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Natsume isn't the reincarnation of Yakou but...
  • ... Harutora. He had his powers sealed and Natsume acts as a body double to draw attention away from him.
    • Confirmed as per volume 9 and 10 of the LN. Harutora has currently unlocked some of his power as Yakou, becoming very powerful as a result.

The Twin Horns Syndicate...
  • ... serves to promote Yakou's desire to increase the prominence of magic. Normally there is no need for magic, and no other parts in the world permits magic except Japan due to the spiritual disaster in Tokyo (see LN). Without spiritual disasters, there is no need for onmyoji. So the Twin Horns Syndicate started by Yakou sets off spiritual disasters, which creates a need for onmyoji who are trained at Yakou's private school. The artificial need for onmyoji also increases their importance in society.

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