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The pilot will be added to the main series.
Just like Regular Show and Clarence before it.
  • Looking jossed, the show seems to treat the pilot as non-canon.

Monte Macabre is in Mexico.
  • Obviously confirmed.

Victor and Valentino are born in America.
Their hometown is in one of the States with a large Latino population like California or Texas, which explains their accents.

We will meet Quetzalcoatl.
Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl were feuding brothers, making them Not So Different from Victor and Valentino. In myth, Quetzalcoatl also went in self-exile and vowed to return, so the events of the show could make him return.
  • We may already have in the form of Sal.

Charlene and Pineapple are Ambiguously Human.
Their grandfather, Tez is a god. Charlene seems to have teleportation powers in Fistful of Balloons. And she has a lot of cursed items. Even for a goth girl.

Chata is Chalchihuitlicue.
Chalchihuitlicue is the goddess of water, and according to myth, she flooded the world in her tears once. This would match up with the episode where Chata's emotions controlled the water. It may also explain why she doesn't like Tez, since Tezcatlipoca was responsible for making her cry (by accusing her of faking her Nice Girlness).
  • Chalchihuitlicue is also the goddess of childbirth, so this may explain her good grandmotherliness to the boys.
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  • In "Tez Sez", Tez says that he hasn't seen Chata in a long time and teasingly asks her if she still liked marigolds. Marigolds were associated with Chalchihuitlicue's husband, Tlaloc.

Victor and Valentino are related to Manuel Calavera.
  • It does seem kind of coincidental that Vic, Val and Manny share the same last name, are Hispanic and have gone to the Land of the Dead.

Tez’s Master is
“Tez Breaks Bread”, revealed that Tez is working for a master who tries to get rid of both Victor and Valentino. We don’t know who that is.

Add anyone villain who you think might be Tez’s master here.

  • Mic and Hun


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