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Silver is Jim Hawkins' Biological Dad
I want to keep this short, so I will cut to the evidence: the ship with Billy Bones in it just happens to land near Jim's tavern. Not very much proof, but why did Bones choose that area in the first place? Did he happen to know "the cyborg" had family there? Jim and Silver are both looking for Treasure Planet. Maybe Jim's father taught Jim about the Planet? That may explain the story book. Silver also almost immediately grows attached to Jim and coaches him during Cabin Boy duties. On a ship, the chef and the cabin boy don't have any attachment as far as I know. How does he grow so attached to him? The only other friend of Silver is Morph, who also grows attached to Jim.

Before the black hole scene and after the montage, when Jim asks how Silver became a Cyborg, Silver replies with (while looking sad), "You give up a few things, chasing a dream." In the previous montage, we saw that Jim's dad left (or gave up) his family to leave for an unknown reason. Maybe Silver is referencing that. If Jim's dad left for the space Navy, that could make sense, as he may have been space-ship-wrecked, marooned, or may have mutinied the captain of a ship he was posted on (giving up his old life for his own ambitions). This could also explain how he lost some of his limbs.


During the ship's mutiny/takeover after the funny scene with Morph messing with Jim, Silver doesn't have the guts to shoot Jim, even after he stabbed his mechanical leg with a screwdriver. Silver is also sort of patient when trying to get Jim to reveal where the map leads. (You know, "We'll take them all!"). What happened to "take the boy, leave the others"? Again, not much proof. Silver admits that Treasure Planet's loot was a lifelong obsession, yet he still saved Jim when he was about to die. You don't just save a person you don't know/just met when you are about to reach an ambition!

Finally, during the scene where Silver and Jim say their last goodbyes, Silver gives Jim Morph, but most strangely (to me), he gives him a bunch of treasure from Treasure Planet and says "Oh, this is for yer mum, to rebuild that inn of hers!" This is one of the stronger supporters, as he didn't encounter Jim and his mom at their tavern, so how would he know his mom owns it and that he was connected to the destroyed tavern? The map, maybe, but that doesn't explain how he knows his MOM owns it and not another family member like a uncle, sibling, etc.


I hope you guys at reddit like my theory, as I didn't find any other people with it"

— A reddit user.
  • Two things: 1. Silver is an alien and therefore is unlikely to be able to interbreed with humans. 2. There was a whole montage of Jim and Silver bonding. It's entirely possible he told Silver about his mom during that montage. Furthermore, there is no possible way that Jim's dad from the flashback(s) and Silver are the same person.
  • Also, smaller point, but Jim isn't just "a person Silver didn't know/just met." They've spent months together by that point.
Titan A.E. and Treasure Planet take place in the same universe.

Disregarding how eerily similar the characters, settings and plots are, Earth having been destroyed and humans being scattered across the galaxy would totally explain why Jim and his mom are the only humans we see in Treasure Planet at all. And not on Earth.

  • Doesn't the tech in each respective movie seem too different to be from the same universe?

Joseph Korso is Jim's estranged biological father.

Consider the above... and think about it. It just fits too well.

  • Probably Jossed in that Jim's father's name is listed as Leland Hawkins in the artbook. Unless he changed his name at some point.

Related to the above WMG, Mass Effect and Treasure Planet take place in the same universe.

How the ships get across the galaxy so fast is because they use off-screen Mass Relays to get around. And doesn't Captain Flint look like a cross between a turian and a yahg? Also, several other aliens in Treasure planet look like strange salarians and hanar, so it could happen thousands of years after Mass Effect 3.

—How does one explain the whole breathing in space thing?

The transhumantastic ending to Mass Effect 3?

  • Again I must ask, Doesn't the tech in each respective universe seem too different to be from the same universe? I think it would make more sense for Titan A.E. and Mass Effect to take place in the same universe. Heck, doesn't Chowkin look like a Mass Effect character?

