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In the possible third game, they will include a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference.
With a mecha like Six Majin, even if it's possibly before, they cannot possibly miss the chance to do a Gurren Lagann reference, mostly involving merging with a space base to make an even bigger robot, and they'll probably throw in a reference to Simon's speech after Kamina died with Joe making (or trying) to make a big speech about why the Big Bad can't destroy Movie land and possibly, Earth.
  • That would be a huge effing robot. Seriously, Six Majin already merges with a friggin' shuttle that makes a robot bigger than most planets, Six X Six Majin. If THAT combined with something, like a space station as big as the sun...
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  • Given that the Dark Kaiser dwarfed everything in the solar system sans the Sun itself, this is not impossible.

Scott Pilgrim is Joe's and Silvia's son.
Though he's more of a slacker than a fanboy like his father, his universe could arguably just be what movie was to Viewtiful Joe.
  • Actually, Scott's Dad, Vincent, was already given a semi-backstory of having adventures in the 70's. But we know nothing about his mom, and Joe's sister was given henshin powers at the end of Double Trouble...
  • Jasmine being Scott's mother could work.

Had Viewtiful Joe gotten its 3rd game, the villain behind both Blue and Jet would have been Ivory.
Every game in the series ignoring Red-Hot Rumble (being a spinoff set in the anime's world) had each game's Big Bad be a parent of our heroes Joe and Silvia (Blue/King Blue is Silvia's missing father, Jet/Black Emperor is Joe's father, Junko/Queen Heinderella is Joe's deceased mother). Outside of Silvia and Blue's obviously non-canon stories in the first Viewtiful Joe we don't have much if any signs of what she's like. We also might not know all of the situation behind Blue getting trapped in Movieland (namely whether it was from sabotage).

This WMG proposes that Ivory was found by a dark, corruptive, force (possibly Evil King from the anime's 2nd season) that found it's way to the Real World (be it by accident or possibly even by another villain arranging it). This force of course corrupted her. Possibly by exploiting her care for her husband Blue, getting her to arrange an accident to trap Blue in Movieland where he could continue to be a hero even as his fame faded away. Ivory would lie to their daughters Silvia and Goldie that their father died with them buying it since they had no grounds not to.


This same dark force provided the Black Film and Black V-Watch to Ivory, who once the opportunity came would place them where Jet would find them and become corrupted himself. Carrying out its/Ivory's designs.

This would all be revealed in the finale of VJ 3 where Ivory is cleansed of dark forces' taint, the dark force itself destroyed or sealed away, and Joe would finally have his title as the Captain Blue of the next generation cemented.<<|Wild Mass Guessing|>>


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