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Max will be the darkhorse winner of the wizards' contest, and will be the wizard of the Russo clan.
  • Max's airheaded bumbling is a brilliant display of Obfuscating Stupidity. His siblings Justin and Alex will train for the wizards' contest, both fully confident of their respective victories, at which time Max will proceed to pwn them, and condemn them to a life among the mortals.
    • Considering the resemblances to Jerry's family, this is very possible.
      • Heck, I think that Jerry's family is the writers' way of confirming this. Justin will obviously settle down with a family (like his father), Alex will learn to eventually not depend on magic too much by living a normal life (hopefully not too much like her aunt though), and Max is the only one whose Too Dumb to Live without magic, so (like his uncle), he will end up becoming a Shakira cross-dresser...
      • Then again, Kelbo only got his powers because Jerry gave them up. If Max does get the family powers it would probably be because the winner gave them to him because they're in love.
    • Max's stupidity has mysteriously gotten rid of many antagonists on the show... It wouldn't be hard to believe that it would also beat Alex and Justin in the competition.
  • A statement was made by the creator that Max was going to be more of a contender in season 4. This COULD tip the whole thing over.

    • Considering the events of the season premiere, this is looking more and more likely.
  • The problem with the theory, is that if this is true, Max would be pure evil.
  • During Mason's bizarre outburst in which he confessed his "undying love" for Juliet, Max was holding the Mummy's eyes, which had already been established as having mind-controlling properties. Think about it; the statement came out of nowhere, Mason seemed just as baffled as everyone else and the necklace later proved that his love for Alex was genuine. If Max is evil, it wouldn't be so farfetched to conclude that he was responsible for his siblings' breakups. He may have wanted to stop Alex and Justin from dating supernatural beings as it is in his best interests if they stick to dating mortals - in fact,later, when Alex left the competition, the only reason she returned was so that she could be with Mason - showing that Mason and Juliet were both unacceptable risks for more reasons than one. Remember, that's IF Max is evil - which he most likely isn't. Hey, it's not called Educated Guessing.
  • Selena has stated that she thinks a lot of people will be surprised at who it is, so...
    • The writers were quite devious in setting things up so by mid-season 4, there was no clear front-runner. So Selena's statement meant basically nothing.

Alex will be the wizard of the family.
  • Based solely on the fact that otherwise, it'd be sexist. And cuz she's cute.
    • Or, rather, because she's the character Disney's trying to hype the most.
    • Or when you think about Alex is the only one who actually needs the magic to function.
    • Or because Future Harper may have implied it.
    • Now she has an actual reason to win. She wins the competition, she gets to stay with Mason. Its more than just beating her brothers, Now its for love.
    • And she wins it in The Movie, so what's to stop her from winning it again?
      • A seriously determined, angry Justin.
      • Who's had more time to prepare. And luck'll probably be on his side this time.
      • Confirmed. The Grand Finale reveals that Alex becomes the family wizard. She was about to win when she came back to free Justin who was caught by a root. It seemed that Justin would've won, but before he accepts, he reveals to Professor Crumbs what happened.

Using magic causes brain damage.
Watch one episode and try to deny it.
  • You may have a point. Alex is a narcissist, Justin has, maybe, a mild case of OCD and serious control issues and Max is well, Too Dumb to Live.
    • Furthermore, Justin's brain damage is less severe because he only uses magic when absolutely neccesary, while Alex's mind is degenerating worse because she treats magic almost like a deity. Although how Max got to The Ditz status at such a young age is beyond me.

All three kids will become wizards, and this will lead to a changing of the whole system where everyone gets to keep their powers as adults.
  • Seeing how this is a lighthearted Disney Channel series, and Disney Channel is all about the happy endings, I'm sure the finale will feature An Aesop about how the whole sibling rivalry system is unfair and all three kids will get to keep their powers. Conversely, maybe they'll do something such as saving the whole world and will get to keep their powers as a reward for that.
    • That's actually how this troper thought the show would end up. The second movie might say otherwise, however.
      • The second movie is supposed to be about life after the competition. I can't see that being exciting unless they all have magic, and seeing as the competition is going to be at the end of season 4... Yeah, I agree with both of the above tropers.
      • Well what about what happened with Stevie? If they all get powers than the whole Stevie thing would have been for nothing. Still don't see how it's evil, but with all thats happened I doubt it'll end that way.
      • Jossed. Only Alex and Justin become wizards. Alex won the competition, and Justin was made the new Headmaster of Wiztech, after Professor Crumbs announced his retirement.

