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The voice Nora and Ren hear in the ruins of Beacon
is AI. His voice is always in italics, which is how XCOM!Penny and Gidjit's dialogue is always written, even when talking face to face with someone, and the person isn't talking over the radio, which is the other time italics are used. He also at first offers Ren and Nora "four minutes, thirty-seven seconds, and eighty-two miliseconds" to run away, before deciding to up it to "eighty-three miliseconds", demonstrating a bizarre amount of mathematical accuracy.
  • My other guess is that Ozpin is actually a humanoid Grimm, specifically the brother Salem mentions, or possibly Ozpin is her son, since he tries to call her something beginning with a capital M, implying that either Salem's real name isn't Salem, or he was about to say Mother, as the voice they hear after the battle says Father with a capital F. The voice is Ozpin's son who was being kept down there (and the mention that they haven't murdered anything in a long time implies whatever it is was being kept isolated or under control), and is quite annoyed at his aunt/grand-mother betraying his father.
Winter is going to become one of Remnant's Chosen analogues.
Atlas has Merlot working on genetically modifying the Kingdom's soldiers, and given how suspicious he is, there is a good chance he's on Salem's (or at least Advent's) side. Winter is going to be the first Huntsman/Huntress to go through a process that is boosting regular troops into top percentile soldiers, and even she's suspicious that she'll become compromised by the procedure.
  • Her title? Huntress.
Salem will crack the Mac Auley Protocol.
  • Mac Auley was pretty clever to encrypt highly important transmissions by making the bandwidth around 69 megahertz look like a cock and balls, and then encoding the transmission in morse code, which isn't even known in Remnant. Salem being doctor Vahlen's Alternate Self, she most likely knows Morse, and has had experience with Remnant's version of Mac Auley (and XCOM in general), thus she would be able to crack the Mac Auley Protocol.