Jim's mom was a street rat.
She's very focused on keeping what she has, and making sure Jim has a future. In addition, she delivers a Full-Name Ultimatum to Jim for bringing someone random in, but goes over to help immediately when he says, "Mom, he's hurt." She was The Heart of her Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, and slowly evolved into a Team Mom, meaning that her reflex is still to help people—because you don't leave anyone behind. She and Jim's dad met because he helped them out, and the house was his. When his parents disowned him for marrying below his station, that was all they got to keep, and they fixed it up into an inn together. That's the real reason Dr. Doppler is apologizing to her about the inn—not only is it important in that it's her livelihood, she built it with her own two hands when she and her husband were still together. This made the fire a trigger both because she was completely losing the last of him, and a childhood trauma with fire, hece why she acts more out-of-control in that scene than any other. Jim's suggestion of rebuilding the Benbow Inn with the money he could make is met with a sigh because she's trying to figure out whether she should explain why it was important to her.

...Hm. I've just written a messy outline for a fanfic, haven't I?

  • Oh hell yes. Permission to use, given time to finish what I've got?

Jim's father left because he got bored.
Same troper who wrote above, and if the theoretical fanfic gets written this would be included. He was interested in leaving home because he felt stifled, but found it wasn't as adventurous as he thought. The boat was either taking him on his next adventure, or back to his wealthy parents, who would un-disown him if he divorced his wife and left his son.

Jim's mom just wants to make sure he doesn't Turn Out Like His Father.
Jim's dad left on that boat, so she associated leaving like that with leaving in finality. She's worried he'll end up going on one adventure after another and—depending on what you think his father was doing—ending up getting rich and leaving her alone, or getting a taste for adventure and leaving her alone.

Scroop isn't as bad of a guy as we are lead to believe.
In the all of 8 minutes of screen time he has, he does NOTHING that any of the rest of crew (Save for the protagonists) didn't already do/wouldn't have done (IE threaten Jim, question silver's leadership, Lie). His big Moral Event Horizon moment was killing a pompus, brown nosing dick, and have it blamed on Jim (Because structural failure of ropes apparently doesn't happen in this universe), while bad, Silver and the others burned down the Inn, that they KNEW had people in it. Far worse.
  • Tell me, good sir, have you ever heard of a thing called "Spaghettification"? Yes, that's an actual, technical term in science. You see, near a black hole, the gravity gets so strong so quickly that it's significantly heavier closer to the black hole than further away. The result is that anyone who is entering a black hole WILL BE STRETCHED APART BY TIDAL FORCES. Nobody deserves that fate. DEFINITELY not somebody as awesome as Mr. Arrow. Face it, Scroop was a terrible being. Also, remember that he tried to kill Jim just for talking back.
  • Except the other half of the rope was actually missing, so it didn't look like it broke, it came undone.
  • And Mr. Arrow was not a dick he was a badass who didn't put up with anybody's shit! Scroop killing him in such a cold and heartless way was just plain evil.

Delbert and Amelia are the same species.
If they belong to a species with doglike males and catlike females, it would explain how they are able to have children and why their daughters resemble Amelia while their son resembles Delbert.
  • Dogs and cats? Living TOGETHER?! Mass hysteria...
  • Just like any other recent marriage.
  • It actually makes more sense if you consider that one is male and the other is female - that's just how males and females are different on their planet. When they have babies there is no obvious mix of features like there sometimes is with hybrids.

Not only are Delbert and Amelia the same species, but Silver as well.
Aside from all being more or less similar in skin tone and all sharing the same amount of arms, heads, eyes, mouths, etc,(which is saying a lot given the diversity of species in this movie), Silver also seems to be somewhat canine, like Doppler. Silver probably looked more like Delbert in his youth, but he's really let himself go over the years.
  • Well, Silver's supposed to be more ursine.
  • Doppler and Silver do look similar enough to be the same species. Sure, Silver is big and burly and Doppler is skinny, but they aren't more different than, say, two humans.