Nobody becomes a wizard.
If you were Jerry, would you really let any of your kids get powers?
  • Well, if I had a giant robot to handle them if they got out of hand, yes.
    • Jossed. In the Grand Finale, it turns out that Alex becomes the family wizard, having won the competition. Meanwhile Justin is still allowed to be a wizard, as Professor Crumbs announces his retirement and makes Justin the new Headmaster of Wiztech.

A kid doesn't have to win the Wizarding Test, they just have to pass.
The "only one wizard per family per generation" rule is just a lie that full wizards keep up to avoid talented but lazy wizards-in-training from becoming the magical-power equivalent of an Upper-Class Twit. The reason this wasn't revealed in The Movie is that the Reset Button got hit before the results could be "sealed", and Jerry couldn't be sure that he was supposed to let that be known until it became permanent or his amnesia was undone. It only works with families that have multiple children, of course. Families with single children generally either have one-on-one (or two-on-one) training. If the number of wizards decreased by one for each generation for each family, not counting wizards without kids, the number of wizards in the world would soon drop to one.
  • Considering that even those who do not win the competition can still have magical children, the chance that magical people will become scarce is quite low. Hypothetically a wizard could have three children, only one of whom remains a wizard, but those children each have children of their own yielding exactly three more wizards. If not for wizards choosing not to have children or magical accidents killing off lots of wizards, the number of magical people could really be increasing rapidly.
    • "Considering that even those who do not win the competition can still have magical children"
We don't actually know that: TJ's parents are both wizards and the Russo kids' father won the contest.That is, every known wizard-child has a parent who won the contest.
  • But people who lose the competition lose their powers. Eg, Megan has no magic.
  • If they just need to pass, why is it a competition?
    • So they'll work harder to try and win, of course!

The number of wizards in the world will soon drop to one.
This is intentional, since wizards are overpowered, practically useless for policing the realm beyond a small group of extremely powerful and thus nigh-immortal wizards, and wizards damage reality by using their powers anyway. ("Soon", for this and the previous guess, is a period of several hundred years, give or take a few centuries depending on how many proper wizards there are).
  • Possible that it's a recently-instituted population control measure, similar to what the Chinese have been doing for the last half-century.
    • That actually makes sense, considering it's been established in a couple of episodes that the energy necessary to work magic comes from an external power source. Letting wizards multiply like rabbits would put a considerable strain on resources.

Grandma Magdalena has a long-lost twin sister
Namely, Benny Lopez from The George Lopez Show. They're both portrayed by Belita Moreno, and they both have a grandson named Max. This, of course, means that George and Theresa are cousins, and the Russo kids are distant cousins of the Lopez kids. No wizardry in George's family, though, since it's the mortal side of the family.
  • The only problem with this is that Maria Canals Barrera, who plays Magdalena's daughter Theresa in this show, played George's dead sister-in-law on The George Lopez Show.

Mason is related to the infamous criminal Fenrir Greyback.
Same names, they're both British, and, well, the werewolf thing.
  • Actually he was just named after Fenrir Greyback.
  • They could still be related. People can be named after others in their own family.

Justin and Alex are Not Blood Siblings.
There's so much set up (they have their own page) that some fans have difficulty thinking that they're NOT going to go this route.
  • In any other show, this would have been a valid possibility, in a Disney Channel show, this is something abominable from many people's point of view.
    • Also, Alex didn't get sucked up by the tornado-thing like Justin and Max did in the movie. Max was first, because he was youngest, next should have been Alex, but it was Justin. Adopted? Maayybbee!
    • I thought that the erasing went from oldest to youngest
      • That would have made the lineup as Justin, then Alex and then Max. either way, Alex should have gone second.
  • Alex and Justin love each other more than usual brothers and sisters do, they will probably discover at one point that they are not related, move together to some faraway country and have a big, happy wizard family.
  • This would solve the competition, at least between Justin and Alex.

One of the characters is a Time Lord, and some object is a TARDIS.
I'm thinking Max's conscience. Why else would he be played by that kid from Hannah Montana?
  • That door in the lair is the entrance to the TARDIS
  • The trash chute in Alex and Harper's new apartment looks like part of the outside of the TARDIS.

