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The Finisher is Triple H in a mask
As well as the fact that he has taken over the WWE from Vince, which Triple H will almost certainly do some time in the future, the Finisher as a character is basically an OTT parody of how the IWC views Hunter: arrogant, self-absorbed, obsessed with holding onto championships, makes terrrible business decisions for his sole benefit, uses his power to crush anyone who might be a threat to his status as the pinnacle of the WWE and is clearly much less competent than he claims to be.
  • Also, notice which Superstar has been absent from all the Slam City promo material.
  • Jossed to the max. Triple H's voice clearly does not resemble Lord Zedd's. That and The Finisher is an original character, nothing more than that. Or, it could be Paul Heyman as they have similar voice pitches.

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