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This page is for Wild Mass Guessing that interprets 40K in terms of franchises not owned by Games Workshop.

Ridiculously huge Grand Unifying Guess...
Terminator, The Matrix, Dune, Event Horizon, Doom, and 40k are all part of the same timeline. Will give details later.

  • Allow me, put some of these up on my DeviantArt a while ago anyway (I make no claims that I'm original). Ahem:
    • Event Horizon - The movie where humanity learned the value of the Geller field. Yuck.
    • Doom - A SPESS MEHRINE plugging a daemon invasion with nothing but a shotgun and a chainsaw? What part of that isn't 40k? (More to the point, what part of that isn't awesome?)
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    • Every Hellraiser movie except Bloodline - Although Slaanesh isn't due to become sentient for another 30,000 years or so, the drive for sensation that feeds him/her/it is already here. It only makes sense that there'd already be proto-cultists achieving a sort of daemonhood.
    • The Dark Knight - The Joker is a latent proto-psyker who's been driven mad by Khorne's whisperings about how cool it would be if everyone started killing each other with pool cues.
      • Meanwhile Lucius Fox is Arkhan Land in a past life.
    • 300 - Takes place on a Feral World that some marine chapter or another should be using as a recruiting station. I like this one in particular as it makes the presence of monsters and slow-motion splatter more forgivable.
    • House Of Leaves - Two stories, three bedrooms, lock-up garage and access to the Webway. $550/week, not including therapy bills.
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    • Drag Me to Hell - Seriously, don't mess with proto-psykers.
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey - Before the Event Horizon was Discovery One's Jupiter mission. Instead of running into Chaos, they ran into troublesome AI and Necron artifacts.
    • Friday the 13th - Jason clearly got Khorne's attention at some point and was awarded daemonhood. Bonus marks for Jason X, for obvious reasons.
    • The Matrix - Really takes place on a Necron tomb world, where the angry goth terminators are feeding captured humans to the C'tan. Very slowly.
    • The Alien Quadrilogy - A shipload of captive Tyranids being sent somewhere for testing and evaluation get lost in the warp and crash-land 30,000 years in the past. Ripley and the Nostromo crew investigate. More AI problems. Cue grimdark.
    • Soylent Green - Population-overflow Hiveworld. The administratum must have been forgotten about them thanks to a rounding error somewhere, otherwise they'd be recruiting cannon-fodder Guardsmen from there.
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    • Starship Troopers - Both Heinlein's book and Verhoeven's movie. The book shows the early days of the proto-SPESS MEHRINES, and while most see the movie as straight-up the Imperial Guard vs Tyranids, I see a war from mankind's early attempts to colonise the stars, before the Emprah even came out of the Golden Closet.
    • Don't forget everything written by Edgar Allen Poe and HP Lovecraft: KAYOS !
  • As for the Hellraiser bit - the Chaos Gods technically predate the creation of the universe. The Warp's a crazy place.

Warhammer 40,000 is the world that emerged after Gaia's forces lost to the Wyrm

The Gaia Garou and other changing races failed in their attempt to defeat the Wyrm, who proceeded to subjugate Earth and the rest of the galaxy. The Space Wolves are kinfolk descendants of a few Get of Fenris who survived, but they are ignorant of their true heritage. The Kroot are descendants or a few surviving Corax who fled to far-flung planets, where evolution made them capable of normal biological reproduction and evolutionary cannibalism.

Spreading Wyrm-taint is compelling sentient beings to engage in war, depravity, and greed. The overcrowding, pollution, and ecological devastation is also the result of Wyrm influence, just as it was for Gaia.

Already insane due to its confinement in the Weaver's web, the Wyrm's various aspects gained full sentience and autonomy. Beast-of-War became Khorne, Eater-of-Souls became Nurgle, and Defiler splintered into Slaanesh and Tzeench. Banes, now called Chaos Daemons, thrive in the Umbra, now referred to as the Warp.

Fulgrim's Demon is the spirit of Dorian Gray
.In a recent White Dwarf it is said that Daemons of Slaanesh are made from the souls of humans who were hedonistic and nymphomaniacal in life. Let's say the Laeran Sword is just a daemon-weaponified version of the palette knife that Dorian used to destroy his painting, which his soul became trapped inside.

The Warp is the dark counterpart of Spiral Energy
While spiral energy is about the physics-defying force of pure human passions that allow the user to go forward and evolving and becoming better, the Chaos gods are the same too, but it's about evolution with becoming worse instead, and the contrary, Two drills can have opposing threads, While the Races of the Spiral normally use the creative force of "light" spiral energy, beings like the Anti-Spiral and beastmen-era Lord Genome use the degenerated version. Remember how his spiral gauge went the opposite direction?

The Chaos Gods are also the passions of Spirals in a mutated form, and the Spiral Energy generated by the endless war feeds the Immaterium. The "corrupted" spiral energy is more prevalent in 40k because they are more realistic and willing to act through their angst-ridden feelings.

The Emperor is Doctor Doom after the events in "What If Doctor Doom Kept The Beyonder's Power."

In the issue, Doom becomes omnipotent, conquers the Earth and turns it into a utopia after defeating all the remaining super-heroes. He then turns his attention to space and conquers or destroys most of the alien races and super-beings there as well. The Celestials arrive and Doom engages in a 400 year long war with them, from which he emerges victorious, but with most of his power gone and the earth disloged from its orbit and freezing. Doom, rather than humankind go extinct, uses up his remaining power to restore the Earth's orbit. He then lives among them, but muses that given the proper motivation humanity could be made into an unstoppable force. Doom, in this reality, has his face restored, and has been possession of great cosmic power for centuries. Civilization has already fallen once, hostile alien races have been subjergated or destroyed by his power. Is it so unlikely that his power returned to him, and he then led humankind back to the stars as the Emperor of Mankind?

Hellsing chronicles the earliest days of Ordo Malleus.
Hellsing represents the Radical factions, while Iscariot represents the Puritan factions. Hellsing was particularly frowned upon for it's use of a Daemon Prince Daemonhost against a Khornate Black Crusade against London. What is Alucard's real name? Seeing how he is the first of a unique Daemon, has features of all four of the Chaos Gods, and actively attacks other heretics, he could only be Be'lakor, the first Daemon Prince.

Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3 is the Emperor.
Goes against the canonical interpretation of the Emperor's origins, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Possible support for this theory:
  • Akihiko is affiliated with the Emperor Tarot Arcana.
  • In the game, references are made to Akihiko wishing to increase his power in order to protect others. The Emperor in 40K uses his powers to keep the Daemons of Chaos at bay (or at least try to, anyway).
  • The Space Marine guardians of Terra are the Imperial Fists Chapter. This Chapter also served as the Emperor's bodyguards during the Great Crusade and constructed the Imperial Palace. Factor this in with the fact that, during his school days, Akihiko was captain of the school boxing team...
  • Akihiko's status as a Persona-user can easily be considered an early manifestation of psyker powers.
  • In Persona 3, Akihiko has white hair. In the world of 40K, several Sisters of Battle are mentioned as also having white hair. This could be a the result of them dyeing their hair as a "mark of loyalty" or even possibly imply a subtle genetic connection. Recall that, before they were the Adeptus Sororitas, the Sisters of Battle were known as the "Daughters of the Emperor."
    • Perhaps Akihiko is an Expy of the Emperor?
  • So what does that make the Protagonist, who was (at least at the time) much more powerful than Akihiko at the time?
    • The Holy Shit to Akihiko's Godlike.
    • Let's see. He spends most of the game gathering power by telling people what they want or need to hear, resulting in enlightenment for both him and the person he's manipulating befriending. He has the power to rapidly switch between various styles of magical abilities on the fly by putting on and replacing personas. His color theme is mostly blue. And at the end of the game, his soul ends up trapped in a metaphysical place outside reality as we know it where time doesn't work right, where he is fated to do battle with the Anthropomorphic Personification of despair for all eternity. You get three guesses as to who that makes him, and the first two don't count. Any problems him being the Lord of Change causes the timeline can be handwaved by the general weirdness of time in the Warp. IIRC, Tzeentch has a favored creepy herald/servant he uses as an emissary outside the Warp: it could be Elizabeth, Aigis, or both, elevated to the level of a Demon Prince (although Elizabeth may have qualified as a minor deity to begin with).
    • What would Philemon be, then?

The Tau is Krikkit.
Really, cut off from the rest of the galaxy, only to find a crashed spaceship and become uncannilly proficient with technology in a short time and go on a rampage.

Alternatively they are the Yehat.

  • Alternatively alternatively, the Tau are an evolved form of the Qunari.

Cegorach is the DM of Warhammer 40k
  • The setting is run by a sadistic god of dirty tricks. How else do you explain it?

The Emperor's stasis on the Golden Throne is part of a 10000-year Gambit Roulette.
It's got something to do with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Blame Matt Coates and his The Final Crusade NGE-Warhammer40k crossover for the odd idea.
  • Also, according to said crossover not only were the Eva Units inspirations for the Titans (albeit replicating the same results mechanically). But the Emperor is revealed to be an early version of Kaworu.

The Warhammer 40k Universe is part of the Marvel Multiverse.
And, as such, various elements from 616 are localized appropriately:
  • One word: Adamantium.
  • The Hulk becomes da Orkz. Please, don't make them Waaagh. You won't like them when they Waaagh.
  • Super Soldier Serum + Tony Stark's armor and weapons = Space Marines.
    • Alternatively, Fio'O To'ni St'ark was one of the finest minds of the Tau Earth Caste. Abducted by a radical Inquisitor's retinue and forced to recreate Tau technology for them, he instead built Powered Armor and used it to escape captivity. Voila! The Battlesuits were born.
    • ...In a CAVE!! From a box of SCRAPS!!!!!
  • Professor Xavier is a crippled old man who sits in a chair all day and uses a combination of his immense psychic powers and a powerful machine array to communicate with and guide people all around the Universe. Replace Cerebro with the Astronomicon and you've got the God Emperor of Mankind.
  • The all-devouring Tyranids are Galactus.
    • No, no, the Tyranids are the Annihilation Wave. Galactus is another C'Tan.
      • Excuse me, Gah Lak Tus. (Ultimate version, who are a kind of scuttling skull-bug cyborg race).
    • The Devourer certainly sounds like a C'Tan.
  • Human/Mutant relations is a popular subject for various multiverse stories: Age of Apocalypse, House of M, etc. In the Warhammer 40k universe, they're more strained than usual.
  • And finally, Warhammer 40k takes place in the universe designated Earth 40,000. As it should.
  • A question: Who's Deadpool-40,000?
    • Let's see. Who in Warhammer 40k is bugfuck insane, hilarilously awesome, and Chaotic Neutral? Da Orks. When Waaagh!Dedpool gets going, the galaxy will burn. Then he'll move on to whatever the Nids are running from.
      • ... I may just have to get an Ork army.
  • Is no one going to mention the fact that the Marvel universe now has a huge rift in it? Through which lots of eldritch abominations are coming? Of course there could be a simpler explanation...

It's another of Shinji's dreams (Warhammer 40,000 edition)
  • God Emperor of Mankind = Shinji
  • Primarchs = Shinji's personality traits
  • Tzeentch = Gendo/SEELE
  • Slaanesh = Misato
  • Khorne = Asuka
  • Nurgle = Rei/The Sea of L.C.L.
  • C'Tan = The Angels
  • Gork & Mork = Asuka
  • Shinji is clearly The Emperor, Tzeentch and both Gork and Mork. Rei is a Primarch, Asuka is Slaanesh and Khorne, Kensuke is the Omnisiah, Touji is the Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard, Misto, Gendo and Ritsuko are the heads of the Inqusition. For more, see Charles Bhepin's Shinji and Warhammer 40k
    • Shinji is Chaos W40K Undivided, as he's got all the factions running around in his skull. Apocalypse Rei is obviously Gork and Mork ("waaagh."). Asuka has Khorne's aggression and Slaanesh's pride, and both are struggling with the Greater Good ideology for dominance, but there may be the potential for a Primarch somewhere in all that confusion.
    • Rei would be Roboute Guilliman, if only for the eyes, the hair, and the behavior of the average Ultramarine now.

Mammy Yokum's tonic, seen in the musical based on the comic strip Li'l Abner, was one of the ingredients used by the Emperor to create the first Space Marines.
Men who take the tonic undergo massive physical development, but completely lose their sex drive — a perfect combination for the superhuman warrior monks of the Legio Astartes. The tonic's made from berries that only grow on a tree in the Yokums' yard, so sometime before the start of the Great Crusade, the Emperor must have been to Dogpatch and harvested some of those berries. In fact, if he was also Jubiliation T. Cornpone sometime between his stints as Jesus and Akihiko Sanada, it's possible he planted the tree himself so he could harvest from it later.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the ultimate Orky dream - just with "filfy humies" instead of Orks.
Think about it: The series is pretty much the ultimate invocation of Clap Your Hands If You Believe, where characters do badass crap because they believe they can. Orks grow larger the more accomplished they become. So should we not expect that a Gargant mecha large enough to throw galaxies around, with a preceding form that has Almost Max Dakkalotsa dakka, just not enuff, is probably the dream of every Mekboy. Unless, of course, they want something large enough to throw everything else in the universe around... Then, again, it seems to be running on Wyrdstuff and if so, even the Mekboyz might not want to mess with such things.
  • Totally not inspired by Gorkken Morkann. Seriously.
    • Red wunz do go fasta, after all.
  • So, WAAAGH! is Spiral Power? I knew it!
    • Yeah, Spiral Energy is powered by hotbloodedness, which means Waaagh!.......

