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J. Jonah Jameson was murdered in this universe.
Face it, this Spider-Man wouldn't let anyone calling him a menace live to tell about it.

Captain America is Ali.
Why not?

The Spider-Man in the film isn't Peter Parker but Cletus Kasady.
Given his Ax-Crazy portrayal and the film's fair share of violence, it isn't unlikely.

The Spider-Man in the film is actually the Chameleon.

J. Jonah Jameson helped fund this film.
Because let's face it, who else would give the OK to portray Spidey like this?
  • Jameson was embarrassed by the results and went out of his way to try and destroy all tapes of the movie with a sledgehammer. He was ironically stopped by Spider-Man.

The Spider is what Patton Parnell would of become if he hadn't been mutated
In fact, this could be seen as a
What If? story regarding Patton; his world would presumably have a version of Captain America running around too.

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