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Rina Tennoji will reveal her face to her friends and her girlfriend in this universe, Freya Jerbarn (Fray CD:Xak Gaiden) eventually.

Infinite or Eggman and N Harmonia Robotnik through using the Phantom Ruby (From another dimension, of course.) retconned this version of the Love Live! universe to follow the events of Perfect Dream Project.
  • However, rather than the retcon erasing characters from existence, instead, the characters introduced in Perfect Dream Project like Rina Tennoji, Ai Miyashita and the other four girls were added to the universe as if they existed in the Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee universe all along. In addition, characters who were originally from School Idol Festival or even other franchises such as Shizuku, Hilda, Shiori and Pastel had their default attire changed and had new personality quirks added to fit the new retcon. In addition, all of the SIF Transfer Students still exist in this universe, despite the retcon that follows PDP.

In addition to the Perfect Dream Project retcon mentioned above, Infinite/the Phantom Ruby changed things to where humans in this version of the Love Live! universe are a species of Pokémon...
  • Just like humans in the world Hilda, Bianca, Rosa, Yancy, Misty and Leaf originally came from. And Shiori Fujisaki, Mio Kisaragi, Yuko Asahina, Pastel Cerise and Freya Jerbarn were affected, too.

Infinite/the Phantom Ruby also retconned this version of Love Live!Earth to have Pokémon coexisting on the same planet as the humans who inhabit it.
  • However, Pokémon in this world are confined to various Safari Zones scattered all over the planet.

Hilda and Shizuku will convince the creators of the Love Live! competition who still run the yearly event in this universe to create their own Pokémon League from then on alongside Love Live!

Oshawott, Koalas, Alpacas and Winbee will become the unofficial Series Mascots for Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee.

The Konami Code will be referenced at some point in one of the stories.
  • Two of the franchises involved in this series of crossover stories and one shots are Konami franchises after all.

Thanks to the Pokémon Multiverse theory in the Pokémon game Canon, Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee is actually Canon.
  • It just takes place in a universe where Pokémon Trainers and School Idols co-exist side by side and there are also teen girls and women who take up both professions/hobbies.

This version of Mutsuki is either a robot or a cyborg.
  • If she's a cyborg, she was able to keep her emotions/human side's personality thankfully.

The versions of Hilda, Bianca, Rosa, Yancy, Misty and Leaf we see in the main stories are actually the canonical Pokémon gameverse versions of them.

Eggman created the DNA Splicer sometime after the events of Sonic Adventure in this universe.

The Tokimeki Splatoon story "Reunion" was a fever dream Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee!Shizuku had when she had the flu one winter that also doubled as a nightmare of sorts.

Emma Verde's Manaphy used Heart Swap on Hilda and Shizuku.

  • Thus explaining why Hilda is the tsundere and not Shizuku.

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