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This page is for theories about the girls of Touhou 13, Ten Desires.


Like nearly all members of Myouren, Kyouko Kasodani has other non-religious reasons for joining.
She was lonely and the fact that Byakuren is nice to her is the usual draw; but she also gets to follow her affinity all day long; echoing the sutras chanted in the shrine; and get praised for it.
  • Her Punk Rock hobby goes along with this; it's another field where she gets to repeat things multiple times.

Although otherwise fairly weak, if it proved necessary, Kyouko could counter Reimu's Fantasy Nature.
How? Well, Fantasy Nature is powerful because it lets Reimu float. Since Kyouko is an echo youkai, if she gets close enough to Reimu to land a good hit, she should be able to "freeze" her to the ground by changing the spelling a little; no big deal.


Yoshika Miyako is Meiling's dead sister
She has Chinese origins (She's a Jiang-shi, or in other words, a chinese zombie), and that hat with a star.

Yoshika Miyako's stretch exercises are why there are "fast zombies" in movies lately.
Just as Romero's works influenced the Jiangshi existence; Miyako choosing to believe she can change the nature of her very existence is having a reverse effect on said zombie legends in the outside world. (The very fact that Miyako is aware of outside trends is...interesting.)


Seiga killed Miyako no Yoshika
Yoshika's symposium profile indicates that she may have been murdered with poison, as she died at a young age with seemingly no visible wounds on her body. It's possible that Seiga found Yoshika too interesting and murdered her to keep her around as an undead servant.


Soga no Tojiko is an immortal ghost.
The shikaisen did work...just not for her physical body. Normally, ectoplasmic beings quickly processed by Shinigami and sent to an afterlife unless they're tied to something. (Yuyuko is binding the Saigyou Ayakashi.) Soga no Tojiko is...unprocessable. She is thus immune to shinigami or even Rin.


Mononobe no Futo was a lot smarter before she died
In life, she was smart enough to syncretically practice Taoism while fusing it with her Shinto-based abilities, keeping it a secret from her clan; she to manipulate the Soga into following the faith she hated, Buddhism, to make the Japanese people into Buddhists and easier for Taoist leaders to control; to master feng shui, likely requiring literacy and a working knowledge of Chinese; to trick Tojiko and switch her phylactery with one that would degrade, leaving the woman as a ghost.
  • As of when we meet her, she's an optimistic, happy-go-lucky, smug and clueless airhead, unable or unwilling to even adapt her speech to modern norms, expectant of greatness from everyone and everything. That's not the personality of someone able to manipulate wars. This leads me to two theories:
  • 1. That she's hiding her intelligence for some unknown reason; or
  • 2. That she's truly lost a lot of her intelligence.
  • Considering that she's been dead for 1400 years and that the degradation of Tojiko's phylactery robbed her of her body, who's to say everything went perfectly with Futo? It seems very likely to me the Mononobe heir may well have lost something over the centuries.
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  • If this is true, the thought she might realize what she's lost is very, very sad.


The revival of the Ten Desires antagonists is a Moriya Shrine conspiracy.
Supposedly they woke up because Byakuren's Buddhist temple was built on top of their mausoleum... but Kanako is the one who built Byakuren the temple, and Byakuren was cutting in on her market, so to speak. Conversely the Taoists don't seem to have any interest in converting youkai, so they're Reimu's problem to deal with.

Toyosatomimi no Miko's headphones aren't actually headphones.
They're merely ear covers. Miko has the ability to hear people's desires, so she doesn't necessarily need to hear what people are saying as her powers allow her to discern their wishes anyway. The way she talks to Youmu, who lacks two of the ten desires, supports this fact as she ignores everything Youmu says, only going by the eight desires she senses from Youmu.
  • They're like blindfolds on a Blind Weaponmaster.
  • Symposium of Post-Mysticism has confirmed them to be earmuffs, not headphones, and she uses them to block out people's thoughts when she wants to.

Miko will become Head Human Administrator; and it won't be what she's expecting.
Akyuu and Keine will go, "Fine, you want to administrate? Have fun." and give her the next 20 years of work on road and building construction; overturned ox-cart hauling, actual community organization, and accounting. (the boring math part. Miko wouldn't embezzle.) She'll be a very busy mundane mayor; not Emperor.
  • It was this threat that lead her to becoming the leader of a hermit sect.


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