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Transformers takes place in the same Universe as Final Fantasy
Several Transformers have abilities which closely mirror those in Final Fantasy:
  • Blurr's Super Speed (Auto-Haste status effect).
  • Skywarp's Teleportation
  • Mirage's Invisibility (Vanish)
  • Elita 1's Cast from Hit Points Special Power
  • Megatron's Auto-Revive. Additionally he must have a way to restore his Hit Points. At the end of "The Ultimate Doom Part 3", he is quite severely damaged after his starship explodes, but when he returns to Decepticon Headquarters on Earth in the very next episode ("Countdown To Extinction"), there's not a scratch on him. Plus, in "More Than Meets The Eye" and "Heavy Metal War" he must have had a means to revive the other Decepticons. This troper smells Phoenix, Life A.K.A. Raise, Cure 3 A.K.A. Curaga, and Life 3 A.K.A. Reraise or Auto-Life.

The Narrator is G1!Vector Prime.
Just a thought, but considering who Vector is, it would fit.

Alternative Title(s): The Transformers