Corresponding to the above theory, Orks are a spiral race.

Sure, they aren't quite like humans, they were created artificially, they don't really understand things like love, and they don't really follow anyone except out of fear and possibly admiration of bigness, but they're green (from algea in thier skin) and WAAAGH! sounds extremely similar to something spiral energy would do. Not only that, almost all of thier enemies are excessively grimdark (unsurprisingly), and they are the least angsty of all the factions.

The Space Marines were derived from the Brotherhood of Steel
The armor of the Brotherhood of Steel guy in the early Fallout 3 trailer looks suspiciously like the armor of a Space Marine. Obviously, the Emperor created his Space Marines in their image, after living through the nuclear apocalypse and using the Brotherhood to lead mankind back into civilization and the Age of Technology. The Golden Throne probably has a "Vault-Tec" logo stamped on it somewhere.
  • Or he played Fallout and liked the design so much he... ahem... borrowed it.
  • Well, the backround does state the Space Marine power armour is derived from the so-called "Thunder armour", a type of power armour used by the inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic Earth.

Guts is one of the missing Primarchs.
This explains why Guts is so ridiculously powerful, as well as why he doesn't have a mother. Additionally, the Godhand are Daemon Princes whose sacrifices are the price paid to the Chaos Gods. Sometime during or after the events of Berserk, the Emperor comes to Midland and, seeing what has happened to his son, removes the Brand of Sacrifice from Guts, but doesn't do the same to Casca. After Guts naturally refuses to abandon Casca, the Emperor abducts him, similar to what happened to Angron. Like Angron, this leaves Guts with a grudge that will have consequences. During the Horus Heresy, Horus tries to use this grudge to convince Guts to come over to Chaos and defeat the Emperor. Guts refuses, because while he does hate the Emperor for leaving Casca to die, he still hates Griffith, a servant of Chaos, and refuses to aid the powers that caused the deaths of everyone he ever cared about. But he doesn't fight alongside the loyalist legions against Chaos. Rather, he takes his Legion with him into the Warp, hoping to find Griffith there and kill him once and for all, but gets lost in the Warp. He is either still fighting in the Warp with what remains of his Legion, or has been killed trying to find Griffith.
  • Guts had a birth mother, she was lynched while in labor. He was born of a dead body and then found by Gambino's bitch.

The Tyranids are fleeing from Kirby.
According to the Kirby page, he's already slaughtered three Cosmic Horrors on the same rough level as the Chaos Gods/C'Tan. He wields the literal power of the stars themselves. He's massacred entire armies just to get cake. He can eat just about anything, and nothing escapes his rapacious appetite. He's capable of traveling interstellar distances with ease. And he's right behind the Tyranids, and I for one do not blame them for fleeing from him.
  • Wait, you're proposing that Kirby and Warhammer 40k exsist in the same universe? Man! That is one seriously screwed up setting.
    • Kirby is, of course, the only thing keeping the GRIMDARK from assaulting Pop Star. Even the C'tan know better than to fuck with him.
      • And Dark Matter, as well as other Eldritch Abominations that get their asses handed to themselves by Kirby in a regular basis would fit naturally in this setting. Dark Matter is a reatively young Chaos God given form by a fraction of all negative emotions of the galaxy that eventually builded up in the Inmaterium to a degree that all that hate, sadness and despair BECAME SELF AWARE. His prefers sending his daemons to posses mortals and control them to further get rid of the galaxy of all positive emotions (which include compassion, valor, pride, excitement, hope and pleasure, and thus an enemy to all factions and Other Chaos alike. Making him Malal. Maybe excluding Nurgle, god of despair) Nightmare and other minor entities are simply powerful Daemons that emerged from the Warp.
  • If the 'nids are fleeing from Kirby, then what does that make Meta Knight? Because there are some big hints that they're the same species; Meta just has a better hold on his appetite.

The Emperor IS Kirby.
The reason the Emperor is stuck in the Golden Throne is that he is too busy fighting off other cosmic horrors in defense of the Imperium to wake up and actually rule his domain.

Event Horizon is part of the 40k universe, showcasing the horrible results of the very first attempt to use the Warp.
Hyperspace Is a Scary Place? Check. Given the relative "nearness" of the setting, compared to 40K, we may assume that the then-nonexistence of the Gellar field was what let the daemons attack the crew. Of course, humanity eventually develops the Gellar field, allowing for "safe" interstellar travel.

The Warhammer 40K galaxy is just one of many of the galaxy-in-a-marble power sources of the Arquillian Empire from the Men in Black film.
The reason everything is going to sheer bloody screaming hell in a burning handbasket are just the chaotic result of a galaxy that is essentially running out of power (and purpose for existence) much like an old battery. All of this is happening the the last few seconds of the galaxy's life, it just seems like millennia to the denizens of said galaxy. Also, this galaxy was used as the battery for a fancy Arquillian chainsaw. If the 40k galaxy has to die powering something, that something should be truly deserving.

Professor Lazarus in the Doctor Who episode "The Lazarus Experiment" was actually under the thrall of Tzeentch.
A man dabbling in knowledge that he knows not enough about. He says "not Chaos, change", but what stops the Changer of Ways from deceiving people, especially the ignorant Whoniverse chaps, from not telling his pawns about the rest of the Chaos pantheon? That continuous mutating too! Yeah, he did look kinda Tyranidy, with that Multi-Armed and Dangerous getup, but Tzeentch is capricious and unpredictable. Who's gonna stop him from making his Chaos Spawn look like a member of an enemy of Chaos? The Doctor refused to even consider the supernatural, but knowing him and how he thinks, as well as that BBC Science about genetic dead ends, it seems likely that the touch of Tzeentch is the real hand at work here.

The Tyranids were created by the Xel'naga.
They're the Protoss/Zerg hybrids, which the Xel'naga took to another galaxy rather than devour all remaining humans because they wanted to do some experimenting with new species. Unfortunately, it turned out that Orks were in one of the sectors they had yet to devour, the Eldar blew their psionic clouds away by creating Slaanesh, and so forth.

The Movie of Titus Andronicus takes place on a world in the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy.
As well as explaining the Anachronism Stew, the pseudo-Roman culture and blue-armoured soldiers on motorcycles must have definitely been inspired by the Ultramarines, who visited the planet sometime in the past. (the Imperium may have lost track of the planet since then) And someone in the cast is definitely channelling some Chaos into the royal palace, probably Slaanesh.

The Wizard of Oz is Tzeench.
See the link above. A little girl with a dog undertaking a bizarre journey through a realm of Chaos and confusion? Dorothy and Toto following the Yellow Brick Road, by another name.

