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Iridium by Zella-11 is an original Fantasy/Adventure/Romance Web Fiction Piece taking place in a fictional regime reflective of continental Europe.

Lies, betrayal, and toxic family values that make the Addams Family seem normal is the kind of environment that raised and gave life to the fearsome Winter Prince of the North otherwise known as Micah Lyon. We cannot choose what family we are born into and this is seen through the two main characters one of which is the innocent untroublesome Mollie Mayeson. After living a somewhat dreary life in the fictional town of Chartery, Mollie is thrown into the world of the Lyon Empire after being delivered as a shipment piece to the Lyons via their very own sex trafficking ring. However, her goal to go in and out unsuspected goes awry when she catches the eye of the youngest prince. Her days spent at the manor see her learn and adapt in a way she had never had to before and get a good grasp on the toxic relationships that are housed within the manor itself mainly between Micah's two older brothers: Rowan and James Lyon. With a goal in mind and her freedom in the balance will Mollie be able to put her fear and her emotions aside to get what she truly desires? Her ultimate freedom.


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