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Wolfwood is one of the carriers of the Will of D.
His ancestors were the last of the carriers, and joined the rest of the human colonists on the SEED ships. He happened to be on one of the ones that Rem saved.
  • Hey, it makes as much sense as the stupidly long name Nightow gave him that apparently translates to "Smokes too much every day" or somesuch.
    • Actually that was the next question. Badly translated though. The next person wanted to know how many cigarettes Wolfwood smokes a day. The "nickname" is a Yakuza insult that basically translates to who the fuck do you think you are, I'm going to tie you up, beat you with sticks, and dump you in the river.

Trigun takes place in Warhammer 40k
Remember, many planets have been lost track of in the colonization of mankind. The planet is barren and desolate, with only few areas of green, perfect for either a hardship colony or penal colony. To take this WMG one step further, the plants are not power sources per se. They are psykers that are having their powers harnessed for the normal humans.To take this even further, Vash and Knives are the two missing Primarchs! Oh, exploitable!
  • Primarchs? No no no, they're modified orks. They're plant based creatures with incredible powers and a rather simplistic view of the world.

Elendira is Legato's sister
An old interview with Nightow stated that Legato "seems like he'd have a sister". His long lost sister is in fact Elendira, but neither of them know it.

Many of the characters and character designs are based on The '80s and The '90s Japanese rock musicians
Actually somewhat Truth in Television in regard to Wolfwood, which Nightow has said was inspired by two acts, The Turtles and, for his name, Ulfuls; and for Midvalley who was inspired by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. While Nightow has not admitted this, Vash seems to be a combination of Buck Tick's Atsushi Sakurai from his 1987 look and Yoshiki Hayashi from around the same era for the blonde hair, the love of alcohol, THE ANGST ANGST ANGST and the attitude of Technical Pacifist, masochist, trouble nexus and being Persona Non Grata.

The Movie takes places in the mangaverse
It's been said that it takes place during some point during the anime. However, since Milly has her manga outfit and the general technology and aesthetic are much like the manga, the movie took place during the manga, but before the events of Trigun Maximum.
  • How is that possible? At the beginning of Maximum, Meryl & Milly are back in December City, hadn't seen Vash in two years, and they don't actually meet him face-to-face again until Chapter 19, after the fight with Leonof. After that point, sure.

Vash and Knives are Abyssals.
All the horrible things that have happened to Vash and his loved ones are the result of Resonance.

The Black Cat is God, and the events of Trigun are purely for its own entertainment.
No, seriously. Or it at least is some sort of super-cat. How else could you explain it showing up pretty much anywhere, anytime, especially around such weird characters as Vash? It even seems to have a "You amuse me." look in some scenes. Plus, the cat's name is given as "Kuroneko-sama", which literally translates to "Lord Black Cat".

Kuroneko-sama is Haruhi Suzumiya
Prove me wrong.

The reason Vash is so persuasive and people don't shoot him is because he has a mind/emotion control ability.
Anime-only, but consider that Legato has Vash's arm and he can screw with the minds of others. If the power comes from Vash's arm, does that mean Vash himself has the potential to have even greater abilities? Such as making people THINK they actually are doing what they want to, when in fact Vash is controlling them?
  • But people do shoot him multiple times throughout the series, in ways that could heave easily been prevented throughout the series if he was willing to use such abilities. Besides, Rem placed such a high value on having an "open ticket to the future", a.k.a. free will to become a better person, it's doubtful that Vash would want to mess with anyone like that. However, that isn't to say he might have done so subconsciously, and therefore unintentionally, at times.