Wizards are the next step in human evolution
  • Since in this 'verse, wizardry is genetic and not a discipline anyone can cultivate, it follows logically that wizards are simply humans who have evolved to the point of being able to interact with the magical world. The Wizards Council may be in denial about this, or may feel that humanity isn't ready to take this leap. In either case, it's likely the reason for all the secrecy and all the asinine intermarriage and population control restrictions.

Mummies have an intelligence suppression field as a passive defense
  • This explains the many levels of stupid in Night at the Lazerama.
  • Max is immune because he is already Too Dumb to Live, which is a part of the reason he was able to defeat the mummy.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't explain all the stupidity at the end of Wizards vs. Werewolves (aka Big Brother Instinct vs Abusive Stalker Ex-BF).
    • Lingering after effects?
      • The Mummy's field was turned into a locational effect where it was destroyed?
      • Or maybe it was the Mummy's eyes? They were still in the area after the Mummy's destruction.

When Juliet walked off screen for the last time, she did it so Justin wouldn't see her crumble to dust.
  • Well, she was really old after all, so it wouldn't be a surprise if she crumbled to dust...
    • She was also clearly stumbling and using the wall for balance. It was obviously not just her appearance that was aging.
      • Nope, she appears in a later episode.

Whatever "swallowed" the other monster hunters, leaving only student monster hunter Justin to face the mummy, will become an issue.
  • Max's conscience? No, really, there was something that swallowed the other monster hunters? This would be too nightmarish for WOWP.
    • Wasn't the mummy supposedly the one that defeated the last of the other monster hunters? It didn't mention well, but I thought that was the intent, though I'd hope it was some big scaly thing that usually lives in the water.
    • Ohhh... Cthulhu.

Alex deliberately disposed of Willy

The monotone woman is some sort of magical being.
  • The fact that she at one point is seen working in the wizard world at volcano land supports this theory.
    • Or a supernatural being who disguises itself and protects Alex from exterior magical forces, hence she's usually seen where Alex causes some mischief with magic.

Justin will marry Harper in the end.
  • Ever heard of First Girl Wins?
    • Pretty sure this is going to be Jossed, with the producers of the show having talked about (very recently, within the last week or so as of the 17th of April 2010) them pairing Zeke and Harper soon, and having apparently planned it since Season 2. I still think Max/Harper would be better.
      • This troper agrees, Max/Harper is pretty awesome, especially since Max hit his growth spurth.
      • Same here. I mean, in the "Up Next" clips for the show, Whose two characters show up first before the "Coming Up Next" text?
      • No! Max must not be allowed to breed!
      • Jossed entirely. Harper and Zeke are in a relationship, and Justin was reunited with Juliet.

Dean Moriarty only does temporary tattoos for his regular customers

The Fountain of Youth will appear on the show at some point.
  • And Justin will want to use it's power to restore Juliet's youth.
  • And Juliet will end up not letting him. (especially since she is part dead)
    • Jossed. No such thing appeared, although Juliet does return... somehow.

The wizard world will be discovered by the normal world. Then, the normal humans will hunt and kill the wizards.
  • Just like In Fire, In Ice.
  • And just like in In Fire, In Ice, Alex and Justin will run away together and form a family due to the limits imposed by their tragic condition. (look above at the Justin and Alex are Not Blood Siblings).

WOWP is an Alternate Universe of Harry Potter where Voldemort wins.
  • Some of the ways the wizarding world works seem a little shady. This is especially apparent in that episode with Tutor. Let's see...leprechauns are kept in cages to gawk at, elves get named based on what job they're going to have, and tutors aren't ever allowed to revisit the family they worked with again. In the episode where Kelbo is Shakira, it's revealed that a large breach of magic results in the council breaking your hands so you can't use a wand. And this is played for LAUGHS. And finally, we have the one wizard per family quota. Given all the evidence, Waverly Place actually seems like a Crapsack World for wizards, and the only explanation I can think of is that Voldemort is controlling it. Also explains how Alex can use her powers for evil (dark wizardry?) and usually ends up coming off as the hero. In fact, she displays a LOT of rotten-to-the-core qualities that Tom Riddle had...she just needs to have one of those incidents where "I lured the bully into the cave. He never bothered me again." Perhaps Voldemort is not only CONTROLLING the Waverly Place universe, but he is also purposely guiding Alex to become the wizard of her family so she can be the next Death Eater?
    • What did happen to Gi Gi?
      • ^^ Finally we know the truth now! This NEEDS to become canon!
    • The leprechaun we see was in a cage because he was violent and would attack customers. And the one wizard rule doesn't make sense in the Harry Potter world since they put people in Azkaban. If they could remove your magic powers so easily, Voldemort wouldn't have been such a big issue.
      • That was only part of the reason, they also said that it was because they needed something that looked real.
    • That would explain why wizards can't marry non-wizards.
    • It isn't just elves that are given the names, and they say their parents do it and it's what they want them to be, not what they no doubt will be.

