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Various speculation for Battlegrounds

  • The mystery villain in Battlegrounds is Belinda Or Zachary

  • Zachary will become The Starscream to Valerie

  • Colin will reveal to have a Freudian Excuse

    • It could be a Jerkass Façade. As for why, it could be a cry for attention, a strategy to get through the game (ruthlessness got other players pretty damn far), or some combination of those and/or the aforementioned Freudian Excuse.

  • Belinda does have feelings for Howard, but does not want to form a relationship with him because her biography says "She has a feeling that she'll fall for someone on the show, but her actions will hurt that person"

    • If so, does that mean she fell into a self-fulfilling prophecy there? (Hurting Howard by turning him down?)

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    • No, because she thought that she would hurt him even more if they became a couple

  • In order to try and make the female contestants hate Ezekiel again, Chris will split the campers into 2 teams based on gender for a challenge

  • There will be a reference to the fact that Australia got World Tour episodes before the United States

  • Gwen's mom and Tyler's dad will get together

  • Arthur is biding his time and will be more villainous later in the game when the other villans have been voted off.

  • Brady (Beth's boyfriend in canon) will appear

  • Zachary will help Owen try and get with Sierra

  • One of the villans will try to use the Eva/Cody/Anita Love Triangle to there advantage

  • Love will redeem Arthur

  • Eva and/or Anita will ask Gwen to be there Cyrano

  • Arthur will be responsible for the elimination of Zachary

  • Sandra will hook up with Owen (and love will redeem her)

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  • Valerie will be responsible for the elimination of Ezekiel and she'll frame Gwen for it, causing Heather to return to her villainous, scheming ways.

  • Ezekiel will win

The Kobold Necromancer was bullied by Dragon Ball loving Atheists
  • Hence the inspiration for Colin.

The voice actors for the new characters

Alejandro and Sierra will become contestants to stir up drama.

  • Sierra will cause more drama with the Eva/Cody/Anita Love Triangle while Chris will hire Al to try and break up Heather and Ezekiel, as revenge against Ezekiel for eliminating his plans for Total Drama Action.

Sadie will discover how Zachary is using her...
And then she will kick his ass.

The producer doesn't hate Hannah just for her religion.
The religion intolerance is just a cover up for the real(and much darker) reason she doesn't want Hannah around...
  • And that would be?

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