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The Gainax Ending is a metaphor for adolescence and young adulthood.
You separate from your parents to strike out on your own, as Kevin did through the whole movie, but eventually your parents die (generally of old age, but sometimes as a Diabolus ex Machina) and you are no longer able to return to them for support and must strike out on your own, through adulthood. At around the same stage of life, you learn that authority is (sometimes incredibly) fallible. Your previous parental figures may still be around, but they (and even your real, possibly still-living parents) can only provide a modicum of support as you attempt to continue on through life without a higher-ranking generation to protect you, hold you back, support you, and all the other things parents do for children.

Evil is representative of the loss of innocence and imagination.
Evil plans on creating a world based off of computers, lasers, digital watches, and other things designed to relay information efficiently. If the universe had been created with these things from the beginning, it would have destroyed Man's capability to imagine; Kevin's free imagination is what enabled him to partake on this adventure in the first place (notice that Evil's palace is built out of Lego blocks?), which makes Evil's obsession with destroying it a powerful plot point. Also, when the Bandits fight back against him, they use methods of war. This is of no effect to Evil, who uses their own weapons against them. Remember this exchange?
Randall: I can't control it!
Evil: Of course you can't, you silly little man! I control them!!!
He's not saying that to illustrate his present control over tools of destruction. He's always had control. War is the ultimate of evils, so of course he's had his hand in that pot.
  • For what it's worth, remember that the final fight against evil takes place in a courtyard made out of giant, forgotten toys and Legos.

On the nature of the Time of Legends
The Time of Legends is not an Alternate Dimension — why would a Time Hole lead to an alternate dimension? No. The Time of Legends is an actual period of time; presumably, shortly before the actual apparition of life. It is the random point of time where the Supreme Beings decided to dump all the wacky things the Time Bandits created on their free time which didn't fit into his grand scheme for creation. Of course, the flaw is that some of these things were awfully long-lived; thus, there were still a few of them left in Ancient Times (including the Minotaur-thing we saw Agamemnon battle).

The Supreme Being does this sort of thing from time to time because he can.
"I think it has something to do with free will" doesn't mean our free will, he means his free will.
  • You know, this is awfully believable.

The fireman at the end was Agamemnon.
Agamemnon found the time hole the Bandits used at a later date, and came forward in time. He survived the sinking of the Titanic and later time-jumped until finding himself in modern day England and found work as a fireman. However, time holes are temporary, and the whole point of the map is that it's impossible to find time holes without it.
  • Alternately…

In this world, people reincarnate
Which is what "Agamemnon the Fireman" was at the end. This is also why the Supreme Being didn't see fit to revive all the people who died during the climatic battle: they weren't truly gone, they'd just moved on.

After the ending, Agamemnon the Fireman adopts Kevin.
It was no coincidence that he just happended to arrive right when Kevin's house got burned down and when his parents got blown up. Whether he's the real deal, time-holed, or a reincarnation as above, is another question. Either way, it'd be sweet.

The Greek queen aided the Bandits in Kevin's abduction.

The film hints that Agamemnon, (much like his mythical counterpart,) has an extremely antagonistic relationship with his wife and that she is constantly trying to undermine his rule. She glares at Kevin with hatred whenever Agamemnon is kind to him, particularly when the king proclaims Kevin to be his heir. Once the Bandits appear during the party, however, her demeanor completely changes and she becomes happy. When Agamemnon begins to panic as he realizes that Kevin is really gone, the queen remains seated, looking calm and satisfied. The Bandits made contact with her shortly after arriving in the city, (probably by falling out of a portal and into her chamber, as they are wont to do,) and she arranged for them to serve as the entertainment at the feast. She stays calm as Agamemnon begins to worry because she knows her plan has worked and the threat to her power (Kevin,) has been permanently removed.


Kevin is a Time Lord
His room is bigger on the inside - time holes and pushable walls.