The H.J. Darling we see in Future Harper isn't really Harper
Harper did plan to write the Charmed and Dangerous books, and to go back in time and publish them as H.J. Darling. But she unfortunately got killed by another time traveller, and that time traveller is pulling a You Will Be Beethoven. Seriously, anything actually written by Harper would most likely be garbage or worse.
  • Well, she would have had writing experience, even if it did end up drowned.
  • Also, Harper has received a lot of character development since then, no longer dressing as crazy and most likely having a different dream AND not being obsessed with Justin. So maybe this person watched teenage Harper, knowing that Alex would only forgive Harper, and then sold them.

Alex is indeed adopted
Her biological parents are Steven Hyde and Jackie Burkhart. She gets her looks from her mother, and her personality from her father.
  • That explains everything except for the wizard thing.
    • Hyde's mother was a renegade wizard and never told him. Hyde started smoking cannabis around the time a wizard's powers come in, which suppressed his magical abilities. Since he'll probably keep smoking the grass for the rest of his life, he'll probably never find out.
    • Alternately, Alex is a muggleborn.

The Wizard Revolution will still happen
Sure they took out the ringleader. But there are still 4997 wizards out there who were all in on the plan. It's not as if they even need to make a new one: they can just find another three wizards and go through with the original plot.

Human wizards were created by the Ancients
Or, more precisely, a specific Ancient, viz: Merlin. One of Merlin's early efforts to combat the Ori was to create his own version of the Priors. These were the first human wizards. Upon discovering their ability to access the Wizard World, however, they lost interest in fighting the Ori, and Merlin instead set about building his superweapon.

The original intended ending was for Justin to be appointed Wizard when he saves his family and Juliet from the Mummy.
This is based on a few things. First off, they can't do the official test again in the show, or it'll just be a retread of The Movie with worse effects. Furthermore, for the ending to be satisfying everyone has to walk away happy, and at this point splitting up the power would seem contrived. So, the only universal happy ending would involve two of the three falling in love with mortals, so they couldn't have had the power anyway. That leaves Justin, who is already in love with a non-mortal (Juliet), and why not have him earn it saving her (and, for it to be plausible, he'd also have to save his family). However, the actress who played Juliet's career took off, and she had to be written out.

The Movie takes place in an Alternate Universe
The only logical explanation for a lot of discrepancies with the series:
  • Theresa has never had any sort of problem with magic in the series, except when it's dangerous or affecting them in a negative way. Most of the time she's either supportive or doesn't care, and only very' rarely she complains. In the movie, she is very much against all kinds of magic.
    • Actually, she has said that she doesn't really like magic and repeated that she promised Jerry that she wouldn't badmouth it.
      • She has also expressed some fascination with magic, or approves it(Like in Alex's Quinceañera), and in others has expressed a desire of doing magic herself(Max's New Grilfriend, Alex catches her enjoying the fake flying carpet and calls her out on this. She doesn't deny it and keeps playing with it)
  • Alex, while embarrassed of her family, shows that she truly cares for them, and doesn't mind hanging around them. In the movie, she basically hates all of them, or at least, spending any amount of time with them.
    • She doesn't hate them in the movie. She does hate spending time with them, true. But I'm pretty sure that she'd feel the same in the show.
      • In the beginning, she acts like she hates them. She only softens and realizes how much she screwed up when they don't remember her... and has the possibility of disappear. In the series, she at least likes to tease/torture Justin, and, unless having something else(a date, party or whatever) she doesn't mind spending time with her parents. Here she doesn't want to be anywhere nearby them.
      • Also, Alex claims she "still" can't believe her dad gave up his powers for Theresa while in the show Justin and Max were the ones that couldn't believe it and she said it was the sweetest thing she ever heard. If she "still" can't believe it, she's essentially saying that she didn't believe it when she first heard it!
  • Justin expresses that Alex has a more natural talent for magic, and that he always has to work hard to get results, but in several episodes, the opposite is shown/said (Alex just gets by, while Justin is said to be a great wizard).
    • On the other hand, Alex has been shown to use magic much more creatively than Justin and seems to be a natural for improvising spells. That may have been the meaning behind his statement, and it has always been how I interpreted it.
  • Max is way more reliable and creative than he is in the series.
  • The family wand and the book of forbidden spells aren't mentioned in the series (might be wrong on this one).
  • And finally, the Wizard contest is very different at how is portrayed in the series, or at least the results. The loser(s) have to use a machine to pass their powers to the sibling who won(Who gets a hat saying "Full Wizard"), but in the movie it happens the moment the competition is over.
    • There's also the fact that none of the kids (who remember what happened) ever mention any of the events of the movie. Can you really see Alex beating Justin and never gloating about it? Also all of them still act as if it's almost a foregone conclusion that Justin will be the Wizard of the family which if Alex beat him once would hardly be the case.
      • They mention some events in Wizards vs. Werewolves. Alex tells Mason that she had been in shock before, when she accidentally made her parents not know who she was. The Movie is not an alternate universe.
      • It could have been referring to a Noodle Incident, or the writers messed up and she was referring to when she made everyone forget who Justin was
    • I assumed the Wizard competition we saw in the movie is an older version of the test, and the actual test is more modern. Jerry simply put Alex and Justin through the older version due to his memories having been altered by Alex's spell.
      • That could be a valid explanation, but if they can make an "older" version where the powers go to one sibling instantly, why they would need a machine, which, BTW, is easily to manipulate into malfunctioning.
  • Another point: The wishing stone has not been mentioned at all. While not many of their problems would justify risking their lives(again) for it, a few would, that would be completely in character for them to do so: Saving Juliet and Mason, or preventing the whole scenario that got Justin and Alex demoted.