In this universe there's air in space.
There is air in space but without gravity, artificial or otherwise, it's at too low a pressure to breathe. Spacesuits like Delbert's exist for people working in conditions without artificial gravity to compress the air. When artificial gravity is turned off, people rise because the compressed air around the ship is trying to escape and is carrying them with it.
  • Unfortunately, the air would depressurize in milliseconds in that circumstance, so it doesn't work unless you postulate that the air moves much more sluggishly than it does on Earth, in which case you have to wonder how people are able to breathe....
  • maybe there is just a MASSIVE amount of air?

The Forerunners from Halo made treasure planet.
Because why not?
  • Because it is just too awesome for one story to handle.
  • Considering what is known of the Forerunners in the Halo universe, its entirely possible. After all, artificial planets and massive cross-space portals are both mentioned and actually seen in both the Halo books and the games. As well as the known fact that the Forerunners explored other universes besides their own. Not to mention Jim, a human, is the only one who seems to be able to operate the map. Just like the Halo rings themselves, the Ark, and the fleet of ships inside the Shield World from Halo Wars.

Morph is an Alternate Universe counterpart to Envy
It makes sense: Envy could be Morph's Evil Twin in a different world. Both are Shape Shifters and both have at least worked for the bad guy (in Morph's case, it was Silver). Then there's Envy's true form, or Fetus!Envy, which happens to bear a little resemblence to Morph.
  • The reasoning here is quite loose. Morph is actually much more like Ditto from Pokemon. In fact, Morph is the parrot of Treasure Planet.

Jim's father would have returned.
If he hadn't met with an unfortunate end while off on a grand adventure. Considering Jim's mother's reaction when he left (sitting at the table crying), it was likely something with a very high risk to it, and a high chance of him not coming back - much like Jim going off to chase down Treasure Planet. Young Jim, not quite understanding the full extent of things right then, just knew that his father was leaving to do something extremely dangerous. He chased after him that morning to try and get him to stay. Either that, or, with all the exciting stories his father brought home with him, wanted to have an adventure of his own.

Humanity caused the fall of the Galactic Federation
The interstellar atmosphere is drastically different between the first two Disney Animated Canon films that deal with space travel. In Lilo & Stitch, humans do not have interstellar capability and there is a glistening utopian Galactic Federation. In Treasure Planet, humans are a part of the interstellar community, and it is in shambles. Perhaps it was humanity's transition to being an interstellar presence that destroyed the Galactic Federation.
  • That or the Galactic Federation is still fine, but the movie happens to take place in a poverty-ridden and piratical backwater of the galaxy. Think of the Inner versus Outer planets in Firefly.
  • Alternate idea: this movie is set today and not in the future, and the "humans" we see are just E.T. who by pure chance look just like earth humans. Like in "Star Wars", for instance. And, not totally incompatible with the previous idea: they may very well be in the same universe as Lilo and Stitch.

Bones ensured Jim could open the map.
It's not coincidence that Jim can easily manipulate a device that confounds Dr. Doppler and all the pirates. Bones handed it to him as the man who rescued him, and caused it to fixate on him.
  • All of the pirates? This troper remembers John Silver being the only pirate that tries to open it, and the reason why he can't is likely due to his cyborg arm. Also, Doppler never once tried to figure out. He merely mentioned that it would probably take him years and years to figure it out.

B.E.N. didn't turn off the artificial gravity, he threw it into reverse.
Jim and Scroop floated up, away from the planet below which should have been drawing them downwards. By the time B.E.N. corrected his error, Scroop was too far away from the ship for it to reverse his outward momentum. Even if the planet kept its grip on him, he would have been stranded in orbit (at least until the planet exploded).
  • Before the Legacy's gravity generator was first activated at the spaceport, there were several ships above that drew the Legacy crew off of their deck with their own combined artificial gravities.
    • Conversely, there could be something about that miraculous engine core that repels people and objects from it when it's charging.

