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She was also a member of the Furry Fandom and asked her beloved to shift into his furry-form (not quite human but not fully wolf) when making love to him.

The wolf man's name is Yarne
Mostly by virtue of looks and both being shapeshifters.

I'm going to be a little boy all the way home
Actually, Yuki was a little jerkish so told Ame to repeat after her, "I'm going to be a little girl all the way home!"

Ame's Sensei was a Yokai as well
Probably a Kitsune.

Souhei is distantly descended from wolves
  • When Souhei meets Yuki, he says that she smells like a dog. But when he asks a classmate to confirm it, she can't smell anything. Souhei may not know it, but his sense of smell is supernaturally good. Why? Because his great-great grandfather was a wolf! At this point the bloodline is too diluted, so nobody in the family can actually transform. But they have a few minor wolfish characteristics, like a really good sense of smell.
    • This may also help explain why he accepts Yuki so easily when she reveals her wolf form. He grew up hearing the legend of his great-great grandfather, so he knows that wolf-people are not monsters.

The mountain is a foci for shapeshifters and those related
  • When Hana was looking for a place to raise her children safely, she saw a mountain on the back of the wolfman's photo and moved there. Presumably the wolfman's ancestors came from there and the wolf children are returning to their place of origin. Its also possible that Ame's sensei was also a shapeshifter who gave up his humanity to live in the wild. The above WMG about Souhei having shapeshifter blood could also fall into here. If Yuki does have kids, then maybe one or more of them could be driven to live in the mountain.

The movie is a metaphor for taking care of children with disorders
  • A theory put forth by my mother who speaks from her own experience, having had 3/3 children with various disorders: Yuki has ADHD (becomes a wild wolf when she's angry or excited) and Ame has Asperger's Syndrome (feels uncomfortable in social situations and becomes a lone wolf to get away). The complaints of the neighbours is the kind of things a parent with "problematic children" can be forced to face and the story itself is about how Yuki learns to reign in, control and channel her disorder into more positive things as well as about how Hana comes to accept that Ame is happier, not if he's made to socially integrate with everyone else, but rather if he's allowed to leave at his own discretion and live in accordiance with his own nature... I think my mother related quite strongly to Hana.

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