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Ultraman Tregear will deviate from Belial.
Instead of being willingly evil like Belial, there are chances that Tregear would further deviate his characteristics from the former instead of being an almost physical clone.

A Mid-Season Upgrade for all three Ultras.
For now, Taiga is the only one confirmed to have, but perhaps, Titas and Fuma may obtain their respective ones in later episodes.
  • For now, its further unlikely for Titas since not a single Ultra of his kin ever obtain a new form.

How the three Ultramen are all related
Of course, it can't be a coincidence that they went to the same Earth and bonded with the same person. For all we know, Taiga had been there for a very long time and dwell within Hiroyuki's body for a very long time. So that leaves Titas and Fuma's arrival being mysterious. It can either be:
  • Titas was sent by the elders of U40 just like Joneus' case, since he is the strongest warrior at that point.
  • Fuma was sent to Earth because the same Ring of Light that gives Gai Kurenai his power as Orb did it to him.

In one way or another, Zero and Belial will appear.
I mean come on, this year is the 10th anniversary of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends, so its possible that Zero and/or Belial will return in a way.

Ultraman Tregear's human host
Who could either be...
  • A man portrayed by Yuuma Uchida, Tregear's original voice actor.
  • Any random characters, if Tregear acted as a parasite of sorts.
  • Someone in E.G.I.S., a la Dark Zagi.

Mebius and Hikari will appear.
We all know that Mebius is a former pupil of Taro who aide him in his home series. He would help the Tri Squad to stand up and fight with him together alongside with Ultraman Hikari, as well as providing some mentorship, either as both guest characters or recurring characters.

Titas is related to Belial himself.
Titas' non standard design (When compared to his fellow U40 Ultramen) is a muscular body with black and red all over it, similar to how Belial was after he was corrupted by Alien Rayblood. In fact, Titas' Wham Line in Episode 5 of the voice drama stated that he is related to a traitor. Currently, the only known traitor in the Ultraman lore is Belial. His blue eyes might be the same result as Geed's, which was created using Belial's DNA.

Tregear will survive the series
He might get defeated, but survive and continue to make appearance in future series.

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