Gunsmoke planet is world of Wild ARMs
Picture of Vash can be found as Easter Egg in one of games. But the way Gunsmoke functions is very similar to Wild Arms world so Gunsmoke is this series ancient world

Vash doesn't know where meat comes from
It's been shown that Vash is not a vegetarian. Yet, he refuses to kill, and won't tolerate other people killing. One could say that maybe he doesn't think animal lives are as precious as a human's, but remember, in the anime, he refused to kill a giant killer sandworm that was about to kill him. So, Rem never told Vash where meat comes from, and he never found out on his own, so he probably believes that meat grows on trees or something.
  • Though in one episode, Vash does say "Farewell my friend...and thank you," while eating an egg.
    • Except, given his life on the SEED procreation would have come up while they were being studied. Eggs come from chickens not being fertilized but could have been, would fall pretty well into his outlook. Now I feel so bad for Vash :'(
    • And then in the movie he blatantly refers to something he was going to eat as "Toma Meat".

Vash is Gunsmoke's reincarnation of Jesus
Or it could be Rem as she did die to save everyone on the SEEDS Ships.
  • Rem is explicitly a Messianic Archetype. Vash says as much multiple times; she gave her life so that the rest of humanity could live. Vash himself is, at best, John the Baptist.
    • Maybe Rem's a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary?
      • She had a boyfriend before joining Project SEEDS (his death prompted her to leave Earth), so she probably wasn't a virgin. Seriously though, that is kind of how Vash treats her. Rem, however, saw herself as deeply flawed.

Gungrave is the earth from the Trigun Universe in the Past!
Here are my point for this:
  1. There were some references to Trigun in the Gungrave anime and Videogame, but one of them was the existence of the Chicken creatures that they use for transport in Gunsmoke appearing as racing animals in Gungrave. Which suggests genetic engeneering taking place in that world.
  2. The Seeds. In Gungrave OD the group uses some sort of Seed Creature to t rack seed, this creature is kept in a bulb shaped glass (Just like the Plants in Trigun) and it had some sort of wings (again just liek the plants).
Now Where do Plants come from? SEEDS! Which was the name of the colonizing project? SEEDS!My Theory is that the Seed was the key element in the development of the Plants, and Gungrave 3 will narrate the evenets that led to the Earth needing to develop the Plants and colonize another Planet.

Trigun is a alternate universe made as a result of Edward Elric's attempt to bring his mother back.
first of,both vash and edward have yellow hair,red coat and they have a metal arm.Edward's transmutation sucked them into a alternate universe where they are roborn again as vash and knives.Al retains slight knowledge of being the armor,but due to the transmutation,his mind gets warped and sees humans as inferior beings since they are not as durable as his armor was.

Vash is older!Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II
During an accident Roxas somehow lost his memory and ended up in the Trigun universe, losing his memory except for some one with spikey hair and the color red (Axel). In an attempt to remember, he began styling his hair in a similar fashion and wore red. The accident made him clumsier and eventually making into Vash the Stampede when he grew up.

Vash is Jesus In Purgatory
He's a good guy, with good principles, who suffers like you would not believe. And then people go and die for his sake and principles, like Wolfwood. And then he wins anyway.

Vash is Bit Cloud's Father!
Look up their pictures and note the huge similarities between their appearances and how everyone saw them as lucky idiots early on before they proved themselves as legitimate badasses. Plus, If bit's mom was Meryl then he'd have her last name so his real name would've been Bit Cloud Strife, but he just goes with Bit Cloud to keep the name short and simple.

Livio's hat is Dominique's hat
In the manga, Dominique's hat looks identical to Livio's. When Dominique committed suicide, she left her hat somewhere else. The kid who gave Livio his hat found Dominique's hat, held onto it, then gave it to Livio.

