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The Stormcast Eternals arn't just like Astartes, they ARE Astartes.

  • Kaldor Draigo was encountered by elves from the Warhammer World during the End Times, its not too much of a strech for Sigmar to have encountered him too, and used him as a basis for his new army.
    • Okay, first of all, Araloth didn't encounter Kaldor Draigo in Nurgle's Garden. That's basically nothing but a community joke. Secondly, jossed utterly and completely. The first Stormcast Eternals are just the reforged spirits of fallen tribesmen from Aqshy. Not universe-hopping Astartes.
    • Well kind of a community joke, based on the fact that the silver-clad knight has a glowing weapon and speaks in a very strange accent. Plus it would finally redeem the character's crime of being an unrepentant Mary Sue.
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    • Your mileage WILL vary on the above point.
    • The process of creation is completely different. Also, about Draigo, the Quest of Ghal Maraz books implies that the silver-armored giant Araloth encountered wasn't him, but a Stormast Eternal (a Hallowed Knight, the ones who looks like Grey Knights). It's not that known, but the warp has an habit to mess with time. People charged against GW like about this because the above point, and Matt Ward being the author didn't help, but what they did was a mere Foreshadowing.
      • The differences in their creation process (among other things) can be explained as simple Euhemerism. Someone accustomed to medieval standards of living can't understand "drop pods", so they record it as "lightning bolts". They can't understand "the Apothecary recovers the gene-seed and plants it in a new host, which causes some genetic similarity in the recipient", so they just record it as "the Relictor collects his soul and takes it to a magic forge where the God-King remakes him".
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    • It wouldn't even be significant if they canonically confirmed it was Draigo. The two settings have always been connected through the warp, they just don't mention it as much anymore. Be’lakor hangs out in the 40k setting all the time.
  • Alternatively, they're one of the Lost Legions. Note that they're structured into multiple stormhosts, each about Astartes-Chapter size and reporting to a Lord Commander, with either Sigmar or the Celestant-Prime apparently commanding all the hosts. That's very much like the Legio Astartes structure, with a Primarch in the Prime's place and Great Companies instead of Stormhosts.


Archaon's singular purpose in life is to kill Sigmar once and for all.

  • When he found out Sigmar had come back to fight him he basically went King Kong levels of apeshit. The very idea that the god he worshiped and who wasn't there for him when he sob-prayed for help at the Grand Cathedral of Altdorf now suddenly showing his face to stop him at the very End Times themselves was likely galling as all hell to him. Now that his gambit to starve the Chaos Gods into oblivion and avenge himself by destroying the Old World has finally been revealed for the failure it was to him, Archaon's last motivation for going on life is likely to kill the God-King himself.

Chaos will inevitably win again.

  • And it will be even more of a foregone conclusion this time, because the Mortal Realms are forged from the Winds of Magic, which are raw Chaos. In fact, all the names of these new realms are taken from the Winds themselves and therefore just words in the Dark Tongue - "Aqshy" means "fire", "Azyr" means "heavens", "Chamon" means "metal", etc. Chaos is woven into the very fabric of this setting far more directly than it ever was in the Old World.
    • Except those winds are bound to the Incarnates and are no longer connected to chaos. The fabric of reality bends to the Incarnates' wills in their realms, so the chaos gods have no say in it anymore.

There will be a human faction who will call Sigmar on his Knight Templar thing, and take battle against him.

  • Partly to enable 'everyone can fight everyone else' once Sigmar has driven chaos back and secured pockets of civilization, parts of that civilization will rise up against him and paint him as a tyrant using them in his own war. The canon will be vague enough that both could be interpreted as justified if you read the text in a certain way.
    • As a secondary guess this is were the remaining models and general fluff of Bretonnia will end up.
    • This is actually canon. Not all humans like Sigmar. Some decided to say fuck you and joined the ranks of other gods, be they Chaos or not. (Minus Gorkamorka and Horned Rat. Yes, some even joined NAGASH out of all people.)

This game's story is going to be the Creation Myth of the next Warhammer Fantasy universe.

  • Given how.....negatively the fanbase has reacted to this, it's likely that GW is going to wise up, and reboot the game again. But this time, instead of wiping out the whole universe, this one will change into the a form more akin to the Old World we all know. The Aelves will split off and become the Elves, the Duardin will evolve into dwarves, and things will settle into the old rythm again, except this time, they won't have the whole "the universe is inevitably DOOMED!" thing hanging over their heads, so they won't have to lockstep the story into stasis.

    ...either that or GW will just pull another "Space Squats" and erase the whole thing and never speak of it again.

... Games Workshop didn't turn back when they made Warhammer 40k 3rd edition, which introduced almost equally big changes and was met very badly at the beginning. They are not going to bend the knee. So don't get your hopes up. Plus, some fans have finally started to like and in some instances, love Age of Sigmar. In a few years, it's going to be great, thanks to the world development.

  • Confirmed-ish. The Realmgate Wars plot it started with pretty much was just backstory, and the 'real', much more developed setting was introduced after a Time Skip.

Morathi holds a part of Slaanesh within herself, and will be crucial to his/her's/it's return.

