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Luxor is gay
  • In the episode "Cleo's Catastrophe", when Luxor switched bodies with Cleo, he was absolutely thrilled at the thought of dating Jake while in Cleo's body, even talking about how he'd look fetching to Jake "in a powder blue mini and a matching nehru jacket". Also, in another episode, he rejected the Hathor's advances while she was in her cat form.

Tut actually looks human
In the show Tut is shown as having green skin and a noticeable 'mummy' look to him, this is done so that the audience knows that he is a mummy. But in the show itself, it is completely impossible for his regular "mummy" appearance to be what he looks like in-universe for several reasons. It's entirely possible that the Sceptre of Was works on Tutankensetamun in a similar manner to how the Tablet works on Ahkmenrah, although without the nightly time constraint. Basically, Tut can use his scepter to look like an actual mummy whenever needed but normally looks like a relatively normal person of Egyptian descent, though he obviously lacks proper body functions. In fact, concept art for the show depicts what Tutankensetamun possibly looks like in-universe as it is less obvious that Tutankensetamun is a mummy as he is depicted as being more human in appearance, is shown with his natural tan skin tone instead of the green skin he is currently shown with and the only supernatural thing about him is his eyes, which are glowing green.
  • Throughout the series, Tut interacts with people who never realize that he's actually a mummy; the only ones who do realize are Cleo and Luxor- simply because they were there when the Sceptre brought him back.
  • In the episode "Queen for a Day" Cleo had to pretend to be Tut and the only thing remarked upon was the fact that "Tut" looks somewhat bigger. This is notable because Cleo is quite obviously a living girl, not a mummy; which means that Tut himself has to look like a human.

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