Related To The Above: The Chaos Gods Are Actually Extremely Grimdark Aspects of Four of The Endless
OK, so Slaanesh is Desire...still inspiring obsessive devotion, still incorrigibly meddlesome. Khorne is the next Destruction, and is considerably more attached to the job than the last one was. Father Nurgle doubles as the god of Despair, and is the ugliest of the bunch, so no surprises there. Tzeentch is a little trickier, though. The mutability of its subjects, and its focus on the mind, means it could either be Dream or Delirium.

Less certifiable comparisons, but C'tan could be the (far less cheerful) descendant of Death, and I'll go with the Emperor as 40K's Destiny. Alternative interpretations are welcome,though.

  • Tzeentch is the next Destiny. The rise of the Emperor, the birth of Slaanesh (as a new form of Desire), and the death of the Eldar gods has somehow comprehensively buggered up the entire concept of fate, effectively killing Destiny. Due to the universe being completely screwed over, his replacement was pretty much the opposite of him — instead of knowing what was going to happen with absolute certainty, and never getting involved, the new Destiny knows what should happen, and acts to make sure it does. Because if he doesn't the universe is screwed.

The Iron Men were Stark Industries products.
The name was practically begging you to think it's a Take That! against Iron Man.

On a more serious note, Stark Industries didn't just survive the death of Tony, it went on to become very powerful, such that masses of Stark tech-enabled robots were commonplace in the Dark Age. Now, knowing that Tony had problems with AI under him going nuts, what's to stop less sanguine descendants from making the same mistake? With the prevalence of their 'bots, large-scale violence was inevitable.

The Tyranids are a hyper-advanced Flood form
Gravemind reckons that the Milky Way may be a problematic area, what with the Halo's and all, so he takes a Forerunner ship, manages to take control of the cryo pods, and launches a few Flood towards another galaxy. Flood devour all biomass in this galaxy. Repeat for a while, all the time becoming more advanced (it only took a short while for the Flood to become Pure Forms, imagine what could happen in so many years.) They are now advanced enough to not need to take over a hosts body. They remember a command that Gravemind implanted in them (take over the Milky Way unless I tell you otherwise), and begin a mass rush at the Milky Way. Also, those Hive fleets look a lot like tentacles. The reason that no Covenant remain is because they were the first ones destroyed when the Imperium took on its "Kill all aliens" doctrine. Ditto the Halo's.

The real name of the Emperor? Kal-El, of Krypton.
Superman decided that humanity's defences were inadequate, so he set about unifying them under his rule. Fast forward to the 41st Millenium, and his vision has Gone Horribly Wrong.
  • Just a few problems with that. Superman was an alien and knew it, so why would he be anti-alien? Also, did Horus strike him down with a kryptonite sword?

The real name of the Emperor? Dio Brando.
  • Think about it. He can kick the ass of every other god in the setting because he has "Za Warudo!"
Void Dragon: "I have always existed, I have drunk the stars themselves, you cannot defeat me pitiful little crea-"Emporer: "Za Warudo!"Void Dragon (two miles under the surface of Mars): "-ture. Wait? What the hell?!"

The Star child is Mr. Rogers from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
He is so nice that he can de-crapify ANYTHING.

The Star Child is David Bowman
The name makes it obvious, people!

Chaos of Ultraman Cosmos and the Chaos of Warhammer 40,000 are one and the same.
Both corruptive, both coming from who knows where, both having a love of destruction, and both will mean the end of sentient life if they win. Anyone want to add summat?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is one of the Lost Primarchs
After the Ruinous Powers snatched the young Primarchs from the Emperor on Terra and scattered them across the Galaxy, one of the two that were never found again was Ed Tom. He had been launched back in time to twentieth-century Texas. There, he was found and adopted by a normal human, a la Superman. But the trauma of the journey stunted his growth, so he only became a man of normal stature rather than reaching the imposing size of a normal Primarch, and he aged as a normal man, as well.

His first dream (which he doesn't remember well) is of trying to find his father to get some money, which Ed Tom thinks he lost. The second is of his father leaving him alone in the cold to go ahead and start a fire.

The "father" that Ed Tom sees in both dreams, the man he knows as his father, found and adopted the Ed Tom when he found him as a baby, alone and abandoned, in the Texas desert. The dreams are not really about this man, however. They are about Ed Tom's true father, the God-Emperor of mankind.

The first dream is fragmentary and partially forgotten because Ed Tom was spirited away as an infant, and so had no knowledge of who or what he was, but his latent Psyker abilities have painted him an incomplete picture of this. He knows he has a greater destiny than to be a sheriff in rural Texas. The "money" that his father is going to give him is his rightful destiny as one of the sons of the Emperor and leader of a legion of Space Marines, defending Mankind and building the Imperium. He has the fundamental feeling that he has lost this, which he has, by virtue of being cast back in time and stripped of most of his power.

In the second dream, his father passes him by on a cold mountain pass without pausing to speak, in order to go ahead and light a fire in "all that cold and all that dark." This is about the God Emperor's mission to take the reigns of leadership over Mankind, in order to light a fire of inspiration and hope in the cold, dark distance of the far future. But because of the upset in time, Ed Tom can only stay behind and watch as he goes on ahead. Because Ed Tom was meant to be -and should be- immortal and able to simply take The Slow Path to join the Emperor and his Brother Primarchs in the Great Crusade, he has a moment of hope that whenever he gets there, his father will be waiting. But the same Psyker abilities that fill him in on the past break that hope by giving him the premonition of Horus' betrayal, and his own knowledge reminds him that he is cruelly mortal. And so he wakes up.

It is the knowledge that despite being made and nurtured by the hand of the Emperor himself and bred for the sole purpose of being an immortal, invincible guardian of mankind, he has by a whim of fate been consigned to live and die a mortal man, and that in the face of the infinite, universe-shattering threats the universe holds, he cannot even contend with the evils created by humanity itself that drives him to despair and a defeated retirement.

Warhammer 40k is set in the Old World of Darkness

The reasons? No reason, I just thought this would make everything in the 40k universe worse.