  • This would explain Morathi's Unexplained Recovery, and ties with fact she noted to have been "changed" by her captivity by Slaanesh. Not to mention, Morathi is now served by Daemons of Shadow, who resemble Daemonettes. It would also be a ironic History Repeats itself, as Morathi was suggested to be Slaaneshi mole who seduced Aenarion, and now she probably tries to do the same with Sigmar and Malerion...

Dracothion is a benevolent C'tan.

  • He rather nicelly fits as being seemingly made out of stars, similar to the concept of Star Gods of C'tan. C'tan were one of the few entities in Warhammer 40,000, that didn't have an analogue in Warhammer Fantasy (even the Emperor of Mankind had analogues in Sigmar and the Everqueen), so Games Workshop might have thought it would be interesting to use one in the Warhammer Rebooot. Not to mention, after Dracothion mentored Sigmar, Sigmar created Stormcast Eternals, which are quite similar to Necrons, aside from resembling Space Marines, as noted on the Characters Page.

Going with the above, Dracothion is a Mirror Universe version of the Void Dragon.

  • If Dracothion is a draconic C'tan, then then it's possible he may be a benevolent version of Mag'ladroth the Void Dragon. Not to mention, their relationships with their unierses respective Emperors, mirror each other nicelly. Dracothion saved the hurled through space Sigmar, and taught him, while the Emperor of Mankind traveled through space to Mars, to defeat the Void Dragon, and used Mag'ladroth to subconciously guide Cult Mechanicus.

Dracothion is Sotek. Sotek wasn't a Old One, but it was created as a fail-safe by the Old Ones to safeguard whatever remained of the world in another possible instance of end times.

  • This is the most likely theory that is true about Dracothion.

Another possibilty is that Dracothion is Bahamut.

  • Dracothion allready seems Games Workshop's answer/Expy to Bahamut, so maybe's he's the genuine article itself. Also, this could mean Dungeons: The Dragoning is up to level canon. Which would be awesome.

Originally, Morathi, not the Horned Rat, was supposed to replace Slaanesh.

  • If you look at the symbol of the 4 Gods of Chaos in Age of Sigmar, the symbol of the Great Horned Rat, resembles little his old symbols, or even other current presentations of his symbol, but looks quite much like Morathi's crown. It has sense, as the Horned Rat ascension into one of the 4 Great Gods of Chaos, upsets the balance, as his influence goes quite much into the territory of both Tzeentch and Nurgle, and it would have more sense he replaced either these two. Morathi on the other hand, was connected in past with Slaanesh, and it would make up for the arguble Badass Decay and Put on a Bus status during 8th edition and The End Times.
    Fans even speculated it would Morathi replacing Slaanesh, before the it was officially announced the Horned Rat would be.

Alternatelly, also Morathi holds a part of Slaanesh theory, Morathi will become the the true succesor of Slaanesh in the future.

Slaanesh will break out of his/her/its imprisonment in the future.

  • Slaanesh will find a way to break out of the Aelfs imprisonment, due to meddling of Moriathi, who tries to become the Ur-Slaanesh. And then he/she/it will bestow horrible vengeance on them like the Fall of the Eldar.

The Flesh Eater Courts are remnants of Bretonnia

  • Just my way of explaining why ghouls now have an actual army and actual nobles and knights. I figure at least one human faction should have fallen to the bad guys. Wouldn't want the setting getting too optimistic.

Alarielle will become a Mind Hive with Ariel and go totally nuts

Seems like they're building towards the nuts part, I just think the multiple conflicting personalities might go a ways towards explaining that

Vlad von Carstein/Vashanesh will be revealed as the Lord-Celestant of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer.

Consider the Following:
  • The Lord-Celestant of the Aot H has yet to be revealed.
  • They are said to be "reforged as the Broken World span sinister beneath a fell aspect" resulting them having a more dour attitude.
  • They are said to "heroes of an old era" but it is never specified which.
  • They are willing to accept their "deaths" for the greater good to an unusual degree.
  • They are a unique Stormhost assigned to Shyish, Realm of Death.
  • The Aot H Color Scheme is near identical to one of the later Vlad models. Compare Vlad to Anvils of the Heldenhammer.
  • Forbidden Power seems to be hinting at some of the older heroes/villains might be returning.

Sigmar is engaged in long-term Batman Gambit to redeem Archaon, possibly into his successor.

Redemption seems to be a theme in Age of Sigmar (Malerion, Daemon [possibly Settra] being turned into a Stormforged Eternal). Combine that with Sigmar being the incarnate/god of heaven magic, which includes prophecy, it could be that Sigmar has seen how to end the Chaos gods. First, he has a prophecy created that exactly describes a young Archaon who then questions his god's willingness to help him overcome the horrible destiny. Even then, Archaon still set out to end Chaos by bringing it to its (il)logical conclusion of entropic death. In this process, Teclis is inspired to unchain the Winds of Magic from Chaos allowing magic to be uninfluenced by Chaos so that when the WTW ended, it would reform without the ingrained chaos. It is a slow process, but Sigmar is enacting a plan to end the dark gods.

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