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Toxic Chainsaw will be either an Arc Villain or even the Big Bad of the spin-off, a la Kihara Gensei from A Certain Scientific Railgun
The main conflict seems to be revolved around the drugs that enhance Quirks. As such, Toxic Chainsaw might be able to use his Quirk for producing them, depending on how his Quirk works (and possibly turning him into an Evil Counterpart of a sort to Mina Ashido).

Overhaul and his crew will make an appearance
Or simply be a Greater-Scope Villain given the recent information about the Quirk-enchancing drugs. Maybe he will be The Man Behind the Man for the Arc Villain.

The Sludge Villain from the first chapter of the original will make an appearance
It will be revealed that his monstrous form was in fact caused by usage of the 'Trigger', similarly to Souga.

The Villain Factory is behind the Nomus
Let's list off reasons for this:
  • 1. The villains found a way to make the alterations semi-permanent.
  • 2. The villains are mass-producing them.
  • 3. The villains found a way to borrow quirks from others
  • 4. Several altered quirks showed similarities to Nomus.
    • The high-speed bat guy's transformed state is similar to one of the Nomus in MHA
    • The octopus/squid guy is very similar to the first Nomu in strength and appearance

Building on the above theory, the Villain Factory and League of Villains are two different names for the same organization
Or at the very least, they are both branches of All For One's criminal empire. The bio-engineering of the next-level villains, the fact that the suicide bombers were able to incorporate multiple quirks, and that the end goal of the Factory's research is to be able to match the power of All Might all seem to point to the Nomus and the USJ Nomu in particular. And since "Daruma Ujiko" was responsible for the development of the Nomus and was a direct subordinate of AFO, that would mean that Kuin and Number 6 are probably directly working as part of the Lo V.

     Connection(s) with the main story 
The Big Three will make an appearance
Cue to Hilarity Ensues when Knuckle Duster mistakes Tamaki for a villain.

The Vigilantes will eventually show up in the main series
With the Quirk Enhancing Drug making an appearance, it's possible to see Izuku and Knuckle Duster have a conflict of ideals.

Souga is related to Eijiro
They have similar appearances. Souga also once dreamed of becoming a hero.

At least one member of Class 1-A (the ones other than the usual crew) or even Class 1-B will at some point cross paths with the Vigilante, rather than a mere cameo appearance
So far, the story has often given several side characters from the main story a few chapters of extra screen time.

The Crawler is the Number 3 Ranked Hero
This series takes place a few years before My Hero Academia, and the Number 3 Ranked Hero has yet to make an appearance. This would require him to legally be allowed to practice heroism at some point.
  • Jossed. The number 3 hero is a winged man called "Hawks".

All For One will get his hands on Koichi's quirk
Once Koichi gets to the point where his quirk gains enough attention by the media, All For One will arrange a abduction and leave the young vigilante quirkless for the series finale. It won't stop Koichi from continuing his vigilante-lifestyle though, only make him live it at a slower pace.


The English version with have Knuckle Duster refer to his fists as "Hammers of Justice".
This will reference the version of Batman from The Brave And The Bold cartoon, whom refers to his own fists as the same thing, further cementing Knuckle Duster's major inspiration. Bonus points if a female villain taunts him about not hitting girls, and KD directly quotes Batman by responding: "The Hammers of Justice are UNISEX!"

Hachisuka is herself under some sort of mind/body control.
We've already seen that her bees can control people like her classmate. During her confrontation with Knuckle Duster in Chapter 23 she seemed to have no idea who he was while he knows her apparent real name, "Tamao Oguro", but refers to Hachisuka as "Bee User" rather than that name. So it's possible that Tamao was invaded/controlled by some villain, or possibly even the hive itself which could be an intelligent animal similar to the Principal of UA High.
  • Confirmed. While Tamao's personality and memories seem to be part of the Kuin Hachisuka identity, the villainous actions she's performed are the result of a queen bee attached to her brain by the actual "Bee User". In Chapter 26, Knuckle Duster manages to remove the queen.

Captain Celebrity will be murdered by a villain.
He is nowhere to be seen in the main story-line and an Attention Whore like him wouldn't be able to stay incognito for longer periods of time, meaning that either he perished during the job or quit. If killed, he might be Stain's first victim. His death however, will allow the Crawler to step up his game and try become a real hero in order to not be a viability to real heroes while he confronts serious villains.
  • Jossed. He was indeed targeted by Number 6 by trying to destroy the Sky Egg, but fortunately managed to survive and reconcile with his wife.

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