Stevie will return as a ghost in season 4 and possess Alex's body in another attempt to make the Wizard Revolution happen.
Doesn't that sound like it could be an awesome plot for a two-part episode?
  • Jossed. The next episode is the finale with the wizard competition.

The wizard competition is a test of family loyalty. No one will lose their powers in the end
  • Or the one who displays the lowest level of loyalty will lose their powers.
    • This sub-theory works better than the one above it, because if one child loses their powers due to lack of loyalty, their aunt would clearly fill that niche. Then Jerry loses his powers in the canon way, and he and Kelbo decide to tell Jerry's kids the story about transferring his powers so he could get married.
      • Confirmed, somewhat. In theGrand Finale, the griffin attack (from the second round of the competition) and the weeks they went without magic was later revealed to test their family bond. In the end, Alex becomes the family wizard, Justin becomes the new Headmaster of Wiz-Tech—after Professor Crumbs retires and Max, loosing his wizard powers, inherits the sub shop.

Near the end of season 4, the Russo kids will accidentally free a Sealed Evil in a Can.
And we'll learn that said Sealed Evil in a Can is somehow responsible for creating the "One wizard per family" rule, and the series finale will have Alex, Justin and Max have to fight the Sealed Evil in a Can before it destroys and/or takes over the world.
  • Jossed. The next episode is the finale and wizard competition.

The Crumbs seen in the season 4 premiere isn't the real Crumbs
There's been a coup in the Wizard World, and the whole government conspiracy thing was a failed attempt to neutralize the Russos, who are Crumbs' most powerful allies. By the time the Russos escaped, the enemy had firmly established his power base, and decided the Russos could be made a manageable threat by sending Alex and Justin back to level one and leaving Max at his current level. At present, they are the Wizard World's best hope.

Harper will win the contest and be the wizard.
Using some insane rule that the audience isn't told about until it happens.
  • As of "Wizards of Apartment 13B" (note the plural) she has her own wand,and is the only other person besides Alex residing in Apartment 13B.
    • Jossed. The competition is only between the Russo siblings.

Crumbs is Evil.
Alternative to the above, he could be this, or just takes Wizard training and tests way to seriously.

The Movie is the G-Rated version of Majora's Mask.
Both star a courageous young man and a sarcastic female companion (Who seems to know more than the brave young man) as they travel across a foreign land in a race against time to save their lives. Archie is the Skull Kid, as he is influenced and misguided by a feminine, non-human evil (Giselle/Majora, who is theorized by some to be female). Both stories feature more emotional depth than some of their contemporaries, and both start where the issue began (Link in the forest/Alex making the wish).
  • Wait, why wouldn't Majora's Mask be able to be made into a G-rated movie, as long as the fighting was reduced to the levels seen in the short TV series?
  • Interestingly, it sounds plausable. Justin would fit as Link, the noble hero, Alex would fit in as Tatl, Link's snarky fairy companion. Archie and Giselle as Skull Kid/Majora (Respectivly) fit quite perfectly, because Giselle was simply using Archie, like the Mask used Skull Kid. Giselle also is much more powerful than Archie, magic wise, and could probably send him into submission with her magic, like Majora, who could kick ass on its own. But...where would the Wo WP cast fit the rest of the cast of MM?
    • Jerry and Theresa as Kafei and Anju, respectively? No idea on who Max's equivalent would be.

