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Various speculation for Total Drama Chris and Total Drama Alphabet

Leanne will complain about Ulysses' name.

Leanne despises his name and threatens anybody who doesn't call him Lee. Coincidentially Ulysses' surname is Lee. This may come into play for laughs in the second aftermath.

Candice will place 3rd

Candice is third alphabetically, was third to arrive and was voted off third. Maybe this pattern could be followed by her returning midway and finishing third.


The final three will consist of one member of each team

This troper hopes for the final three being Todd, Ophelia and Zach.

  • Seconded

Stephanie will be the first boot of Team Moon

The latest challenge at the point of this prediciton is a fear challenge. Since Stephanie's fear is ... not something that can easily be put into a T rated fanfic shall we say, it's likely she won't face it. At the bonfire Ceremony Todd will vote for her due to being a Straw Misogynist and not wanting a female leader, so will Hank due to being Todd's right hand man. Jennie really dislikes Stephanie so she will as well. Elizibeth is Jennie's friend so could be swayed and Stephanie doesn't like Elizibeth much either. Veronica, being depressed and self loathing, will vote for herself which will prevent a tie and the other three votes won't matter. Thus Stephanie is left as the one voted off and sent sky high.


There will be a Phineas and Ferb challenge

The author does seem to have a fondness to the series with the shout out's every now and then.

Zack will hold the deciding vote at Team Amazon's next ceremony

Team Amazon is in a state of "inner team civil war". Katrina and Mallory knew each other before the show and had a ... conflicted relationship. Rachel, Xuxa and Katrina will vote for Mallory; Alistair, Percy and Mallory will vote for Katrina. Zach, the mostly ignored guy, will hold the deciding vote ... and he is friends with both Mallory and Katrina. I smell Character Development!

Rita is behind Todd's kidnapping of Katrina and Mallory

I mean, when you think about it, Rita DID try to kill off Katrina in episode 5.

The Final 10 will be all girls

At the rate the gender ratio is going that's porbably what will happen.

  • Then again George is a major protagonist and is Danielle is slightly hinted to like him. Also Zach, despite being lebelled 'cannon fodder' has done some pretty important things so far such as being the swing vote in Frederique and Percy's eliminations and Katrina and Mallory seem to like him.

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