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Nakia will return and try to get revenge.
  • Confirmed.

Kasimar will get a Humiliation Conga Up to Eleven.
  • Confirmed.

The final showdown in Total Drama Letterama will be between Rheneas and Vayvay.
  • Confirmed.

Tabitha's parents were the ones that sent the four days message to Tabitha.
  • Given the fact that her father wrote a vicious letter to her earlier and promised payback, this might be the time until they arrive on the show.
    • Confirmed.

Jimmy's parents will die between the end of TDL 2, and the beginning of TDL 3
  • Or they'll probably get divorced.
    • Confirmed.

  • It would be just like Cragmite...
    • Jossed. Vayvay and Spider have immunity to compensate for the three uneven teams in Letter Starz, so neither one will get voted out first.
    • She was eliminated second, though.

New couples in Letter Starz will include Barney/Helen, Raven/Wallace, and Alice/Bishop.
  • Considering the buildup they've received within the first couple episodes alone, it seems likely.

Steve is actually a member of the FBI and is Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • He gets calls frequently from "his uncle, Francis Bruno Ingrid", to whom he always refers by his full name (Cragmite's not one for subtlety). There was a scrapped character originally planned to compete as a newbie named Cole, who was also an FBI agent, so it's likely Cole's role in the story was given to Steve.

Annabelle is Nakia.
  • This is a fairly popular theory that holds a lot of water if you really think about it. Let's look at the facts:
    • Annabelle disguises her face and voice. The only reason to do that is so as to not be recognized, meaning people would know who she is if she didn't disguise herself.
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    • Annabelle claims to be an intern, but she is never shown along with Clyde/Jennifer/Steve nor is she mentioned as a new intern.
    • Her outfit includes a dark red shirt as well as a skirt, which Nakia wore in previous seasons.
    • The kicker is that she mentions being autistic, bipolar, and obsessive, which, assuming she is Nakia, would explain all of her past actions. She started her season out as snobbish, but eventually ended up incredibly angry, which may stem from being bipolar. Her disliking Spider over his messy hair may stem from her OCD. Her childlike behavior may stem from her autism.
    • When she comes across Quana, she is utterly terrified.
    • And, in true Cragmite Blaster fashion, she mentions taking pills, which would explain why she's acting so differently than she did before.
  • Confirmed.

Winnie and Xaria are only temporary hosts.
  • They will most likely "disappear" or get sacked, so the true hosts of the season will take over.

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