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The Movie

Deacon represents 1980's vampires.
There is no doubt that each of the main characters are meant to represent different interpretations of vampires. Viago is meant to represent the Romantic Vampires associated with The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Vladislav is meant to be based off of Gary Oldman's Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Petyr represents the earliest stages of interpretation found in Count Orlock from Nosferatu and Nick is meant to be a Take That! at the expense of Twilight. However, people have a hard time figuring out what Deacon is meant to be.

Lots of people like to see him as a representation as Bela Lugosi's Dracula, but the only real connection to this is that of Jackie playing the role as his "Reinfield." It is much more in-line with who he is as a parody character in that he represents vampires that could be found in films during the '80's and early 90's. He is portrayed as something of a wannabe bad-boy, being the "kid" of the group before Nick is sired, something you could see as a reflection to vampires that embrace the punk-aesthetic like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Titty Twister vampires from From Dusk Till Dawn. He is even the one to make the "spaghetti/worms" reference from The Lost Boys, arguably the most likely film to represent the 80's vampire (next to Fright Night, anyway), the fact that his desire to act cool fails so spectacularly being the joke.


The Series

Jenna and/or Nadja will be the one(s) to turn Guillermo
In spite of Nandor's would-be Heroic Sacrifice to save Guillermo in Episode 7, the familiar has been showing a lot of resentment toward his master—and rather rightfully so, given that it was because of Nandor's orders that Guillermo accidentally killed the Baron, something that has left him with a lot of obvious trauma. Meanwhile, Nadja has shown genuine care and even respect for Guillermo in Episodes 3 and 5—and she now has a new vampire, Jenna, to train. The official listing for Episode 8 says Nadja will train Jenna on "[taking] her first victim". What could happen is that Jenna will feed on Guillermo, then either she or Nadja (probably the latter, given that Jenna might not have a vial of her own blood ready yet) will make Guillermo drink vampire blood. Jenna learns how to hunt, Guillermo finally gets the one thing he always wanted, and everybody's happy. Further support for the idea: the B-plot of the episode is going to be Nandor-centric, meaning Guillermo will already be intrinsically tied to the plot.

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