The hull of the ship creates a natural bio-sphere
The science used for space-travel became so advanced that it can be applied with constructs based on nautical constructs. The lumber used in the ships is made from an astro-biological plant that can create it's own ozone layer by means if producing Trioxide-compounds, in addition to absorbing heat from cosmic and solar radiation and thus maintaing a hospitable environment on board the ship.Making vessels out of such light material makes it energetically possible to maneuver with solar radiation alone (especially with perfected Polyimide-Fabric-sails that transfers planetary radiation), so in the film's universe, the materials are so easy to manufacture and acquire that space-travel turned profitable enough for everyone to go into adventures and expeditions, springing a new age of commerce and piracy.
  • Similar, the tech of the ship not only has some kind of oxygen generator, but something keeps it close to the ship... kind of like being in a fishbowl. The same for the lifeboats, but much smaller. This is so much more logical than 'Space Air.'

The precursor aliens were Those Who Came Before
The map sphere looks a lot like an Apple of Eden.

If there's a sequel, both Jim and his mom will have love interests.
Because it's Disney. And just look at them!

Long John Silver is a trans man.
Okay, hear me out on this crazy one! XD It kinda hit me like a ton of bricks and now I can't unsee it.Alright... now we have Amelia and Delbert who're a catgirl and a dogman. The intending shows they can interbreed and for some reason the girl children are all cats and the one boy is a dog. This seems to imply that it's one species with weird gender dimorphism, or else two one gender races that are somehow compatible.Now... Silver mostly looks like a human but if you pay close attention to his non-cyborg half he's got the same clawed fingers and pointy ear as Amelia's race...It's probably more likely this was an unintentional mistake but wouldn't it be fun to think the character designer snuck it in as an easter egg?
  • According to the creators Silver is supposed to be a bear-like alien similar to how Delbert and Amelia resemble dogs and cats, respectively. That would explain the claws and ear. Speaking of which, I'm not sure I want to know how he lost the other one.

Jim Hawkins is a trans man.
This one has a lot of things to support it, so let's list them for simplicity's sake:
  • Jim is unusually short for a guy his age. While height in humans is influenced by a multitude of things, testosterone is one of them, meaning that on average, males are taller than females. Meaning a lot of trans guys are on the shorter side.
  • Jim tends to wear baggy clothes. Wearing baggy clothing to hide secondary sex characteristics is a practice used by a lot of trans people prior to transitioning.
  • Jim's middle name is Pleiades. Pleades is a star cluster in Taurus which s sometimes referred to as the seven sisters. A name like that sounds weird on a boy, but it would make sense if it was given to a female child that later turns out to identify as male. Why he still has the name is a little fluffy, maybe he hasn't been able to change his legal name yet due to wonky laws on Montressor?
  • The lyrics in I'm Still Here can very much be hinting towards Jim's identity and how he percieves the world's attitude towards him based on that. Some would say that it's just a song about generic teenage angst, but combined with the above points it makes me think it means something more:
    • "I'm a boy - no, I'm a man"
    • "How can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same"
    • "They can't break me, as long as I know who I am"
    • "They can't tell me who to be, 'cause I'm not what they see"
    • "And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe"
  • If the above theory is correct and Silver is also a trans man, it'd explain why he got attached to Jim so quickly: he noticed a lot of things in Jim that Silver experienced in his youth as a trans guy, and made it clear to Jim that he knows what he's been through, and the two grew close to one another by relating to each others' experiences with identity.
    • It'd also explain why Silver doesn't say Pleiades when calling Jim his full name when holding his speech to Jim: either Jim didn't tell anyone on the ship about his middle name because it makes him feel dysphoric, or Silver knew about Jim's middle name, but refrained from using it because he assumed it makes Jim feel dysphoric.

The names of Delbert and Amelia's kids
For Amelia's daughters, the couple might've went with a family theme naming for them. Like their mother, the girls would name after some great and historical women in history that match what they would like to do one day. As for the couple's only son, Amelia and Delbert went with Dead Guy Junior name; they would've named their son after Captain Amelia's best friend and Number Two, Mr. Arrow, whatever his first name was.

