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Why didn't Olivia just dare Calux to stop the game?

  • Didn't it pick truth?
    • Wait. Doesn't this belong in Headscratchers rather than WMG? Just wondering.

The entire movie was a hangover
Hence the ridiculousness of the plot (a supernatural game of truth or dare) and the overabundance of drinking in the movie. Hell, one of the deaths even happen at a bar! This theory doesn't sound so far-fetched when you get down to it.

Truth or Dare is a movie within a movie
This explains the star-cast of Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale, the usage of horror cliches and failed jump-scares and the ludicrousness of the plot being a supernatural game of truth or dare. It was all one great big movie.
  • The ending scene could've even been a marketing campaign for the movie!

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