The "one wizard per family" rule is actually good.
Look at the damage just one of them does. If all three got to use magic, we'd be screwed. This way, the competition chooses the least retarded child as the wizard. Why don't they just make it a pass-fail? Because all the wizards are so inept, no one would pass.
  • I myself always thought than the serie was all about with great power came great responsability.

There's at least one evil wizard in every wizard family.
And this is one of the reasons why only one child is allowed to keep their powers. Due to Alex's attitude, the Russos (including Alex herself) may be under the impression that she is the one who might turn evil some day, a comment made by Max in one episode supports this. However, the newer episodes may suggest that they are incorrect, and that it is really Max who may turn out to become the evil one...
  • Not Really, Max is more Evil that alex, Alex only is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, while Max is really evil. (See "Monster Hunter")
    • And if you bring up the point from the first WMG on the page—in which Max is secretly smart and pretending to be stupid, then he truly might be evil.
    • Max isn't so much evil as too stupid to see the consequences of his actions.
    • He only acted evil in "Monster Hunter" after his conscience was removed. Obviously someone who has had the ability to tell right from wrong removed from their mind is going to do evil things.
  • If that's true, the Russos might think that Alex would be most likely to end up evil because Jerry and Kelbo's sister would have been the evil one in their generation. Unless of course...
  • The sister of Jerry isn't evil, she just is selfish.

Jerry is evil.
It's the real reason why he didn't get to keep the family magic.

Mr. Laritate is a former wizard.
He was hoping to travel back in time when he became a full wizard so he could live out his dream of living in the Wild West, but he didn't win the contest. He's aware of the fact that Alex is a wizard, and is secretly trying to keep her away from the dark side.

Rosie will be an Unwitting Pawn.
Rosie is an angel of darkness, and seems to be part of a plan to have Justin turned into one as well. It's possible that this part of someone else's evil plot, and when Rosie discovers exactly what it is, she may refuse to have anymore to do with it due to Even Evil Has Standards or she might even make a Heel–Face Turn.
  • A new clip from "Wizards VS Angels" seems to confirm this theory.
  • If you watch the third part, Rosie turns to the good side again.

Alex has a foot fetish.
One episode has Alex talking about how she usually doesn't get along with Justin's girlfriends and how some of them were monsters, Juliet reminds her that she is a vampire. Alex's response to this is: "Yeah, but you have normal feet." Later in the episode she also says to Justin: "You finally get a girlfriend with normal feet, and you report her to the monster hunters?"
  • She didn't say "a girlfriend with normal feet", she said "a girlfriend I like".
    • Actually, she did say "a girlfriend with normal feet". But why doesn't she mention normal feet in any other episode?
  • It Makes Sense in Context when you realize, that Justin's ex girlfriend is a centaurus.

None of the Vampires on the show are real Vampires.
they are probably a similar creature. The thing is, when Juliet showed her real age, she didn't die right after that. Thus proving, they are not Vampires.
  • She got scratched by a Werewolf. Perhaps the werewolf part of her caused her to show her age, but here vampire aspect caused her to stay immortal. My guess: Werepyre.
    • If werewolves age like humans, then Mason should be dead or at least heavily decrepit since his relationship with Juliet was before the United States were founded.

Justin actually has a low IQ but is a quick learner.
Despite constantly lauding his superior knowledge over Alex, Justin frequently shows less actual intelligence than her (in early episodes he wasn't far ahead of Max). I just can't figure out if he acts like out of self consciousness or genuine interest in learning.
  • This can be due to poor writing. They just dumb down Justin to make Alex (aka Selena Gomez- the chosen star) look more intelligent.

Stevie and Warren are related to Penny from Wizards vs. Angels (Part 1)
Warren's last name is, as stated by Justin, to be Nichols. It's safe to say that it's Stevie's last name as well. When the woman enters the Lair demanding that the deliquents perform a wand drill, she introduces herself as Penny Nichols. They could possibly be related somehow.

