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The Paksis is crystallized Spiral Energy.
Okay, let's see here. Shining blue-green, endless power source, fuels mecha combination, tied into human emotion especially love... Sounds like Spiral Energy to me.
  • Perhaps it's even a post-TTGL Restraining Bolt method for controlling Spiral; Energy in order to prevent Spiral Nemesis.

The attempt to fuse the cultures of Taraak and Mejeer will fail horribly.
So, their plan is to send a sampling of volunteer men and women down to both planets and have them live together to prove that it isn't so hard? What happens if someone on either planet accuses heterosexuality as sinful, or a politician from the planet (rather than admitting to being wrong) tries his hardest to disprove the Nirvana crew/volunteers.
  • Fan Fic, of course!
  • Then again, they just fought against Earth fleet and they got atleast 1 planet where heterosexual relationships are norm close enough to supply ships. Trying to condemn few heterosexual pairs would mean they would attempt to condemn one their allies. That has a vastly better fleet.
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  • Then, also, the cultures are very polarized, so even if they were able to get together, there would be opposition from both sides who want to keep their single-gender ways. Talk about having the Government Conspiracy Gone Horribly Right.

This takes place in an Alternate Universe of Legend of Galactic Heroes.
Specifically, one in which the Earth Cult's conspiracies were far more successful.
  • Or rather, the events of Vandread took place during the end of the chaotic era between the Earth-Sirius War and formation of the Galactic Republic. Taking some notes:
    • The Galactic Republic was formed in 2801. The events of Vandread took place in a similar era. If they haven't joined the Galactic Republic yet, they would now that Tarak and Mejere have lost their original purpose.
    • The military of each side would be part of the armada of the Galactic Republic thereafter to confront the Space Pirates, which were still a big problem during their expansion.
    • Before the Galactic Republic, back to when Earth was still around, that's when they discovered the Pexis Cores and used it to gain access to faster-than-light travel. The only agreement, when colonization commenced, about Earth's debate in colonial autonomy was giving each side a Pexis core to work with.
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    • Earth was already suffering its own problems like resource depletion and was tyrannical to begin with. Pollution was just the tip of the iceberg and came after the bombardment that tore up the Earth's surface.
    • Earth's methods to gaining more resources plundering the colonies with their all-powerful Space Navy. Moreover, the Earthlings clung arrogantly to the dogma of the powerful, putting themselves as the center of humanity and the others not from Earth as inferior incompetents. The Harvesters were made to imitate that power and turn it Up to Eleven.
    • Grandpa and/or Grandma (a.k.a. Zen and Anri Tokai) were members of the Black Flag Force that fought against Earth's Space Force. Using a mobile, functional force against a powerful, technological one, this became the basis for the military doctrines of Tarak and Mejere. They also witnessed how it came its twisted state and the Harvesters' time origin. Once Sirius collapsed and the Black Flag fought each other, the Harvesters began their consumption. Grandma, Grandpa, and their respective councilors then fled with their family and friends on the long-lost Ikazuchi to their respective home planets.

Magno Vivan is Hibiki's older sister or cousin.
In season 2, at the start of episode 7, we see Magno Vivan sleeping in her private quarters. (This is how we know she has blonde hair.) On the end table next to the bed is a picture of a family: a father, mother, young girl, and a baby. The only one in the photo who's blonde is the girl, with pigtails; the baby has blueish hair vaguely similar to Hibiki's. In season 2, episode 9, we learn that Hibiki was actually a member of the 'first generation' of colonists to arrive at Majale and Tarak, before the two genders split. Specifically, he was one put into cryo stasis to save supplies. When Magno Vivan is informed of this, she says "so that baby from back then..." with a quick flash to the same photo in her room. In season 2, episode 12, it is confirmed that Magno Vivan is also a member of the first generation of colonists. Perhaps less WMG and more canon than I'd think, but it was never explicitly stated in the show.
  • Apparently she isn't.

Einhänder is an Alternate Universe of Vandread.
Earth is run by the state of Sodom/Gesetz, a dystopian militaristic government that uses Humongous Mecha much like the Tarak. Though we don't know the culture for Selene, they use fighters capable of customizing their weapons like the Mejere's Dreads. Bonus points that all voices representing Sodom are German males while Selene has computerized female voices. Perhaps after the end of the First Moon War in the lore, one of the genders for each side was wiped out and made the other separate. And finally, a Government Conspiracy where war was a tool for the leaders to control the respective sides.

BC is a Transsexual
One is extremely unlikely to infiltrate an all-female crew as deeply as BC did if she were just in drag. Most likely he had an operation which, if not complete, had to at least be close enough to pass bath-time scrutiny. BC's delay in having it reversed was not just to stall long enough to get the guys out, she had straight-up Become The Mask, gender and all.

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