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At somepoint the heroes will discover the "True History" of the future seen in Yatterman Night.
  • Well there was a lie that Dokurobei was defeated by the Yattermen and resulted in the formation of the "Yatter Kingdom" but from what we find out by episode 11 of the series that really was a lie... so what if the Time Bokan 24 heroes travel to this time period and discover from the Neo-Dorombo gang the hideous truth of how the Yatter Kingdom came to be? Also the Akudaruma gang encountering the Neo Dorombo gang would be funny since they two groups are actually voiced by the same three people. Also in the event this happens I'd like to know whatever did happen to Galina and Allouette plus the Neo-Dorombos after the events of the series.

Oyadarma is Calen's Boyfriend.
  • How would we know the very person Calen is looking for and the unseen History Paradise boss isn't one and the same? Plus every Time Bokan series does have a twist after all... maybe this is the twist! Also Oyadaruma's M.O. is similar to Tomomot's M.O. from "Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman".
    • CALLED IT!

Oyadarma is an alien from planet XYZ.
  • He could be using his History Paradise business as a facade to hide the fact he plans to conquer Earth and it's history and the Akudaruma gang are his pawns for this alien invasion... plus Oyadaruma does sound and act ALOT like XYZ alien Dokurobei...

Oyadarma is Tokio from the future.
  • If his lackeys see his true face then they would know they are working for the future version of their enemy. What if Tokio fails history in school and grows up wanting to alter it to his whims while preventing his past self and Calen from looking for the True Histories to escape this fate and alter the future?

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