WOWP was JK Rowling's original magical story idea, it was turned down so she wrote a new series: Harry Potter. She sold the manuscript at a charity auction unknowingly to a Disney employee. The manuscript got passed up the Mouse Hierarchy and WOWP became a tv show!

If there's Wizards vs. Angels, how about Wizards vs. Gods?
That'll be a Moment of Awesome to see them take on the gods of mythology: Greek, Norse, and Egyptian. It'll be neat to have Alex take out Loki.
  • Are you kidding? He'd probably want to adopt her!
    • Screw adopting her, he'd want her as his wife!
      • Or if he gets defeated by a mortal and loses his god powers as a result, Odin makes her the new Goddess of Trickery to keep balance of the universe.
      • I could easily see Alex being offered to become the goddess of trickery, but either taking it, or declining. Either her, or Max would defeat Loki. Loki would go into submission from dealing with the sheer randomness of Max. He wouldn't be able to handle somebody even crazier than him.
      • As the person who made this WMG, I can imagine Max being too much even for Loki. Odin that gives the cast a hilarious version of Cruel Mercy stating that the Russos living with Max is a Fate Worse than Death.
      • How about Eris, the Greek Goddess of Discord and/or Set the Egyptian God of Darkness? Or have them team up with Loki as a Terrible Trio.
  • Jossed. The next episode is the finale and wizard competition.

The aliens seen in "Wizard For a Day" are the Andorians
Okay, so they're not blue, and they talk funny, but they do have an affinity for cold drinks (befitting a race from an ice world), and have antennae and similar-looking uniforms.

Max is the son of Luna Lovegood...
who got placed in some kind of across-the-pond Wizard adoption service.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

American wizards have a lot more freedom to do magic in public than British wizards...
because The Mist covers them, too.

An invasion of the Wizard World is imminent
  • The government spooks seen in the season 3 finale were real. They've interrogated a number of wizards and discovered how to gain entry into the Wizard World. Since plastic is the enemy of all magic, troops equipped with full Kevlar body armor and armed with plastic-tipped bullets will be unstoppable.
    • Jossed. There was no such plotline.

If there's Wizards vs. Angels, how about Wizards vs. army of Monsters?
Which would give two possibilities.1-Conservation of ninjutsu2-Army vs Army
  • Jossed. The next episode is the finale and wizard competition.

The entire theme song is about Alex being True Neutral.
She may not consciously realize it, but she is often drawn toward disrupting any imbalance of good, evil, law, or chaos.

Harper has developed a resistance/immunity to magic from so much exposure.
As demonstrated when she shrugs off Stevie's amnesia spell,probably as a result ofAlex casting spells on her as a child.

Crumbs knows just fine who Harper is and how she knows about magic.
But, related to the above theory about her magic immunity, he can see she'd just shrug offan amnesia spell,so he makes an excuse and doesn't bother casting one.

We'll never know who won the wizard competition
  • It's been clearly demonstrated by this point that all three Russo kids are equally worthy of the family wizard title, and the winning the competition would not equate with being a superior wizard. Since declaring a winner would be a bit of a let-down, anyway, they'll probably just leave that details to the fans' collective imagination, much like they did with many details of the Suite Life canon.
    • Jossed. The winner is Alex Russo, while Justin is granted the title of Headmaster of Wiztech after Professor Crumbs announces his retirement, so both Alex and Justin remain wizards.

Stevie's return will result in her having a Heel–Face Turn.
  • They seem to be bringing Stevie Back from the Dead to appease the fans who weren't happy about her death. If you read the fanfics about Stevie coming back, they usually feature her making peace with Alex. As long as the writers are giving the fans what they want, might as well go all the way.
    • Jossed. That plotline was cancelled.

Harper is adopted and is really a wizard.
Harper never seems to suffer a whole lot of ill effects from magic and nothing particularly earth shattering happened when Alex told her the family secret. And then, going along with the "Haper will win the wizard competition" thing from further up, it's "Wizards of Apartment 13B" and she's the only other tenant. It's entirely possible that Harper's real parents aren't the Finkles, who don't really seemed too bothered about their daughter not moving with them to Pittsburgh; Harper even says "It's about time I got some appreciation Mom!" in "Alex Does Good". The Finkles don't care about their daughter because she isn't really their daughter. Her real, wizard parents could have placed her with the Finkles, secure in the fact that their strangeness would cover up any accidental magic she performed, and put some kind of memory spell on them in order to protect Harper. Unfortunately, they didn't account for the fact that the Finkles would never truly bond with her and didn't think to put a spell on them to make them love or at least care for Harper. As a result of never being properly trained, though, Harper's powers never manifested in a such a blatant way that would make the Russos, who have generally come to ignore mildly bizarre things, would notice, so it'll only become an issue when Harper goes to marry Zeke (or some other, normal human) or even Justin (who would have already given up his powers to be with her, and therefore couldn't because Harper still has powers).

