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The norse god Loki is also a shapeshifter

Rebecca Young mentions that egyptian and greek "gods" were just shapeshifters who posed as gods. There are also several myths about Loki where he turns into a mare to give birth to Sleipnir or where he is the father of the wolf Fenrir and the serpent Jörmungandr which supports the theory that theres actually a shapeshifting impostor behind this god.

Rebecca Young made this whole "Some shapeshifters posed as gods" thing up...

...because she wanted to justify her A God Am I-attitude. Considering she doesn't give proof besides some "There are stories about them where they could turn into animals" to back up her claims this is really likely.

Eve and the talking serpent from The Bible are also Woodwalkers

According to the Woodwalkers series, woodwalkers can use telepathy to talk with each other as long as they are in their full animal form or have at least one part of their body turned into an animal. Considering that it's not really explained why Eve and the serpent are able to understand each other it's possible that both of them used some of their woodwalker-abilities to talk to each other.

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