  • Hey, remember what was originally going to be the backstory of the World of Darkness? I mean the Emperor is totally a Solar Exalt.
  • Tyranids are the Wyrm. Necrons are Wraithes and Sidereals. The Mechanical God is the Weaver. Psykers are Mages. The Inquisition started with the Hunters. Chaos are the Yozi. Orks are from the Wyld. And the Tau are geniuses.
  • The Dark Eldar curse is actually a derivative of the curse of Caine. Commoragh is the Enoch of the new millenium.
  • The Warp is the Umbra, almost completely dominated by the Wyrm. Each chaos god is a head of the Triatic Wyrm, with Khorne being the Beast of War, Slaanesh being the Eater of Souls, and Nurgle being the Defiler Wyrm. Tzeentch is the last remnant of the Weaver.
  • Chaos Spawn are actually Formori in service of the Wyrm. Daemon Princes are what happens when one of them ascends to Incarna level. Rank and file Daemons are simply very powerful Banes.
  • The Blood Angels are the remnants of the vampires, who by now are such thin bloods that all that remains of their curse is bloodlust and frenzy.
  • Necrons in their early editions are spectres, bound permanently to the fetters of their bodies, and the C'Tan are Neverborn. In the new edition, Necrons are still wraiths, but have somehow found a way to shatter and imprison the Neverborn to their service. Flayed Ones and Destroyers are still Spectres.
  • Inquisitors are Hunters. The Wayward creed seems to have taken over the order.
  • And finally, the Tech Priests are the last remains of the Technocracy.

The various gods were once mortals... in the Team Fortress 2 universe.

Expanded from the Team Fortress 2 WMG:

  1. Scout: Gork/Mork (the smart one)
  2. Soldier: Khorne
  3. Pyro: Malal
  4. Heavy: Gork/Mork (the violent one)
  5. Demoman: Slaanesh
  6. Engineer: Void Dragon
  7. Medic: Nurgle
  8. Sniper: Khaine
  9. Spy: Tzeench
  10. Helen: Deceiver
  11. Saxton Hale: The God-Emperor or CIAPHAS CAIN, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!

The Imperium is actually run by an old man in a shack.
The High Lords of Terra are merely figureheads.

FATAL actually takes place on some Emperor-forgotten backwater of a planet ruled by Slaanesh.
I haven't played the gamenote , but it does sound like the above would fit. Explains the whole "medieval Europe, only with no Christianity" thing, and the general screwed-up-ness, amongst other things.

At some point, the Imperium will stumble across them, and an Exterminatus will be carried out a few minutes later.

The Inquisition are actually Daleks.
The order to kill a planet is called Exterminatus, for goodness' sake!

The Emperor is a Time Lord
And he's just the most well-known.

Doom is ancient 40k history
Demons coming from attempts to warp to places? Check. Bad-ass space marine? Check. Lot's of shooty and chainsaw violence? Double check.

WH40K is in the grim darkness the far future of the Terminator franchise
After the nuclear holocaust set in motion by Skynet, John Connor sent human colonies into space to help gather resources from across the galaxy, to help defeat the Terminators. Skynet sent various forces after them to capture and exterminate these humans, but many of them went underground after having lost all contact with the colonist humans, and these became the Necrons. The original Necrontyr went extinct with the war with the Eldar, and the C'Tan literally fled underground since their fighting forces were exhausted, but are re-awakening now that they have a fresh fighting force.

The Void Dragon influenced the creation of Skynet, allowing it control over Skynet, and in turn, allowing Skynet to rise up against humanity. This was all part of a millenia-long, albeit failed, The Plan by Void Dragon to have an army that could punish humanity and release it from its prison underneath Mars.

The robot war was the start of the Dark Age of Technology, with the war for survival prompting humanity to begin colonization of space and jumps in technology. The eventual defeat of Skynet's Terminators left humanity in shambles, starting the Age of Strife. All of this is forgotten since the Emperor, the only one who would remember this, decided to suppress this information for the good of humanity; and the Eldar see no ideological difference between the Necrons and the Necrontyr. Also, the Iron Men STC found by Gaunt were the plans for the original Terminators.

The C'tan control over Skynet is what also allows the other C'tan to command Terminators/Necrons, since Skynet no longer exists to facilitate commands to the Termicrons. All the inert and slumbering Tomb Worlds are Termicron colonies on stand-by, waiting for eventual orders.

The Na'vi are Exodite Eldars
Pandora is the Death World they've settled. The Tree of Souls is their Infinity Circuit, which they actively worship as a World Spirit. They ride on dinosaurs. Oh, and there's no Eywa, just a series of subtle, behind-the-scenes Harlequin interventions...
  • Ever wondered why Eldar all think Humans Are Bastards? Well, now you know...
  • Exodite worlds are Maiden Worlds raised from a dead rock to being a vibrant jungle world and given sentience. I like to think that the world from Daemon World where the planet was driven insane by constant warfare and warfare creating the most METAL planet ever where the compacted corpses of the damned have increased the planets size. The planet spirit after recomposing itself killed itself and killing all life in the solar system.

Kroot are evolved Mudokens
Both races are descended from birds, share similar nature-based themes, have low health, low tech, and have similar hair-feathers.

The creation of Slaanesh and the Eye of Terror, and thus, almost all of the Eldar, was caused by a game of Sburb.
I don't know where the idea came from, it just popped into the old think pan.

And besides, it's not like all the shit that this entails could possibly make the 40k-verse any WORSE.

Halo and Warhammer 40,000 takes place in the same universe
The anti-Xenos attitude of the IoM is racial memory left over from first, the Human-Covenant War, then later the Human-Elite War. The Primarchs were created to emulate the Master Chief in every way, including gender. After the GEoM's Spartan-II equivalents were stolen, he re-created the Spartan-IIIs, the Space Marines.

The Eaters from Chimera Beast are the Tyranids
A bit of a given considering how they are a Horde of Alien Locusts who acquire powers through eating other beings. This makes the "Bad Ending" where you beat the game and the Eaters travel into space, and ultimately reach Earth at least semi-canonical, albiet, with Earth being replaced with some other nearby planet.

Warhammer 40K is set on the future of the universe of Starcraft.
The Emperor is Arcuturus Mengsk, a descendant of Mengsk, or whoever is in the charge of Terran Dominion. That guy had augmented himself to the point of becoming a Physical God. Yeah, the Terran Dominion has become the Imperium of Man. Moreover, as Zergs predicted, the psychic potential of Terrans has expanded, making them a powerful psionic race. Eldars are offshoots of Terrans with gigantic psychic potentials, but their horrific mutation also takes toll to their ability to reproduce and endurance. Protoss have now become Necrons, becoming the Protoss/Zerg hybrid (Necrons have regenerative powers, mind you, and so do Zergs, I guess?) and losing their soul and Psychic Powers in the process. Xel'naga are C'tans or the Old Ones, or maybe both. Other races were not discovered at the time the events of Starcraft happened.

One of the missing primarchs is Duke Nukem
Time travel has been established as being possible (orks killing themselves in the past to get their favorite gun twice and whatnot), so it is entirely possible that the two missing primarchs ended up lost in time, rather than just in space like the other 18. Perhaps one went to the past, and ended up being the most absurd insane super human in the history of the universe, Duke Nukem. While he might not quite have the same height as some of the other primarchs (who were much taller than normal humans; estimates seem to run from around 2-3 meters), he certainly has their strength, toughness, and skills.
  • His legion would naturally be called the Steel Balls.