Anime Vash and Knives are Time Lords.
One, because of the meme. And two, because there is a bit of logic to it. From what this troper could tell we were never directly told what Vash and Knives are, other than not human, or at least they didn't anime. It was implied they were found on another ship, so they could be aliens. And the plant technology is some sort of Time Lord tech like the TARDIS, thus explaining Vash's connection with it and how he refers to it as living. Yeah I know, crack theory.
  • So totally my thought too. Additional proof: they are at LEAST 107 years old (Episode 17), the Doctor in Doctor Who has been shown to have precise timing, aiming skills like Knives and Vash, Time Lords have telepathic powers which explains the thought connection between Vash and Knives, and Knives exhibits an ability like the Master's to control/hypnotize others, their IQs are well above human IQ, and so much more. This is my personal canon.
    • Wow! That's pretty sharp. Yeah it's my nice little head canon now too.
  • It's explained perfectly clearly what they are in the manga, though. However, the manga is kind of an alternate universe, so...
    • I know it's explained in the manga, though I've never read them. I have edited to now specify that it's an interpretation of the anime.

Gunsmoke has ridiculous levels of inflation
That's why the bounties are so ridiculously high going into the billions. Inflation is just that bad.
  • Actually, most bounties are less than $$1,000,000. Doctor Nebraska's was $$700k, which actually seems low given his history. Vash is just special.

Vash is Denmark from Hetalia.
  • Actually, he's France. (Voice Actor Joke)

Vash and Knives are Humanoid Abominations.
Mostly came from what Brad said about Plants being "The ones from outside of time" which sounds pretty eldritch to me. Sure he was talking about the agelessness, but at the same time, look at the Plant Vash was talking to. It also seemed rather eldritch, just roughly mimicking a human form.
  • Uh, this is all but confirmed, at least in the minds of some humans. In the anime, Steve explicitly saw them as this (his being a massive dick to Knives is what triggers the whole plot). In the manga, Meryl comes to believe this after she is forced to watch Vash's traumatic transformation close-up; it takes her a while to warm up to him again.
    • And of course everyone thinks this about Knives.

Regarding the races of the various main (human) characters...
Meryl and Milly are white, Wolfwood is at least part-some sort of American Indian descent, Rem is Asian-American, and Legato is at least part-some sort of Asian descent.

Legato is descended from anime otaku.
Note that out of all the main characters he looks the most like a traditional anime Bishounen and wears the sort of gothic Badass Longcoat attire commonly sported at cons. One of his ancestors was the last anime geek, who married a Japanese person before they relocated to Gunsmoke together. Little bits and pieces of that subculture eventually trickled down to him, and he adopted them for his own purposes.

Legato's mother was also a sex slave
.She became pregnant at some point during captivity, but she died when Legato was very young (either killed by her captors, or of childbirth complications...) which is why he was never given a name.

Plants do not need to food to survive.
They may, however, need to drink, but they may not, as regular, non-humanoid plants seem to be able to produce their own water. In the flashback which shows Vash and Wolfwood wandering gunsmoke, they both seem perfectly healthy, so maybe plants garner nutrients from some other source, like sunlight. That being said, Vash still eats things out of pleasure rather than necessity.
  • Jossed: Vash was starving one time. It was when they found out about Tesla and he was seemingly in bad shape because of it.
    • Not necessarily. Vash was still a kid and hadn't hit his "immortal" phase yet. It's not inconceivable that when Autonomous Plants reach physical maturity, they don't need the resources they did before.

Vash and Knives suffer from a bad case of Immortal Immaturity.
Neither Vash nor Knives come off as particularly levelheaded individuals — Vash is pretty much a Manchild, and Knives is a Psychopathic Man Child. Their philosophies are child-like in both their simplicity and their zeal to uphold them, their interactions with each other come off as two little kids bickering about who's right and who's wrong to almost narmish levels, and in general they act more like squabbling kids than ancient warriors. And that's when they're interacting with each other; they're not much better when they're interacting with others.
  • How is this a WMG? It's pretty much true.

Standardized spelling no longer exists on Gundsmoke.
Or a large part of the population is semi-illiterate. Public education is rare if not nonexistent (none of the kids in the show seem to be in school), and it's probable that whatever literature the SEEDS colonists had went up in flames with most of their technology when the ships crashed. This is why things are so often misspelled ("restlant", "kiyosk", "Mei City").


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