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Your world has been destroyed. I saved you. Let's all be happy here.

So what is going on in this tower, anyways?

  • One theory behind the collar colors is that the hues higher up in the rainbow are for the more powerful characters - perhaps there's some kind of failsafe in them? It would make sense with how the color swap event made the characters who climbed up in the rainbow more powerful. Supporting this is that (as far as this editor can remember) all of the Persona protagonists have violet, as do any deities in the Tower.
    • Expanding on this, there's a theory that the larger a character's 'threat' to the Tower, its administrators, or just those they've supposedly saved, the higher the color of their collar. This might explain why Nageki Fujishiro has a Violet collar despite being completely normal, because the Charon Virus, a form of highly deadly Avian Flu, if active, would kill any humans who so much as breathe around him. ... Which ironically, would also include the Administrators!
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    • Another line of speculation goes that color collar is partly determined by the bearer's personality - this COULD be worked to go along with the threat theory.
    • Yet another collar color theory (seeing a trend yet?) speculates that the color is dictated based on the state of the character's soul. While the middling colors are less distinct, generally if a character is immortal by some means, artificially created, or in a state in their canon where what would constitute as their soul is somehow separate from their body, they will have a violet color. On the literal other end of the spectrum, those completely without any supernatural abilities to speak of can usually bet on having an orange collar.
  • It has been speculated that the characters are having continuous out-of-body experiences. The collars are used as some sort of stability mechanism for the souls, perhaps relating to the theory above (this would explain why everyone went haywire when the collar colors were changed). Note the fact that characters revive with their body intact even if it was blown to bits, the lack of an 'astral projection' section in the research library, and the fact that the game's title translates directly to 'Tower of Souls'.
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  • Ruana is a True Fae.
  • Everyone in the Tower except the admins are actually action figures. With the Tower being a literal playset.

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