Alex Russo is The Dragon, a Mook Lieutenant or a Member of a Quirky Mini Boss Squad
With a few possibilities.

The monotone woman was Gorog
  • In order to spy on the Russo kids, he took on the guise of the most boring person imaginable, so no one would suspect him. He changed it up only slightly by posing as the building manager.

Selena Gomez is voraphilliac and have a incest fetish
WOWP have three vore scenes (one in Report Card, one in the movie and one in Journey In The Center Of Mason), jokes about canibalism are current (especially with vampires and werewolves) and Alex have commented in Journey In The Center Of Mason than go inside Mason would be the greatest adventure ever. That lead to believe than someone in the crew is into vore, and knowing than Selena Gomez is a big eater in both reality and fiction (what could be symptomatic of a aural fixation),this someone could be her. What for incest, Selena have a tendency to said about a lot of his friends than their like her siblings. All of said friends are been object of a actor shipping with her one time or another and one of them is present boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena have suuuuuuuuure been marked by WOWP.

Ronald Longcape became Holden from The Suite Life on Deck
For trying to take over the Wizard World, Ronald was sentenced to have his memory erased and to live as a mortal.

Harper's and Miranda's name are reference to Shakespear.
Harper is also the name of the cat of one of the weird sisters and Miranda, the daughter of prospero. Two character of a show about wizards who have name who are related to Shakespearean magic wielder, Coincidence ? Also, metaphorically speaking, Harper is pretty much Alex's pet.
Wowp is a prequel to the Wizard Of Oz
Oz is actually the futur prophetised by futur Harper. When the mortal will find out about wizardry, a cataclysmic war will ensue, reverting back the world to a victorian/steampunk level of technology and transforming the humans into munchkin. Stevie ( the wicked witch of the west) will rise from the death, raise a army of vampire locked half-way into their bat-form (the flying monkeys) and convince Alex ( the wicked witch of the east) to join her side. In reaction, newly appointed headmaster Justin (the wizard) will give up his power to Harper (the good witch of the south) and Juliet (the good witch of the north), and compensate with his inventions. Deeply traumatised, Mason (the cowardly lion, or should i say, beastmen) will become frightfull and paranoid. During this time, Frankengirl (the scarecrow) and Justin's robot (the tinman) laid entraved (through rust for the robot) by the monster hunters since the end of three monsters, waiting to be freed.
Alex=All Hex, got it ?
Also,the X in Max is perhaps another pun of this kind.
The name Russo is a reference to the philosoph Rousseau.
After all, the serie is about trusting in the potential of others, no matter how troubled they are.
Stevie is a lesbian
There will be a spinoff following mortal characters.
It's clear that vampires, werewolves, demons and angels exist in the Disney Channel Live-Action Universe. And with the disasters that occured on this show, odds are someone witnissed them (unless the universe is one big Weirdness Censor). Perhaps they will explore the Wizards mythos and perhaps explian why the Wizard competition is nesecarry.
Kelbo created Shakira because he was jealous of the attention Theresa got and is also gay
  • Not realizing that it was because she was the only girl, Kelbo decided that being a Hispanic woman was the best way to get men.
The Wizard Competition System Is A Metaphor For A Ideal Democracy
As mentioned above, the competition obviously seem to be a plot device to convey a Great Power Came With Great Responsibility aesop. The end is noble but why such a family dividing mean ? The answer would be than the competition is actually a metaphor for a election where only the responsibles and wises will win, as a true democracy is supposed to do in paper.
The Wizard Tournament was designed to maintain the power and privileges of the Wizard ruling class
  • The fact that the tournament exists is proof that the ruling class are made up of horrible tyrants. In addition to their rule about not revealing magic to humans, it's clear they have a huge control over the lives of Wizards. In order to maintain this power and prevent wizards from rebelling against their authority they made the tournament to divide up families, preventing them from banding together against the tyrants, as well as reducing the number of people who could rebel against them.