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Villainous will get a full-fledged TV series.
It already has a huge following.
  • It's been greenlit for more shorts, a pilot and a comic series, so we're getting there!
    • Confirmed.

If Villainous gets a full series, there would at least need to be one more major character.
When it comes to shorts you can get away with just the main four because it's more-or-less quick comedy but if you want to have at least eleven minutes of entertainment you might need to add more to the picture. This individual would likely be a hero that the group tries to capture, use gadgets, etc. on for episode plots. Some bonus points will be awarded if this happens and the troublesome hero:
  • Is the next door neighbor
  • Wears an outfit based on an animal that is not reptilian or a bear
  • Has someone else who is on their side that's a young girl with pink hair
  • Is either super oblivious or super aware to the fact they live next door to some villains
  • Has some if not all the abilities of the Flying Brick trope

Villainous is a PG-rated version of the Gorillaz.
  • Black Hat is Murdoc.
  • Dr. Flug is 2D.
  • Demencia is Noodle.
  • 505 is Russel.

Villainous takes place in the same universe as Evil Con Carne / The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.
Comparisons have been made due to what our antagonistic protagonist line-up consists of for the latter and some of the Grim Adventures have shown other cartoons on the network aren't too far away (take the fact how the Kids Next Door showed up more than once for example). Perhaps Black Hat is Nergal's cousin or related to him some other way and as far as I know there's no limit to how many villain teams with a bear member can exist on one channel's properties.

Villainous will crossover with another Cartoon Network show.
And that show could be OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.
  • Would work cause one show is about superheroes, while the other show is about supervillains.
  • Plus both shows happen to include villains who sell products to other villains, being Black Hat and Lord Boxman respectively.
    • That sorta happened with the Lost Cases of Boxmore episode. Somewhat confirmed?
    • He does appear in the massive crossover episode Crossover Nexus... as one of the heroes that Strike turned into stone.

There will be an episode or short involving White Hat in some way.
Either Black Hat will be turned into him by some freak accident (my favorite), or he'll show up as a cousin or brother. The crew end up liking the change, or the relative, but soon realize that Status Quo Is God and reluctantly try to get Black Hat back to normal. Or, if the relative, kick him out or have him leave willingly.
  • This was referenced in the Valentine's Day short with Demencia's delusion of BH while under the effects of the Dapura Repulsa flower.
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  • If White Hat is a recurring character, he will be Black Hat's Arch-Enemy, with both of them obviously being opposites in morality/personality, but also equally powerful to each other.

Black Hat is the Cartoon Network version of Satan.
Think about it: He has a variety of nightmarish abilities including changing his size and opening portals to the underworld, he's proud of being a monster, he's claimed to be feared by all and he's the Greater-Scope Villain to virtually every villain in the network's history, even heavy hitters like Aku and Vilgax. Not to mention, deals with him apparently use souls as payment.

Black Hat is actually an Eldritch Abomination.
His official Q&A basically gives it away, as one question has him answer that he's destroyed countless worlds before, besides heroes. In addition, he also has plans for taking over the entire universe. His "humanoid" form is just the shape he's taking at the moment.

Black Hat is Nyarlathotep.
See the above theory.

Black Hat is related to Aku.
Due to both of them being powerful shapeshifting demons who are pure evil and proud of it.
  • The newest orientation video addresses this: Aku is a lesser being of darkness in comparison to Black Hat.

Villainous takes place in an alternate universe where Aku defeats Jack, and then becomes Black Hat with his shape-shifting skills mastered.
You notice that Aku has limited color schemes, but then maybe overtime he learned how to utilize it better.
  • Not likely because as shown in the orientation video, Aku and Black Hat are separate individuals.

Black Hat is adult Invader Zim who defeated Dib in a epic battle.
Then gained shape-shifting powers overtime.

Black Hat is Sir Pokon from Kikiyama's dimension.
Just imagine Sir Pokon's Evil Counterpart with Underer powers.

Dr. Flug's face is covered, cause he got a really bad face injury in an airplane accident.
Makes sense.

The reason Flug wears that paper bag on his head...
It's because Black Hat once disfigured Flug's face in a fit of rage. Given the kind of boss Black Hat is, it would probably be more surprising if this wasn't the case.

Flug is actually an older Charlie Brown.
To those unfamiliar or don't want to look at the Brown Bag Mask trope page there was an arc in the Peanuts comics where Charlie had to wear a paper bag over his head when he developed a rash on the back of his head that resembled the shape of a baseball on his head. While wearing this bag he attended a camp where he became known as "Sack" and gained a lot of popularity. According to Word of God Flug is wearing that bag for a specific reason so maybe he developed another rash and returned to an old habit in order to deal with it. Let's not forget a major defining trait between these two characters is they are the Butt-Monkey of their piece of media.

