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The Lasso Of Truth doesn't have magical properties.
It's just a relatively normal lasso. It's called that because she, well, uses it to get the truth.

In a later episode, the plane would have turned invisible.
It would be revealed to be a cloaking option that could be turned on or off.

Wonder Woman uses a Paragon/Renegade system, a la Mass Effect.
What we're seeing is the Renegade playthrough.

The "Lethal Force" Speech...
... Was an attempt to justify Wonder Woman murdering the guard because if deadly force begets deadly force, then if she's being shot at, she can kill the guy to defend herself. Unfortunately, this is probably another way the writers didn't know how the law works, because they failed to realize her being there without a warrant and beating the crap out of the others makes her the instigator, and so he's in the right for trying to defend himself, and she's a murderer for breaking and entering and killing someone while she's in a place she's trespassing on.

This Wonder Woman is either related to or trained by Crazy Steve
With so much of Wonder Woman's back story and demeanor scrapped away making her Wonder Woman In Name Only, she might as well have a different back story on how she learned those brutal tactics and who crazier to learn from than "The Goddamn Batman"?

This is an accurate portrayal of Wonder Woman...
... because this was meant to be the first show of the JUSTICE LORDS alternate universe!!!

Wonder Woman was going to kill Steve Trevor's wife
And be loved by all for it.

Wonder Woman has a fourth identity as a restaurant owner
She let it slip when she yelled, "I AM WONDER WOMAN" online.

This is the Flashpoint universe
Wonder Woman as a murderous despot? Sounds like we're in the early version of the Flashpoint universe.

This takes place in the Injustice universe before Superman snapped
Wonder Woman's characterization is perfectly in line with her portrayal in Injustice.

Dr.Phil is working with the bad guys.
He's one of the only people critical of Wonder Woman, accusing her of having "anger management issues". Considering all the other people that criticize her are either villains or working for the villains, this means that Dr. Phil is probably being paid by the bad guys to say these things.

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