because the dev simply cannot help himself when it comes to Kokona. She's his Cosmic Plaything.
  • Jossed. He decided to cut the poor girl a break. Also, Kokona cannot be stabbed after her confession, as the prompt is disabled.note 

In the main game, Kokona will have a crush on Senpai, but she won't be a rival.
To allow players access to their favorite punching bag without having to rewrite a lot, Kokona will have her crush listed as Senpai, but she herself won't ever actually act on it. If she does that "Okay, I've made up my mind... I'll tell him how I feel this Friday! I hope he accepts my feelings..." line, she won't do it, and later on, she comments to herself "I keep saying that but I never do. Maybe because I know he could never like a girl as messed up as me." Yandere-Chan will still have the option of killing her, kidnapping her, ruining her life, etc. She has eyes on Senpai, so she must be removed, but objectively speaking, she will not actually be a threat to Yandere-Chan.

One of the rivals will be a relative of Kokona's.
Why think this? Because of a certain picture I found. This picture was in a video posted by the dev himself. The picture resembles Kokona Haruka, though I believe that Kokona will only be a test rival. Plus, the picture doesn't look that much like Kokona, though her appearance could be updated in the future.
  • That silhouette is of Kizana Sunobu, the Drama Club President. What relation, if any, she has to Kokona is unknown. See WMG below.

The Drama Club President will be Kokona's sister or cousin.
Based on the options Yandere Dev explained about Kokona here, regardless of where the work put into Kokona ends up going, Kokona herself will return to being a normal student. It's unlikely that she will outright become the Drama Club President, especially since Dev wants to make that character a self-centered Himedere. However, she still bears a striking resemblance to Kokona. That could easily be sorted out by having the Drama Club President be Kokona's sister (perhaps Joyu Haruka, if the Punny Name theme is to be kept intact [Joyu meaning actress in Japanese]), rather than just making them one and the same. After all, to this troper's knowledge, Yandere Dev never said Kokona didn't have a sister, now, did he?
  • I think YD said that there aren't going to be that many direct blood relationships. However, I think a better option would be to make the DCP Kokona's cousin. That way, she could retain the familial relationship/Strong Family Resemblance while at the same time not have to deal with all the baggage that Kokona's going through, since as her sister, she'd be in a crappy situation too.
  • The Drama Club President is named Kizana Sunobu – a Punny Name to be sure, but not the same one as speculated.

Kokona will still be partially a rival or her problems will still exist in the final game.
It just feels like a waste for all of the work put into making Kokona a test rival to take it all out in the final game. Perhaps her problems could be something like a side-quest in game, where dealing with her is more of a case of Video Game Cruelty Potential or Video Game Caring Potential.
  • Possibly confirmed. The October 2016 update video (and an accidental inclusion of a partially-made Osana) heavily implies Osana is inheriting at least some of Kokona's issues.

Kokona's problem will be in the final game... and it will help snag Senpai.
Think about it. If Yandere-chan's good deeds get around, Senpai is bound to think positively about her for doing such a (in his and the rest of the school's eyes) selfless act, and will accept her love confession more easily, or he might even confess to her!

Kokona will be switched to the Drama Club in the final game and be Kizana's understudy.
If Kizana is incapacitated, they'd need someone to fill her spot in the play. Plus, it'd be a nice gag, cause in a sense, isn't Kokona the 'understudy' for the real rivals? (Yan-chan will be okay with HER playing opposite Senpai because in the final game her crush on Senpai will be gone.)

Kokona will be Yandere-chan's only friend in the final version
It'd be an interesting inversion of her Butt-Monkey status if she became the one person besides Senpai that Yandere-chan wouldn't want to hurt.
  • That actually sounds like a decent idea. If it gets implemented into the game, it can lay out more possibilities that will make the game both harder and easier to beat.
    • Possible reasons why the difficulty would be decreased
      • Yandere-chan could ask help from Kokona in doing tasks for other students (Yandere Dev has stated that this will be put in the final game). Of course, this can only apply to tasks Kokona can do so as not to make the game too easy.
      • Kokona could serve as an easier access to information. After all, you're more likely to give information freely to your friend and Kokona is quite a nice girl. However, Kokona's share of information won't be as detailed as Info-Chan's. Additionally, Kokona may not have little to no information to share for the rivals of the later half of the game.
      • On a slightly darker note, it would give Yandere-chan more opportunities to be able to dispose of murder evidence. Yandere Dev did say it's possible to trick a student into disposing a corpse.
    • Possible reasons why the difficulty would be increased
      • Since Kokona is just as important as Senpai to Yandere-chan, it means your chances of getting a game over would be greater. I'm pretty sure Yandere-chan would be just as devastated with her friend seeing her kill someone as she would be if her crush saw her do that.
      • Eavesdropping and getting panty shots may make Kokona suspicious over Yandere-chan. While the other students witnessing those actions may make your reputation drop, Kokona may think that your behavior is because someone is blackmailing you or you're also going through a rough time. As a result, she may have a slightly changed routine, one where she would stay closer to you out of concern.

