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One of the Lambs is actually a Noble.
This was foreshadowed by the Duke considering the value of creating a Noble version of the Lambs. The most likely candidate is that Jamie 2.0 is somehow a Noble, since he appeared immediately after that; this would also explain why the Duke wanted him alive.
  • Partially confirmed, in that the original Mary was turned into a Noble.
  • Another (partial?) confirmation, in that Professor Hayle's and Fray's original plan was to set up the Lambs as a new form of Noble.

Sylvester will be the last surviving Lamb.
This is explicitly stated when he learns their expiration dates, but in theory nothing prevents some of them from surviving to the end of the series. The way Sylvester keeps picturing ghostly versions of absent or deceased Lambs assisting him, though, seems to point to an ending where all the other Lambs are dead and he has to finish things entirely on his own.
  • Jossed, Sylvester, Mary, Helen, Ashton, and Jessie all survive the story.

The Twig-verse is due a visit from Scion and his counterpart.
The shard that remembers Twig's biotechnology will eventually become Bonesaw's.

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