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Here's a page for the various WMG spawned by Gregg Landsmann's Fan Fic Walking in the Shadow of Dreams.


Rei's infrequent booty call buddy in the rewrite is non-other then a clone of Kaworu.

Think about it, Gregg has already said that the person Rei was sleeping with in college was an established Eva character, and who else is available but one of the dummy plug clones of Kaworu . . . and Kaji?


Ariel's Father is...

Rei is a Time Lord
The twist is that she's her own TARDIS.

In the rewrite, Gendo will dump Asuka's stepmother in Unit Two pool
  • Given that Pieter is genuinely trying to become a good father in the rewrite -and Word of God has told getting married his second wife is punishment enough-, it's unlikely he will behave like he did in the original fic (actually it's possible if he visits Tokyo-3, he has a heart-to-heart talk with Unit Two). So Asuka's stepmother will make a fuss, Gendo will dump her in the pool... and laughs will follow (Rei will record the scene. Asuka will pay cash for the tape).


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