If Kokona would become a DLC rival stuck in a timeloop then most elimination methods won't work on her anymore because of her past experience

  • She won't be talking to Ayano like the Student Counsil Members.
  • She will be able to stop a direct attack from Ayano like the teachers.
  • She will avoid facing large bodies of water so that Ayano can't drown her.
  • If someone pours water on her while she is using the toilet and the lights went out, she will be using her cellphone to see if the lightswitch is safe.
  • She will not stand at the outside wall of the school to avoid getting crushed by dumbbells.
  • She will always keep her lunch with her, so that Ayano can't poison it.
  • She will check her desk and bag for things that could get her in trouble and tells her teacher about it.
  • If her cell phone gets stolen and reappears later she will check it for panty shots and other lewd pictures and deletes them.



Megami Saikou

Megami and Ayano are related
It's confirmed that Megami is aware that Ayano is a yandere and seems to know that it's a biological trait that runs in her family. But why does she know this? Perhaps her father or grandfather might have a run in with some of Ayanos relatives before. In the headmasters tapes you learn that Megami's Aunt believes that she has a sister and went in search of her, maybe this sister is Ayanos mother or perhaps someone related to her? The Saikou family seems high and prestigious, I don't doubt they would disown a child if it had alarming traits or it's mother had alarming behavior.

The fact that the School Council are all-female are coincidental.
Megami is rumored to distrust men as she recruited an all-girls council, but in reality, she recruited the school council members for individual reasons; had the student she needed happened to be male, she would have recruited him in.

If Megami distrusts men, it's because of a series of failed relationships.
Perhaps Megami has had bad experiences in relationships, with several suitors only interested in her fortune or place in the Saikou company. This might explain why she's only recruited female student council members.

This may explain her interest in Senpai; she empathizes with him since he's similarly unlucky in love(thanks to Yandere-chan). Perhaps the extra security isn't just to catch Yandere-chan; Megami genuinely likes Senpai and is determined not to let anyone ruin yet another potential relationship for her.

(Bonus points if Megami's alternate suitor has a yandere streak of his own, and has been scaring off his own rivals.)

No matter what, Megami is going to die.
Thinking about 1980's Mode, one thing I thought of is no matter what Ryoba may choose to do with her rivals, the final one has to die to become the Phantom Girl. I thought there might be a good chance history repeats, and Ayano's final rival would also end up dying. Even the 'non-lethal' methods would end up in death: if expelled or rejected by Senpai she'd kill herself, and I've theorized before that the 'matchmaking' method may not be consensual on her part, more akin to an abduction on Kaga Kusha's part, and if so, and if so 'ruined' by Kaga, may kill herself in that scenario too. I'm just saying, there wouldn't be so much emphasis on her brother if he isn't the one that inherits Saikou Corp.

    School Council 

The rumors surrounding each of the School Council members are hints in the game.
You can make use of them to manipulate the members to your advantage. For example, Kuroko is said to secretly resent the fact that Megami took her position as the student council president. You can influx Kuroko's jealousy and suggest her to eliminate Megami for her own gains. For another example, Akane's friendly persona is rumoured to be nothing but a façade, so you can catch her on her weakest moment and expose it publicly to make her seem that her true personality is much different, ruining her reputation.

  • If this is the case, then you might be able to work it into a larger plan to dispose of Megami. She values the lives of the other members of the student council, so much so that if someone kills a member, no matter who it is, she'll suspect you, and instill security measures that would be draconian in any high school. However, at the same time, Megami wants nothing more than to actually BE at Akademi, and in addition, people seem to view her as a hardass who nonetheless has a degree of logic to her strictness. If you can make it seem like she's gone nuts; blaming you for something she has no concrete proof that you did, mindbreaking Akane into a murderslave, when pretty much the entire school saw Akane, rumored to be a bitch under the facade, murder another member of the council unprovoked, and making sure everyone suffers for it, you might be able to use that to get her to stay away from Senpai. Everyone already thinks she's a tyrant. It would be very easy to force her out of the school she so desperately wants to attend via mob mentality.
     The Headmaster 
The secret so bad that Info-chan was able to blackmail over it
Place your guesses here:
  • Killed someone
  • Seduced a Saiko
  • Pedophile
  • Embezzlement
  • Stalking
  • Rape

Or, you know, he could've been framed for any of the above.

  • I go with "helped cover up the myriad of crap that has gone down at Akademi High over the years."
  • I was thinking looking at porno. Not even necessarily the illegal stuff. A headmaster's rep could be ruined if any perversion was revealed.

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