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Angelica comes from from a Big, Screwed-Up Family
I don't like thinking of such things, but the implications are there. The Nanny/Angelica's mother gives her a dress that she wore when she went somewhere with her uncle for the first and last time. Angelica's father is never mentioned again after the beginning where she wishes to meet him too. Is her father her mother's uncle? As her mother was forced to leave Angelica…
  • Actually, it wasn't Angelica's mother who gave her the dress, it was another old lady who resembles Granny from the Looney Tunes.

Titanic: The Legend Goes On was actually hastily developed after the release of The Legend of the Titanic to deliberately lead people away from finding out about the earlier film, and save people from being exposed to its much worse amount of Artistic License – History
It should only make so much sense that anyone who would have seen the earlier animated film and seen the sheer scale of its complete disregard for the actual sinking of the RMS Titanic and the people who lost their lives in the form of
Disneyfication gone mad that another animation studio would be asked to quickly produce a cheaper but overall more accurate representation of the Titanic story, with the disaster being played more straight, and no fantastical elements outside of the animals that talk to each other and not the humans. Even with the Lighter and Softer liberties that this film takes to appeal to children and the cheaper animation, this could have very well worked if they wanted to bury the earlier film for its atrociousness by creating another knockoff Titanic film with cheaper animation, and not as much artistic license towards history as the other film.

The worker barring the passengers from passing through the hall near the end is actually a setup for a quest.
He's been put there in order to prevent the passengers from having an easy escape from Titanic. What you're supposed to do is go back through the lower levels of the sinking ship and fight through the long path to the other side of the ship as your last challenge, similar to what Jack and Rose went through in the other Titanic. If anyone tries to approach him he'll just give you the same line about not wanting to resort to violence...Though since this ISN'T a videogame, the passengers are able to completely sidestep the quest by simply breaking the windows out with a chair and passing by him anyway.

It was originally going to be a twenty-minute adaptation.
  • There's about twenty minutes of decent original footage in the movie, mixed with backgrounds and rushed, crappy animation. The makers decided they wanted a movie, so they mixed and remixed the scenes, and threw in a few extra things, until it made 90 minutes.

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