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Miss Tebbitt is the real Titania
She seems to have a magic of her own, and enchanted Timothy in order to give herself some more recognition. Think about it, what happens at the end of the movie? Everyone in town goes to watch the Performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. And because of this, Titania has gained more strength. And because Titania cares about her followers, she ensures that Timothy gets a happily ever after.
  • I think she was certainly meant to be one of the fae, but not a specific fairy from the play. Really, the only thing she has in common with Titania as far as their stories go is that they're both female. She has more in common with Oberon. However, I heard another theory saying that she has to be Titania because Titania's the only fairy not mentioned by name in the story. That just wasn't my impression from the work. DEFINITELY not 100% human though.
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  • Note that the lines she recites at the beginning for everyone to repeat are actually Titania's. Coincidence? I think not.

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