Tzeentch has David Xanatos, Light Yagami, and Lelouch vi Britannia as his three most elite and powerful Daemon Princes.
Of course, they all jockey for the top position (Xanatos would naturally fancy himself as Tzeentch's "Number One"), which not only involves their own schemes but also the sabotage of their rivals' plans. All of this, naturally, is according to Tzeentch's keikaku.

Warhammer 40000 exists in the Fallout timeline.
  • The Blood Ravens seem to be obsessed with collecting tech, like the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Green-skinned homicidal maniacs—Super Mutants or Orks?
  • The Forced Evolutionary Virus could be a Warp-based mutagenic virus—look at what it did to everything from Deathclaws to Centaurs.
  • The status quo in the 41st Millennium remains constant, a war without end. And war... war never changes.

The God Emporer of mankind is The Kurgan after winning the prize

Besides the fact that they are both depicted as very large men with flowing black hair, a variety of similarities are present

1. Ramirez says, about the Kurgan "If he wins the Prize, mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness.", and humanity in 40k is in a fairly dark age.

2. When Connor wins the prize, he says "I feel everything! I know... I know everything! I am everything!" Sounds to me like he is describing himself, and by extension anyone who won the prize, as The most powerfdul psychic of all mankind.

3. The God Emporer of Mankind was said to be born in the second millenium B.C., or usually some time around the dawn of civilization, which, given the Future Imperfect history in 40k, is a fairly acurate estimate.( The Kurgan was born in 970 Bc)

That being said, I could easily imagine The Kurgan having more than 20 sons in his life(though i would not see him letting many more than that live), he would most likely be frightened by the realization that he is no longer immortal, but it turned out alright, because The Emporer is, for all intents and purposes,unable to die.

The Earth in the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe is actually an Emperor-forgotten world cut off from the Imperium eons ago.
And then an Inquisitor discovers the devastated world and orders Exterminatus, having found signs of yet another nightmare monsters that are 19th and more Angels. And then the said nightmare monsters wake up and eat the star fleets sent to the planet. And invade other planets as well. Cue the White Crusade (named for the body color of those monsters).

Alternatively, the Instrumentalized humans from Neon Genesis Evangelion evolve into the Warp, and Shinji, with his newfound god-like powers, becomes the God-emperor of Mankind
No, not Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: instead, after the Third Impact, Shinji, having retained his "End of the World" Special powers and thus able to draw powers from Instrumentality / Warp, became an immortal powerful psyker, and being the only surviving man, decides he can finally strip off his Butt-Monkey tendencies and unify humanity (his descendants) as more of a Ubermensch this time, molding human history for millenia and finally leading to the creation of the Imperium of Man. This of course would also make a good Freudian Excuse for the Imperium's actions. Alternatively, both Shinji And Warhammer 40k and Warhammer 40000 canon are Alternate Universes Shinji created during Instrumentality with him placing himself into the role of the possible God-Emperor.

Based on the Sailor Moon manga.The Old Ones were the humans of the Silver Millennium, noted for their incredibly long lifespan, but after their capital was destroyed by an early Chaos God, Queen Metallia, they were weakened and divided, and, after defeating the C'tan Galaxia wiped out the Enslaver Plague... And all the surviving Silver Millennium humans, leaving only the descendant of the Earth ones, with the Orks brought to the brink of extermination by her rampage and the Eldar filling the power vacuum and forgetting who created them.

Chibiusa's reign would be the Dark Age of Technology, with the dead Sailor Senshi resurrecting and Sailor Pluto and Galaxia using the late's Queen Serenity's corpse fused with the Starseeds of many historical figures as the basis for Sailor Cosmos in preparation for the emerging of Sailor Chaos.

Then the decaying Eldars created Slaneesh, and that also brought the emerging of Sailor Chaos as the avatar of Chaos Undivided and the destruction of Chibiusa's Empire, while the Sailor Senshi suicided themselves into creating Sailor Cosmos, who, after her time travel, destroys Sailor Chaos (Oh, Crap! ensues for the Chaos Gods). In doing so, the original personality based on Sailor Moon goes catathonic, and Sailor Venus, who became more serious after being killed by Galaxia, takes over and decides to do things her way. A more violent way.To get the time to do so, Cosmos awakens the Void Dragon and fakes her death in beating it into submission (the Void Dragon knows, but shuts up out of fear), and then, as the very scared Void Dragon inspires the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars (chosen to honor Sailor Mars), takes a male form to continue The Masquerade and reunifies Earth while preparing the conquest of the galaxy.

The scattering of the Primarchs happens when the Chaos Gods realizes they have been had, and the Heresy is their last ditch attempt at defeating the now more violent, scheming and combative version of Sailor Cosmos, an attempt that went even too well: the Emperor allowed Horus to wound him to become even more powerful due the adoration of the Empire's citizens, and the defects of the Golden Throne are just the God Emperor stirring before awakening, resurrecting as loyal all the Primarchs and cleansing the Chaos Space Marines, before Venus' personality retires and lets Galaxia take over as she has more knowledge of Chaos of anyone. Or worse, in the last ten thousands years the personalities of Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Sailor Galaxia merged, giving the Emperor Sailor Moon's immense willpower, Sailor Venus' Plucky Girl, scheming and violent tendencies and Galaxia's ulterior violent tendencies, intimate knowledge of Chaos and desire to get even for that backstabbing during her battle with Sailor Moon.

  • Not even Khorne wants to face THAT...

The Chaos Gods are the reincarnations of the Emotional Entities.
  • Khrone is both the Butcher and Ion, since he's the god of hatred and bravery
  • Tzeentch is Adara, being hope, and splits Ion with Khrone, for what is Tzeentch without the will to change?
  • Slaaneesh is both Ophidion and the Predator.
  • Nurgle is both Parallax and Proselyte, with a little of Nekron.

Adam and Lilith In NGE are two lost Primarchs.
They were so thoroughly mutated by the Warp that they have become super giants with some inhuman features and unimaginable powers eclipsing even other Primarchs, the Emperor himself, or possibly other Chaos Gods as well.
  • They are clearly C'tan, and the Angels are shards thereof. The Thunder Armor that predates Space Marines are the Evas themselves (or their successors), and the system derived from it wasn't the concept of power armor, but the empathic link (consider the Black Carapace as a sort of armored, integral plugsuit).

The Enderverse is the prehistory of 40K.
Think about it: at the end of Children of the Mind, Ender and his friends discover a method of FTL travel that involves traveling "Outside" the physical universe to a place where souls come from, and to which they return when a person dies, and in which dreams and fantasies can take on real form. Doesn't that sound kind of like the Warp? As a result, humanity's expansion through the galaxy increases exponentially, right up until the moment when disturbances in "Outside" cut off FTL travel. Before that happens, however, humanity's encounter with the Descoladores, and difficulties in relating to the restored formics, lead to humanity rejecting the Hive Queen and the Hegemon; paradoxically, Ender the Xenocide is rehabilitated as a hero. The formics are also changed, and become the Tyranids. The pequeninos, meanwhile, are able to acquire human technology and start advancing very rapidly (they of course eventually wipe out any humans on their world) and become the Tau.