Demencia is related to SCP-811.
Look at one of Demencia's ears. Also notice she can crawl up walls like a reptile.

Similar to the above, Flug is SCP-096.
SCP-096 is a creature who goes on a brutal rage to murder those who see its face. It's possible Flug could do thesame...

Black Hat is a nalusa falaya.
They are "long black beings" and though they're usually described as a tall spindly humanoids, they're sometimes said to slither like a snake or *melt into the form of a shadow*.

Black Hat is literally his hat.
As previously mentioned, Black Hat isn't a human, alien or animal and one episode shows a villain from centuries ago wearing the exact same hat. So my theory is that Black Hat is actually a sentient evil hat with magic powers and his humanoid form is either an avatar the hat made or some poor fool being controlled by it

Black Hat is not as powerful or even as great a villain as he lets on
There's no doubt that Black Hat has the body/world count he claims. However, whether weakened in a previous encounter with a superhero or born pure evil but imperfect, Black Hat doesn't have the ability to take over the world or even mind-warp other villains into buying from him. Whether the souls or profits from other villains make him more powerful or not is anyone's guess, but him touting his superiority is proof of him being in denial. This would also explain why he bothers putting up with Flug and Demencia; he's not toying around with them for sick villain-y fun, he legit needs their help to make his company work.
  • While Black Hat is probably indeed a fearsome and dangerous villain in his own right, he's also a huge narcissist who repeatedly claims he is the greatest evil being in existence. So it would not be surprising if he turns out to be an Unreliable Narrator who's prone to exaggerating his own feats and denying his weaknesses. After all, if he's such a great evil mastermind as he claims to be, then why is he so reliant on semi-competent foolish minions like Flug and Demencia to do most of his dirty work for him?
    • I personally view Black Hat as being like Frank Fontaine: undeniably powerful, but far from invincible. Like Black Hat, Fontaine not only ran a criminal enterprise (smuggling rings, bio-augmentation, and recruitment facilities for his personal army of super-powered mutants), but cultivated a reputation for himself as a scary, unstoppable badass to intimidate enemies and make his followers less likely to betray him. While ruthless and sadistic and one hell of a Final Boss, he was nothing more than a con-man underneath all the "flimflam and humbug." Black Hat may very well be the same: as powerful as he's shown to be, he's most likely exaggerating how powerful he really is so that heroes will be unwilling to stand against him and villains will be more willing (out of either fear or admiration) to buy his products or join his organization. Sooner or later, someone will find out that the seemingly Invincible Villain is not infallible.
      • I think it's that black hat is more successful than these villains not more powerful there for he thinks he's unstoppable.
    • Not only all of this, but it is shown that the Kids Next Door are going to war against Black Hat organization. Given that Sector V have at least survived till adulthood judging from the series finale; it’s very likely that must have escaped this conflict and became victorious.

Future Villain Orientation plots
I'm putting this up for people who want to guess what villain Black Hat/Flug will talk about in an upcoming Villain Orientation video. So far, they've covered Lemongrab, Nohyas, Boxmore, Mojo Jojo, Aku, Vilgax, Jasper, Peridot, and Rob.

The First Seasons Plot
Based off of the ending of the DCFDTL's orientation video, My guess is that season one of the show itself will be The Black Hat Organization Vs The Kids Next Door.

The reason Black Hat was among the petrified heroes in O.K. K.O.'s Crossover Nexus
Strike wanted to be the greatest villain of all time, but knowing how dangerous Black Hat is, he decided to trick him to get rid of him, believing someone like Black Hat would NOT appreciate someone else trying to upstage him.

Black Hat will face his own enemies
Considering Black Hat's reputation, it is possible there are heroes (genuine or not) that oppose (or have opposed) his schemes. They could range from:
  • A hero organization that works to counter him and his allies.
  • A single superhero who has all the basic superhero tropes down flat.
Black Hat might either be helpless to deal with them and every episode ends with failure, or his hero opponents might be laughably incompetent, and every episode ends with Black Hat victorious.

Xehanort is a member of the Black Hat Organization, thus making Black Hat the Greater-Scope Villain of Kingdom Hearts as a whole.

Black Hat is an Emotion Eater.
Black Hat feeds off of anger, fear, sorrow, and other negative emotions; it's how both he and his powers grow. He needs the organisation so that more people become aware and scared of him. This gives another explanation as to why he's always angry at Flug: If people don't see the Black Hat organisation as a threat, then he won't grow stronger!

On top of the numerous nods to her lizard motif, one of 505's drawings is of her, labeled as "SIS". This implies that, on top of 505 viewing Demencia as a sister, she is the result of one of Flug's experiments.