Jim grows up and becomes Sinbad: IN SPACE

The Benbow Inn rarely gets staying customers.
Well it IS called an Inn, so it does presumably have rooms for guests to stay in. However, we see pretty much no people or any mention of them after the time-skip from the morning's busy breakfast. Even if everyone had gone to bed then (it seems remarkably early for people to be asleep to this troper- probably 6 to 8-ish going by the light at the beginning of the scene but that might be weird planet rotation science) certainly there would've been SOME kind of crowd escaping when the pirates attack, but there's none. So this leads to a guess that the Benbow Inn is treated as more of a restaurant; people come and eat and rest a bit, but don't really stay the night.

And before someone points out that there could have been people unable to escape the fire rather than there being no people at all... Well I prefer this as an alternative given Jim and Doppler's troubled, but not deeply troubled or stunned, reactions to the inn burning down.

Sarah's grief is understandable as she just lost a place she presumably raised up from the ground to where it is herself. Doppler seems to treat the scenario as just a building burning down and everyone came out okay (though he does display some sympathy and comfort to Sarah since she just lost a very valuable place to her), and Jim seems sad, but he's more focused on making his mom proud and making it up to her.

Honestly these reactions don't make much sense if there was people staying at the inn, so the conclusion drawn from this Wall of Text is that there was no one there besides themselves and the attacking pirates.

  • Moreover, the people that were in the inn the day it was attacked are seen again at the end when it has been rebuilt, which seems to indicate that the above theory is right.

  • Hey no one else has mentioned the similarities before.

Spaceships are surrounded by artificial atmospheres.
Hence why everyone seems to be able to breathe in space. Every spacecraft holds onto some oxygen with the right air pressure.

Treasure Planet is actually a "Terraforming Planet" of some sort, and it created the Etherium
Dr. Doppler remarks upon the engravings on the walls of B.E.N.'s home, and concludes that they are the remnants of an ancient culture. And based on what we see with the planet itself being a mechanism, it could be safe to assume that this ancient culture created an artificial planet with technology even beyond the understanding of the characters in universe.

Now, the TP Wiki's description of The Etherium is sparse at best, but it describes it as "a layer of space that contains breathable air, life, and small island like bodies that seem to float among the stars. Below this layer is an airless void, some Spacers don suits to explore, or mine this void though it's fairly certain no life dwells with in."

Though it may be out there, my proposal is this: The Ancient Culture that created Treasure Planet actually created it for an entirely different purpose than the one it serves in the movie. They created the planet as one of many "Terraforming Planets", meant to pump out a thick, viscous, but breathable atmosphere into space and contain it with a powerful forcefield, essentially creating a gas giant planet the size of the Milky Way, with its own ecosystems, solar systems within itself, planets inside this planet, and breathable air in a low gravity environment. This "airless void" that the Wiki speaks of is nothing more than outer space.

When Treasure Planet was destroyed, we don't see what happened to the surrounding atmosphere, so it's not unreasonable to assume that the atmosphere surrounding Treasure Planet collapsed after it was destroyed... And that would mean that even if the Legacy WAS able to clear the planet's explosion without being vaporized, they would instead die by asphyxiation as the Etherium around them is sucked away... Seems like the portal really was the only way to go.

Scroop is one of the thirteen Xehanorts.
Scroop is quite irredeemable like Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts. Both have yellow eyes, gray hair and focus on negativity.

Treasure Planet takes place in an alternate universe where the luminiferous aether exists and explains all of the weird physics

The luminiferous aether was a theory that it was the medium through which light is carried (hence all of the wave-like behavior observed up to that point in history), but disproved in real life.

In The 'Verse of Treasure Planet, however, the existence of aether was proved instead, hence how Space Is an Ocean complete with Space Whales, Batman Can Breathe in Space, and sailboats.


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