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This page is for theories about games by Twilight Frontier, primarily Touhou games, or Original Generation characters they have made.

The Tasofro games take place earlier than their slots among the ZUN games.
The first three include no characters from the immediately previous ZUN game, and the last was released well after the ZUN game that preceded it and tied more into the story arc that game was part of than the next ZUN game, which was released closer to it and was not part of that arc.
  • Congratulations, you successfully noticed that the fighting games take longer to make than the shooters. They do take place where the numbering suggests they do, though— even if they're missing some characters, the victory quotes make the timeline clear.

The Tasofro games are a separate continuity intertwined with the ZUN games.
They merge whenever a fighting game occurs.

Two completely out there guesses for ULiL...
  • First, they decided to troll anyone that looked at the code; Hanako=Hana Ko=Flower Child=Flower or plant based youkai, possibly Yuuka. Not technically lying, but not the whole truth.
  • Second, this is being released on the 20th anniversary of Touhou, so they may bring back "She-who-shall-not-be-named". But I'm probably dreaming...
    • Both jossed. As expected.
    • Actually the Flower Child meaning turned into quite the clever pun since the characters name has Floral Theme Naming.

"Hanako" is not the final boss of ULiL.
Rather I think that Hanako might be the villain but the final boss is rather something (or someone) that was brought to life thanks to her power, intentionally or otherwise.
  • Jossed. "Hanako" is the final boss. It's just that her name's not Hanako.

Nue Houjuu will appear in ULiL.
Hey, most of her Double Spoiler spell cards are based on Urban Legends, why she not could be associated with the Hanako?
  • Jossed. She had nothing to do with the final boss.

Yukari Yakumo is aware of Sumireko's future.
Yukari is extremely sensitive about the Gensokyo barrier this is clear when she delivered a no holds barred beat down on Tenshi for wrecking the shrine. Wouldn't Yukari do something similar or worse to someone who regularly punches in the barrier like Sumireko did? Time travel is a concept that ZUN has used before in his printed works so extrapolating on the theory Yukari being from the future; maybe Yukari knows that Sumireko is going to be the ancestor of Renko Usami. Even Marisa points out how weird it is that Yukari of all people did not do a thing when Sumireko was running amok; maybe Yukari was lying about the new world order to hide her knowledge about Sumireko.

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