Warhammer 40K is the future of Starship Troopers
Think about it, humanity is just beginning to expand into the stars, there are psychic humans and brain bugs, plus the power armour in the books could later evolve into space marine power armour (or downgrade into it). My guess is that it takes place just as humanity begins to expand into the stars in the very beginning of the Dark Age of Technnology.
  • Yeah, that would be downgrading. The amount of firepower worn in the book makes 40k look subtle. The primary weapons were nuclear missiles, they also had conventional explosives, and they had much longer-ranged flame weapons than are in 40k.

The Imperium and the 40K timeline itself are indirectly the result of a failed Zero Requiem. And Lelouch is the Emperor.
If this crossover is anything to go by, His Imperial Majesty Lelouch's Zero Requiem gambit hand Gone Horribly Wrong, with him going immortal and his dear Nunnally dead in the crossfire. Still, he managed to live (through obtaining the Code as with the "Lelouch is immortal" theories) to guide civilization from the shadows before reemerging to reclaim his title as the Emperor of Mankind, using his geass powers to unify humanity. The use of "geass" is tied in some manner to the Warp, its users often a kind of enhanced psyker. The Imperium itself was originally intended to be an idealized version of the Holy Britannian Empire as his long-deceased sister would have wanted it...but cue the Horus Heresy, himself entombed in the Golden Throne and everything going to hell, resulting in the GRIMDARK galaxy we all know and love. All while the Emperor is mindscrewed and forced by Tzeentch to witness his loved ones dying over and over again. And in the 51st Millennium, he wakes up.

The Imperium of Man has a personification. And he used to be known as Turkey.
Shamelessly taken from the Axis Powers Hetalia WMG page: It's mentioned that the God Emperor of Mankind was born in Anatolia, where Turkey would later emerge. So maybe Turkey got on his good side at some point, over time assuming different identities until he became known as the Imperium.

But by the 41st Millennium, however, the notions of personified countries would likely be viewed by the Inquisition as heresy. So he may have taken on various roles in the Imperial Guard, conveniently "dying" should people start suspecting him. It also wouldn't help that he would also be the Last of His Kind, assuming that China's still lurking somewhere...

Fenris was settled during the Golden Age of Man before the Emperor by an army of extreme Scandophiles, Nordic Neo-Pagans and Scandinavian Viking Age Nationalists/Romanticists
Which is why it is basically Viking Age Scandinavia. Prove me wrong.
  • Let me guess, the reason for the extremely hostile native fauna is that the terraforming gengineers mostly knew about Norse Mythology from DnD (would explain the regenerating trolls at least).
  • You know, that would probably explain most of the Fantasy Counterpart Cultures in the Imperium. For instance Atilla was probably colonized by Mongolian romanticists who wanted to be Genghis Khan.
    • Same with at least some of the Imperial worlds and their respective Guard regiments. Vostroya (and perhaps Valhalla)may have been settled by Russian neo-nationalists while the Mordians, Armageddon and Krieg are direct descendants of German romanticists trying to recreate their legendary Terran homeland.

The events of Warhammer 40k takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
It just happened that the early history of Holy Terra resembled that of ours.

World War Z is set in the past of Warhammer 40,000
There's quite a few similarities that would allow this Earth to be the past of Holy Terra: the Cherry Pie cartridge is practically a small and primitive bolt round without the rocket; the new bite-proof uniforms of interwoven metal fibres are practically the ancestors of the flak armour; laser weapons have been researched as zombie killers, and the Lasgun would be a magnificent laser-based zombie killer; the Imperium technology is based around the same 'bang for buck' principle of post-War technology (leading to the lasgun replacing the Cherry Pie as main cartridge because it's less expensive); and, finally, 40k has a Chaos-based Zombie plague practically identical to WWZ's one.

When the Star Child grows up, it will be the Starman
  • Which means that the Imperium will be saved by the power of glam rock, turning humanity into a beautiful, mono-gendered, glitter covered race that lives solely on red peppers, cocaine, and milk. Unfortunately, this victory will be short lived as the rock music and non-stop sex will result in Slaanesh's reappearance and s/he will be more powerful than ever.

The Cthulhu Mythos takes place in the 40k universe
"Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods." Sound familiar?

The Emperor is/was several people, possibly an entire legacy of clones.
Genetic experiments have existed for a lot longer than since the creation of the primarchs and so has he. Some group of genetic engineers on Ancient Terra managed to create a perfect warrior and leader figure, but immortality was not in their reach. So they used him to rise to power while always replacing the Emperor with a new one when he died, keeping him (and them) eternally in power. But after Horus put him in a coma, the scheme backfired as they realised the religion they created to help them maintain their control over Mankind would not take kindly to an "impostor" replacement they produced, so they had to disband and keep their secret.

The Emperor is indirectly responsible for almost all Magical Girl warriors ever.
We know that The Emperor had to throw out his compassion away so he could kill Horus. The Star Child theory that exists in-universe tells us that his compassion can bond to itself in the form of a new facet of The Emperor's personality comparable to the Omnissiah, different, but still part of the greater being.

Now consider what would happen if his compassion could make simple decisions. It would probably want to get as far away from the GRIM DARK 41st millennium where its favorite son had just been killed by his own hand. The Emperor has been stated to have time warp powers, and an aspect of him that did not have to do anything like powering the astronomicon could possibly muster enough psychic power to achieve true time travel.

The compassion aspect would travel to the late first/early third millennium, where there are far fewer horrors that imperil humanity. It would be very weak and could even be scattered over the planes of existence, like an egg that broke and spilled on the floor (in a pan-dimensional sense). The first instinct upon arrival would be survival. It would go about this by attaching to human hosts in whatever form it could, becoming various transformation trinkets in a manner akin to soul binding.

The hosts it would seek out would be young, caring, and female. Why female? Because compassion, love and other "soft" emotions are more feminine than masculine. The Emperor, the dominant aspect and with more than a hint of War-God ( Great Crusade and all ), is masculine. The Omnissiah, the aspect of knowledge and machinery ( and by proxy the the war aspect, war-machines ) is not solidly referenced to by gender ( I cannot recall the Omnissiah being referred to as a he with any regularity ). The most war-oriented the compassion aspect can be is as either the supply lines that feed the conflict, the bonds of warrior brothers, or the healing and recovery from after war.

