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Talon is a filthy liar.
He claims Owlman is the greatest hero of all time in his Universe. However, those familiar with the Multiverse know that Owlman is a villain version of Batman, and Talon is his sidekick. He's probably lying about being a Hero's sidekick because he likes this universe's heroes better than the villains.

The Wizard Shazam was warning Captain Marvel Jr. to be more careful about saying his superhero name.
In almost every continuity when Freddy powers down his mobility aid(s) magically reappear in place, but here this one time he wound up on his butt on the floor. Though the Wizard can be a Trickster Mentor, he won't leave Freddy both depowered *and* functionally immobile in a fight to the death with Sivana or Black Adam - but if he isn't safe in the Tiny Titans' Pet Club, where is he?