Demencia used to be a normal(ish) young woman.
However, she wasn't quite right in the head to begin with, as she wanted to enter a career in supervillainy under her idol Black Hat. After signing up to join the Organization, she volunteered for (or was forced into) genetic experiments by Dr. Flug to give her superhuman abilities. The results drove her insane (or even more insane than she already was), and also amplified her ridiculous admiration for her demonic boss.

Muscular Black Hat will defeat Regular Black Hat, either inadvertently or not.
The only thing that can defeat Black Hat is himself. And on the same note...

Muscular Black Hat is currently building his own Nebulous Evil Organisation — probably filled with hot people.

the Orientation video's are not cannon or they were undone
they imply that the black hat organization killed some well known CN hero's like Finn and Jake, uncle grandpa, the KND and Dexter, but if you now the full context of those shows it doesn't fit in the continuity.. The knd are alive as adults in the last episode "operation i.n.t.e.r.v.i.e.w.s"

. Dexters lab was the kind of show where an episode can end with the world blowing up and in the next episode everything was fine.

. They imply that Bmo is one of black hat's robot's in the video with lord bowman but an episode of adventure time reveals that he was built by a man named moe.

. For uncle grandpa......well that show has no continuity they can die at the end of an episode and cone back the next one like dexters lab, also uncle grandpa has a time portal in the U.G. R.V. shown in one episode so he probably used that to save himself and the other CN heros, he does know every cartoon network character shown at the end of the steven universe crossover.

Black Hat (And his organization) will suffer a massive case of Break the Haughty at the end of Season 1
Considering how all-powerful Black Hat seems to be, it would make sense to have something that can actually be a threat to him show up at the end of season one, especially since his base's location might've been compromised during the pilot. After all, he'd only be worried about being exposed if there was someone or something that could actually defeat him. In order to see some karma dealt out, Black Hat's organization will be completely destroyed or taken over. Season 2, if there is one, will detail him trying to get back on top.

Riding off of the above theory, this defeat will be dealt to him by none other than COURAGE! The Cowardly Dog! What’s more; it will act as the true finale of Courage’s show.

His show was one of the few that didn’t have any villains referenced and mocked by Black Hat and his organization in the Lost Cases episodes, despite having many to choose from. And given how horror and villains tend to go hand in hand in Courage episodes, it seems odd for them to not crossover.

Perhaps the plot could be that Black Hat hears that villains that have been sent to take down Courage have all failed in some way, so he is brought in as a Godzilla Threshold. While Black Hat COULD kill him at any time; seeing how he is literally just a dog, he decides to play along with his snake oil salesman act and perhaps to convince Eustace and Muriel to sell their souls first, selling them products like a remote that can manipulate time.

Courage, seeing this newcomer, will probably do some research on his computer in order to find out more about Black Hat and his organization, maybe even finding out all the monsters he dealt with before were thanks to him. While the computer will probably tell Courage it’s all hopeless, and his soul would be taken like all the other villains that serve under him, this would just give Courage the boost and tip he needs to work a plan out.

Sending a call out to all the villains that hounded him throughout the years, and perhaps also to the folks that he helped in some way, be it being nice to them, or helping them make a Heel–Face Turn, Courage reasons that if they all team up, than even things that seem like certain death don’t seem that scary, especially if you’re fighting for something.

By this point, Black Hat will be waiting back at the building, knowing that Courage will chase after him. That said, he didn’t expect so many of his own fellow villains from Courage’s home to help him invade the building. While relatively shocked at this sudden betrayal, his anger and fury would help him keep a upper edge, albeit still getting bruised and beaten.

When about to deal the finishing blow to Courage, the dog pulls out the same remote he tried to sell his owners, getting it from the ruckus the fight caused. Pressing eject many times on it would cause all the souls Black Hat amassed throughout his many centuries to escape and race off to their rightful owners. With one final ejection, the black hat on Black Hat will bounce off, revealing its true identity, perhaps even dropping his current host who has no idea what happened, or was aware the whole time and couldn’t say anything.

But than, a Hope Spot for Black Hat; the villains that have harassed Courage throughout the year surround him, ready to pound him...before cheering him for helping them get their souls back, and helping him get rid of the real black hat once and for all; sending the hat back to outer space and completely trash Black Hat’s building. This will lead into Season 2, with the black hat now having to find a new owner, only having Flug, 5.0.5. and Demencia for help with this new task.

Meanwhile, it’s shown that Courage got a lot of money from the very same villains that once antagonized him as thanks for saving their souls, and promises of them leaving him alone. Deciding to split this newfound wealth with his owners, they decide to relocate and move to a actually nice part of town, perhaps with all the villains waving goodbye to them as they drive off, with their new home looking a lot nicer with a friendlier neighborhood. Perhaps the final scene could even be a recreation of this song, with the changes being Eustace and Muriel looking the same as they did in their own series, and with Eustace being nicer to Courage, maybe even calling him a kind dog.


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