During the first meeting with the hosts the aspect would involve an infodump explaining things the the host. The reason they all get different backstorys is because the trauma of traveling so far through time has rendered it a crippled with no clear idea of what happened, but its stronger connection to the War/Main aspect gives it general sense of directive to oppose Chaos and safeguard humanity.

The form Chaos takes in this time frame to threaten man is small time Daemon lords trying to take a few billion souls to jump-start there carriers. The first choice for the aspect would be to fight would be daemons serving Khorne, god of hate.

All this time attached to the host, the aspect will amplify the power of love to insane levels to fuel the hosts powers to fight anti-lulz. When the host is in civilian mode the aspect will squirrel away psychic compassion resonance to send to the future for the Star Child.

  • At the very least, this theory certainly explains the reasoning behind Nanoha Takamachi's insane amount of firepower and mentality...
  • Didn't Sailor Moon end with her destroying Chaos?
  • "In the name of the Moon God-Emperor of mankind I punish you!
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the Magical Girl dimensions closest to the actual 40k universe.
    • Puella Stellae Madoka Magica has this averted, with the sole exception of Homura Akemi, who becomes gifted as the Emperor's messenger. The rest of the magical girls, however, have their contracts bind them with daemons of Chaos who will eventually grow so powerful that they can be directly summoned into the materium. Their first success? Miki Sayaka, Bloodthirster of Khorne.
    • It's also possible that the Incubators harvest energy and stave off their own entropy by selling unlucky souls to Chaos, and then harvesting reality-warping Warp energy. Just like the Dark Eldar.
    • Here is another fanfic that makes things a good deal worse: The traitor primarchs were not only Puella Magi themselves, but they've also become daemon princes because of the despair in their soul gems. Even worse, the Emperor Himself is a Puella Magi, who madea contract to give Mankind civilization but requires thousands upon thousands of mindraped psykers and grief seeds in order to purify his soul gem...and even then, it's still gradually failing. What's to say that Leman Russ, Jaghatai, Vulkan or even Corax haven't already succumbed to despair and became daemon princes themselves?
    • Alternatively, the Emperor is an agent or Avatar of Madokami herself. Well they're both Messianic Archetypes...
  • Ultimate/Jesus Madoka + Sankt-Kaiser Olivie/Vivio + Neo-Queen Serenity = God-Empress of Mankind?
    • And the Silver Millennium is clearly the Dark Age of Technology.
    • Alternatively, The Imperium of Man after its collapse shall be known to future generations as Ancient Belka. When the Star-Child aka the Sankt-Kaiser returns from the dead, the endless horrors of the galaxy are surely f*cked.

Thousands of years before the Imperium, there was the Global Defense Initiative
After Kane oversees the completion of the Tiberium Control Network, GDI subjugates the remaining Nod holdouts and rules over a golden age of peace, powered by Tiberium and the technologies they have developed over the course of the Tiberium Wars. They even explore other worlds using the Scrin Threshold network. But the peace doesn't last: an agitator (perhaps working on the orders of Kane, or a Chaos cultist, or just a madman) awakens a hidden cache of Marked of Kane, complete with a backup copy of CABAL who promptly goes and does his thing. GDI's power-armored sentinels wage war with these "iron men" for the fate of Earth and their colonies. In the process the TCN is sabotaged or destroyed, turning Earth into a Death World (again) ruled over by warlords (again) with GDI's power waning (again), and Threshold 17 is lost, cutting Earth off from its colonies. The Emprah returns, taking control of GDI's forces, and goes on to take over the world as he does. Knowing better this time, he begins a systematic purge of Tiberium from all human systems and also deletes the records of the substance so no one can use it against him. Once his Crusade is underway, he begins repairing the Threshold tower, now that he no longer has to fear letting in something he can't handle.

In this scenario, Kane is either the Emperor, or a very highly placed Eldar (probably a Harlequin). In either case he's older than dirt, can see the future, and has unknowable goals and motivations. The Tacitus is a fragment of the Black Library's archives, either stolen or "left" where the humans would be sure to find it.

As for the Scrin, the smart money paints them as the work of a Dark Eldar Haemonculus (perhaps one who has found a way to survive the predations of Slaanesh, albeit at the price of Tiberium addiction). Consider their love of spikes, the spindly, inhumanly gaunt appearance of their troops and vehicles, the superhuman technology, Tiberium shard weapons vs. splinter weapons, the Threshold network vs. the Webway, their tendency to allow/encourage the humans to fight each other, their reliance on fast, mobile units to outflank the enemy, their effect on human morale. Not to mention they obviously know of Kane from way back.

Warhammer 40000 is human propaganda in Disgaea

Both universes are utterly insane, operate on Rule of Cool, and frequently depict charging at people with swords as an effective military strategy. WH40k is a human perspective on Disgaea, told via corrupt government that is desperately trying to keep order.

  • Imperium of Man: There is Crapsack World space faring human empire, since traveling through space in Disgaea is extremely easy, but it's size is exaggerated and it lies about human originating from Earth.
  • Chaos and Orks: All of them are demons. The propaganda splits them up because the human rules don't want to admit how numerous demons are and that single demons that can take over whole planets are common place. Human followers of Chaos and demon worlds are lies told to keep humans to afraid of demons to associate with them.
  • Xenos, minus orks: This the Pan Galactic Alliance, but the human propaganda splits into various alien factions because nobody could handle the panic that would come from the commoners knowing about a coalition of 20 billion planets who want to Kill All Humans simply because they see the as pests

Chaos will ultimately be defeated by a power older than even the C'tan
But not one which actually hates them, as they can not truely hate, but only get annoyed at the mess that they make. They see the Chaos Gods as being the sum of everything they disaprove of, sloppy crude thinking that gets in the way of the efficient running of the universe, simply piling up the paperwork. Ultimately when chaos ends, the last moments of the chaos gods shall be witnessed by trillions opon trillions of identical grey empty robes floating which will tell the fading beings this..."To be an individual is to Live, and to Live is to Die"

Tzeentch is Nyarlhotep
Both are fond of making up inconceivably complex plans, Both have sowing discord as part of their very nature, and both are almost constantly changing their appearances and love messing with peoples' heads.

The Omnissiah is the Root
As the novel Mechanicum implies, the Omnissiah seems to be the Akashic records. It also manifested in psychic people, like Shiki.

The Emperor of Man is M. Bison
So you have a tyrannical warlord, driven by a dream of a new world order, who wishes to create the perfect genetic soldier, in order to sweep away every creed and every nation until all of humanity is united under a peace with a Canis Latinicus name. When this is done, said warlord will build himself a giant ego palace that will be one of the wonders of the world. Said warlord has a fondness for Putting on the Reich and lightning bolt symbols, and is associated with a symbol of a winged skull. Also, fatally damaging his body doesn't finish him off; he lives on in a transcendent state. The big difference is that the Emperor actually pulled it off.

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