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This page is for theories about the girls of Touhou 12, Undefined Fantastic Object, sorted by mini Cast Herd.

Nazrin & Shou

Kogasa, Murasa & Nue

Kogasa gets stronger when she successfully surprises somebody.
She's said to feed on humans' surprise, yet she isn't showing any signs of starvation from her lack of success. So it's not so much like food to her as a power boost. Hence her being strong enough to be the Extra Stage midboss when...she surprises the player by being the the Extra Stage midboss.

Kogasas true ability is imitation
nearly every character in touhou has some unique ability, Kogasas stated ability is to surprise humans, except since she does this threw entirely mundane means this seems to be a skill(and one shes not particularly good at) rather then an actual ability, however she has displayed an odd case of syncretism not found in many other touhou characters, taking her last name and blacksmithing skills from a different one eyed one legged yokai and similarly even taking up babysitting do to her umbrella causing her to vaguely resemble Mary Poppins, even the umbrella itself is implied to naturally look like a normal umbrella and she just modified it to imitate what a Karakasa is actually suppose to look like, it could also explain why she hasent starved despite feeding on surprise and being infamously terrible at surprising people, because plenty of people are stated to pretend to be shocked so as not to upset her, and to her the imitation is as good as the real thing

"Nue Houjuu" isn't her real name.
"Nue" is the name of her species, and the kanji for "Houjuu", as written, means "Sealed Beast," which is exactly what she was until immediately before the events of Undefined Fantastic Object. What do you think, boys and girls?
  • Satori is also named after her race.
  • Perhaps the names "Nue" and "Satori" are thought of as names for particularly exemplary members of their species, similar to how "Andrew," derived from a word that means "man," means "manly."
  • Nue indicates that she's exactly the same nue from the legend, and implies that she's one-of-a-kind. Thus, she wouldn't really need a name beyond "nue, the sealed beast".
    • Satori's a little trickier, but since satori are telepathic perhaps they have other ways of identifying amongst themselves and don't normally use names. Koishi likes to interact with youkai and humans outside her own species, so she named herself for their convenience, and Satori goes along with it.
      • Possibly, Koishi is the satori designation in Gensokyo for those satori who seal their third eye away. Considering the change in powerset and personality caused, it's good enough.
    • Actually, Satori's name is spelled with different characters (さとり) than the species name, which is written as "覚". Satori's name may also be read as "enlightenment" (悟り)
  • Oh, Crap!, it's a Forgotten Beast!

Nue is somehow responsible for Kasen's plight.
When Kasen is first heading to the Hakurei Shrine, something resembling the form Nue took in Undefined Fantastic Object as the sixth stage's midboss is shown. Truth is, Nue somehow got Kasen's arm, but couldn't or wouldn't keep it for herself, so instead she put a Seed of Non-Identification on it and dropped it at the shrine to see what happened when the owner started looking for it.

Ichirin & Byakuren

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