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Luna has been trying to resurrect Ur-Farah
...and the Idigam are tools designed to help.It makes sense for Luna's, let's call it her idiom:
  • The Moon is coneptually connected not only to change, but also renewal.
  • Luna was presumably in love (or what passes for "love" among spirits) with Father Wolf, and being a spirit of renewal, it would fit in with her idiom to try and "renew" him.
  • Resurrecting such a powerful spirit, however, would be no easy task, and may well be impossible.
  • As a result, Luna may simply not have the power to manipulate a spirit's Corpus on that level. And what do we know as being basically the best at manipulating spirits? Idigam.
The reason they ran amok on Earth after the Apollo landing is because Luna never expected humanity to be able to reach the Moon, and so never tooksteps to keep the Idigam there. The Idigam were never "imprisoned", they simply had no way to leave, because they had no reason for Luna to want them to leave. Packet Theta, from the testaments of Marco Singe, is what remains of the Ur-Farah, which has slowly decayed and rotted from a spirit of hunting to some, uknown
thing representative of pure death, because death is all that's left of him.

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