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Some of the cast who fell into Inferno will become demigods.
The rest die. It's mentioned that historically, nobody returned from the Inferno expedition. Kwon has already commented in book 2 that he hopes to see Avenger in the Garden of Gods, and becoming a demigod is Doré le Juine's goal; as it was the origin of the god of paladins.
  • This goes for the evil side too, Tyutchev has a cameo in the obscure Virtual Reality Gamebook "The Coils of Hate" (Cassandra is also mentioned). The setting is not on Orb; he seems to be helping Evil directly; it's implied he's not from that world and it's commented that he "fights like a demigod." Going by this, "The Coils of Hate" happens after "Redeemer!", but in a different world. (Gods and demigods aren't confined)
    • "The Coils of Hate" was also written about 10 years after "Inferno!"
      • Does not happen in book 7, although you can "revenge" on the three villains; their fates are still ambiguous. The WMG is still possible to happen later. The "historical blurb" is false.
      • A book that Avenger reads in the Temple of Time says that Time is the future or the whole of Time, while Fate is the matters of the present Now. Perhaps Avenger's Screw Destiny moment disrupted their "future history."

The Church of Time in Irsmuncast is suffering major popularity losses due to Avenger's Neutral Good status.
When the Usurper was ruling with a Lawful Evil fist, the Church of Time was popular because its True Neutral status meant that he left them alone. People could get married and other sundry affairs forbidden to the Good churches. Now that Avenger has balanced the scales, people are realizing the Church of Time hasn't done anything for them. Time magic helped keep the lavish Temple up, but donations meant more than the priests were willing to accept, hence their systematic Passive Aggressive Combat against Avenger.
  • Solstice, High-Priest of Time especially got an earful from his god with the "Reordering" of Gods that happens in the last book; hence them keeping a poisoned Kwon Grandmaster (dying in an Evil assassin attack) in Suspended Animation without going further to help unless Avenger gives them recognition.

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